Farage’s High Risk Strategy for Brexit

Tom Luongo – tomluongo.me Nov 2, 2019

Nigel Farage has thrown down the gauntlet to Boris Johnson over the election strategy. Johnson has refused.

Of course he did. Farage made an offer Johnson couldn’t accept, ditch the Withdrawal Treaty he just negotiated with the EU and truly campaign on a far harder Brexit than Johnson has ever advocated for.

If he doesn’t do that face Farage’s Brexit Party standing candidates in more than 500 seats and potentially split the Leave vote.

Mike Shedlock thinks Farage’s deal is “Preposterous.” Mike is wrong. It is the only offer Farage could offer the Tories and stay in any way relevant in a time of electoral chaos and party fluidity.

It is the kind of ‘big ask’ that his friend Donald Trump would make. It may be an opening bid in a complex negotiation that ends with them making a pact towards the end of the campaign.

Frankly that only happens if the polls shift considerably from where they are.

Politics is not a game for the timid or the weak. If Farage is to be a big player in British politics he needs to act like he is a big player in British politics.

And that means sticking to his core message, a real Brexit where the U.K. regains sovereignty over itself in a timely manner. 2022 is not timely for the U.K.

It is, however, timely for the EU, given the realities of its continent-wide political uprisings against its rule.

Farage is smartly not just saying that Brexit is his party’s raison d’etre, he’s using Brexit as the means to change the post-Brexit political environment, something the Tories are absolutely dead set against.

Farage has positioned the Brexit Party on a “Change Politics for Good” platform that proposes sweeping changes to the system from proportional representation to a written constitution and reforming the House of Lords.

This is, as Monty Python would say, something completely different.

The statement itself cuts to what’s fundamentally wrong. It’s aspirational and tells the voters they still have the real power after three years of parliamentary shenanigans designed to marginalize them while being insufferably condescending.

We’ll find out in the next couple of weeks as to whether Farage et.al. can make the case to British voters that these changes go hand in hand with Brexit. Are these people not only tired of the endless Brexit wrangling but now truly awake to the depth of the betrayal of their political representatives?

If they are then Boris Johnson will have a real problem come December 12th.

Because that is a platform, beyond Brexit, that cuts across all party lines.

The Tories are rallying around their common message now that they have an election. There are serious misgivings within in the party on Johnson’s deal and the strategy. But fear of losing Brexit has motivated the strongest Brexiteers to cave to what Mike rightly points out has been the political reality.

But that was before the election was secured.

Hard core Leavers like Marc Francois and Steven Baker, prominent members of the ERG — European Research Group — are on board with the deal and have called out Farage as lying about it.

But, arguing that these guys being on board with Boris’ treaty means it’s a good deal is simply appeal to authority while missing the much larger point.

The Tories are the main mechanism by which the British Deep State and political elite maintain control over not only British policy, but also that of the U.S. and much of Europe. Don’t for a second think that these ERG guys are any less compromised in the end than the outright Remainers like Ken Clarke, Dominik Grieve or Philip Hammond.

They will always put party before country in the end. Most of them proved it during Theresa May’s multiple rounds of blackmail last spring by eventually voting for that deal because, ultimately, they are spineless.

Fear of losing Brexit is what motivates them. Fear of Farage upsetting the apple cart in Westminster is also very real.

Farage may be overstating the threats within the political declaration to the U.K.’s bargaining position during Free Trade Agreement talks, but he also knows the EU side of the ledger far better than any of the newly-promoted back-benchers in the ERG.

So, if I’m going to resort to appealing to an authority on the subject I’m going with the guy who put the world in this situation in the first place, Nigel Farage.

That said, however, Farage’s strategy is a risky one. There’s no doubt about that. With the most recently published polls putting Johnson at his peak of popularity and the Brexit Party languishing around 10% Farage has a lot of ground to gain in six weeks.

There are real worries that Farage’s support in the Labour heartland of the Midlands and the Northeast isn’t as strong as he thinks it is. But, given how fundamentally split the Remain vote is between the Liberal Democrats and Labour, I don’t see how Farage hurts Johnson unless Farage’s numbers rise.

And Johnson will absolutely try to duck any head-to-head meetings between them just like Theresa May did.

But you don’t change things by being timid. Farage doesn’t win loyalty by going up to Boris Johnson, bowl in hand, and asking for another ladle of gruel. You act like the big dog and you challenge the alpha who, to this point, doesn’t even know what he signed the U.K. up for.

I maintain that Johnson is a fake Leaver and none of his behavior has contravened that, including duping the ERG into backing a now unnecessary Withdrawal Treaty which served its purpose to get a general election to get rid of a rotten Parliament.

Johnson and the ERG know this, and yet, they will persist in putting party first, betraying Northern Ireland, keeping the U.K. as close to the failing EU as possible and all the while calling it Brexit.

Given those circumstances would you expect Nigel Farage to offer Boris Johnson anything more?

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10 responses to “Farage’s High Risk Strategy for Brexit”

  1. Only a clean break from the EU can satisfy the majority of Leave voters. Only a no deal Brexit can establish the framework for new governance which will set Britain on course for full independence from where we can move forward. Anything else will leave a chaotic political mess which will leave Britain in a political wilderness for years to come.

  2. And the game continues. Meanwhile Britain is still paying billions into the Rothschild banks. They’re laughing their tits off at the fact that they’re bleeding Europe dry, pumping money into Israel and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

  3. Just remember this is election games play. Plenty can happen in the last days of the campaign. Two recent byelections indicate the referendum was rigged. 60%+ in the referendum, 30% in the byelections.

  4. Harbinger:

    Very astute of you. But in reality, it does not matter whether Britain Leaves or Remains, the EU is reforming into the final world empire, where Germany will lead 9 other primary EU countries and a serf class of remaining EU countries to side with Russia and China, India and iran, as the new Eurasian Landmass Land power to counter the Sea powers of has been USA and Gross Britannia. All that has to happen is for Turkey to officially declare that it is leaving NATO. Turkey has effectively done this by buying the Russian made S-400 defense system and some SU-25 fighter jets. Then Germany will have the guts to leave NATO as well and tell the USA to get lost. Wait hasn’t Germany done that partially with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. Once the Eurasian Land power is setup, all that remains is for the Eurasian Landmass powers , Russia, China, India, Iran and Syria and other Middle Eastern countries plus African countries like Eqypt, Sudan and Ethopia to attack Israel and remove those phony crypto-jews in Israel ( those Khazarian Ashkenazi jews). EWhen that happens the real Saviour, real Messiah, Jesus, will save the true jews, Sephardics that stayed in Palestine since the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and destroy the other phony jews, Ashkenazi. That includes the Rothschilds and all the Banksters. PS from what I have read, the likes of Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Nigel Farage and many other of the Brit Polits are crypto-jews as well. From the time when the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England, the Rothschilds married into many aristocratic British families, such that most British Aristocrats do not even realize they are jews secretly. Thus Great Britain is going down so the Banksters will own everything.

  5. A+ on the piece.
    A comment or two if you will… Mr Farage rarely is wrong in his predictions and he’s likely not blinded by the TPTB to the extent that The Oaf is. The Oaf’s family are all remainers so why would he not be a remainer ?
    Voting for the oaf is just a vote for the same excrement that they have been dropping on our heads since who knows when.
    My only concern with The Brexit Party is that Farage is a spokesman for the dues and this makes me wonder if anything will really change!
    One thought is, can it be any worse than it already is?
    Brexit party all the way, in for a penny in for a pound!!!

  6. Unfortunately the slime representing labour will sneak through by a narrow margin in the north of England and the excuse will be that people are sick of the Brexit saga. Of course the vote will be rigged just like the previous two British referendums. Can anyone remember the Scottish ref? The result was No but at the next general election the SNP swept the board. This time there will be thousands of the migrants who with the promise of open borders remaining wide open under EU rule will vote down any Leavers. We will then be a one party state like America as corbyn has proven himself unelectable now after a lifetime of opposition to the EU. I wonder what the Rothschilds and MI5 have on him? Maybe its something to do with the blind eye he turned to what was going on in the Islington Children’s homes at the same time that hag Margaret Hodge was leader of Islington council doing more than turning blind eyes. Anyway,can we borrow a few of the earthquakes from north west America pleas? Brussels and Basil in Switzerland are long overdue levelling to the ground.

  7. The EU is run by the jewish banks this is why rothschild has forbidden us to leave it

  8. The jews have said if Jeremy Corbyn gets in the jews will all leave for Israel.
    This alone if it were true would be enough reason to vote for jeremy,
    But these accusations of antisemitism in the labour party are pure bunk.
    Most jews are Kazhars not semites, the semitic people are the Palestinians.
    Which is worst to call people names like antisemite or to commit genocide daily
    be behind world terrorisn, and worldwide banking fraud ?
    Harriet Harman is being put forward by the jewish lobby to replace the other jew
    Jon Bercow as leader of the House.
    It was Harman’s uncle Lord Longford who went into prisons for some years to study child sex killers such as Robert Black Myra Hindley and Ian Brady among others.
    This info which was called the Longford Documents was D Noticed by Tony Blair along with Operation Ore and the Nene report, this all dealt with homosexuial abuse of minors,
    The Nene report gave extensive details on child abuse in 16 London care homes
    which the UK Column said was quote “on an industrial scale”
    These reports also firmly linked Homosexuality to Pedophilia, a link which Government spokesmen had consistently denied.
    Harriet Harman Patricia Hewit and Margaret Hodge, all influential jewess’s in our government, were known internally as the 3 witches, Financially suported PIE, the Pedophile Information Exchange and the jew who ran it, Peter Tatchell, this all out of public funds, also paid for gay parades homosexual marches
    and several extremist homosexual magazines which had centre page pics of naked under age boys.
    Now at the same time, Peter Mandelson was director of the NSPCC the national child protection organisation, Esther Rantzen was in charge of childline, allegedly Vanessa Feltz was said to be running parties where naked under age boys were said to be acting as slaves giving out drinks and food, and all this while Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer) was childrens minister in fact every UK child protection org was run by jews.
    The BBC had a jewish Director who made sure all news was slanted anti UK and pro Israel, and minimising child abuse.
    Margaret Hodge lived next door to Tony Blair in London, all these jews were working against UK interest and keeping silent on hordes of missing children.
    What interested me particularly, was a class action against Greville Janner for his gang of boy abusers who included Leon Britten Yuri Geller Clement Freud The Amazing james Randi Kray twins and several other jews, Janners solicitor got hold of all these boys ( now men ) contact details who were forcibly sodomised, and each recieved notification that if they did not drop their accusations they their family and supporters would be sued for every penny they had and everything they owned, and most dropped out.
    A deal was done to keep Janner out of the news, and instead a large group of Muslims who were running mainly under age girls between Rochdale Bolton Manchester and general area for sexual purposes, were arrested and a few were charged, but the numbers of men involved were said to be many dozens.
    A london woman wanted to sponsor a Christian family day for heterosexual normal people, London boss Boris Johnston who said quote”if you do i will prosecute you to the full force of the law under existing racist regulations”
    Harmans husband jack Dromey was seen several times buying child porn vids
    Thirty five years ago Lindie St Clair a London brothel madam wrote a disclosure book on the sex life on our MPs, she named David laws Cyril Smith Edward Heath and several others as all keeping rent boys and being blackmailed by Mossad,
    Lindies car was pushed off the road and she was lucky to get away with her life.
    Make no mistake, Harriet Harman is there for the jews not the British electorate.
    A man was recently sentenced to a long time in prison for exposing all this filth,



  9. And Harriet Harman is related to David Cameron and ….The Queen. Also has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance between the duke of Kent and Jacob Rothschild?

  10. Leeds Mick: I have noticed this ”uncanny resemblance” and,have also been wondering about Jacob and Princess Anne..I read once that Prince Albert was a poofter and Queen Vic was been shagged by the Lord Rothschild of that time and all of her children except for the last one,were fathered by him.The last one was from ”Mr Brown”…..