Gilad Atzmon on Truth, Faith and Palestine – Chester Interfaith Palestine Conference

Gilad Atzmon – Nov 3, 2019

The following is a talk given at Chester Interfaith Palestine Conference 2019 on  (2.1.2019).
In the last few days Zionist and Israeli advocacy groups were desperate to cancel the  gathering of many local peace enthusiasts, intellectuals and religious leaders. Every Hasbara trick was put into play: Social media abuse, intimidating phone calls, smears and lies. But none of it worked. The pro- Israeli bigoted efforts backfired – – interest in the conference grew immediately, the local community stood for Palestine, peace, harmony and free speech!
Roderick Heather MBE, Chairman of Hoole Community Centre was subjected to vitriolic abuse.  I learned yesterday that Mr Heather decided to attend the conference meetings and to judge for himself whether it was a ‘hateful’ gathering. Apparently he was impressed and announced to the group at the end of the first day that they will always be welcome at the Hoole Centre.  Here is the message Mr Heather sent to North West Friends of Israel, the advocacy pressure group that led the campaign.

One may wonder why Zionist operators are so desperate to cancel Palestinian meetings and are so fearful of my work in particular. As things stand, the law seems to be on their side. With the IHRA definition of antisemitsm  and current legislation designed to suppress all criticism,  the Zionist advocacy groups could theoretically  seek to punish  everyone who even comes close to any disputes of the operation of  their community or their beloved state. You would expect Zionists to ignore Palestinian gatherings. If those gatherings were indeed ‘hateful’ they could have locked many of us up behind bars a long time ago. Clearly, the friends of Israel know that the reality is  different. Palestine solidarity is a peaceseeking mission. Despite my huge body of work, I have never been accused of making a single hate statement. Needless to mention, I do not need to mention that I have never been charged or even questioned by any legal authority anywhere in the world about anything I have said or written. The same applies to Stephen Sizer. The Zionist Lobby groups accuse Palestinian solidarity gatherings of being ‘hateful’ while knowing that this type of behaviour is something that Palestinian activism is free of.

Here are final words from Chester Interfaith Palestine Conference:

Chester Palestine Conference November 2nd 2019

The Chester Palestine Conference was even more successful on its second day.  We actually ran out of chairs!
The theme for the day was “Grassroots for Palestine: making local links”.
The day started with a brief interfaith service.
Burnley Women’s Peace Group shared the experience of their Jerusalem Peace Pilgrimage this year. The images of Palestinian suffering were very moving. They are a Jewish, Christian and Muslim interfaith group.
A Jewish Roma activist addressed the similarities between the Roma and Palestinian experience.
Andrew Herbert from Chester’s Methodist Church spoke of his Palestinian house rebuilding experience with the Amos Trust.
Gilad Atzmon the international jazz artist and author of best-selling books on Jewish identity politics flew in from Greece to give a wide-reaching presentation entitled “Zionism from Herzl to Bibi”.
Atzmon was born into a Jewish family in Tel Aviv, and conscripted into the Israeli regime army where he had a life-changing experience when he was shocked by the barbaric conditions imposed by the Israeli regime on the Palestinians during the Israeli invasion into Lebanon in 1982.
In his intellectual, philosophical and polemical style he engaged us to think deeply about the causes of the worsening trauma of the Palestinian people.
Damien Short’s presentation on the Genocide of the Palestinians was unable to be shown due to technical problems. We will endeavour to distribute it to the conference attendees. Damien is a Reader in Human Rights at the University of London. His book “Redefining Genocide: Settler Colonialism, Social Death and Ecocide”, which includes a chapter on Genocide and Palestine, is highly recommended.
The Israeli artist Zohar’s exhibition of Palestinian paintings is on show at Chester University Kingsway Arts Campus, Kingsway, Chester CH2 2LB for the month of November.
These accomplished and thought-provoking pictures are “witnessing the chaos and brutality inflicted on the Palestinian civilian population by an ever more confident and belligerent military power.”
(For insurance and practical reasons we were unable to show these at the conference).
We look forward to the 3rd Annual Chester Palestine Conference in 2020 !



Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. This is the thing about Gilad Atzmon.
    He’s an ex Jew, living in London, as a Jazz musician, promoting multiculturalism and multiracial societies. Here he is, in Chester, promoting an interfaith conference on, amongst other things Palestine.
    It typifies the immigrant in the UK, who as an immigrant, will do his best to undermine the nationalist cause and promote everything contrary to the nationalist cause because firstly he wants to live here and secondly because he knows that in order to continue living here, the indigenous must not be allowed the power to start kicking out the non indigenous.

    I do feel for the Palestinians. Who couldn’t, but geez, we have enough problems of our own, in the UK to sort out for goodness sake. Gilad Atzmon should take all this up with Rothschild and try and have the Balfour agreement destroyed. But instead, every article by Gilad Atzmon is either on Jews, Israel, Palestine or the Labour party.

    Why do you keep publishing Gilad Atzmon Rixon? Seriously, what good is he doing for the survival of the western civilisation? He’s a labour supporter for crying out loud!!!!!

  2. ”Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.” (Proverbs 21:13) Keep up the amazing work, Rixon! Your discernment and selection of material is a God-send! Please know that your unfailing efforts are greatly appreciated every single day!

  3. Gilad Atzmon is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes…..looks like you worked it out “Harbinger”…the last thing you want is Jews leading organisations purporting to be against Jewish domination of Western Civilisation…..crypto jews inclusive.Like Heydrich,Goebbels Himmler and Goering and possibly Hitler.Or the Gauleiter Nazi on the Eastern Front with the decidely Jewish name ….Rosenberg……
    Currently a crypto jew is leading Britain who replaced another crypto jew MAY……true to form Johnson has frustrated the bid to leave the EU.Incidently people should not get their hopes up with Nigel Farage….nine out of ten people with this first name are usually Jews (Or in the case of the female version of this name…Nigella)

  5. Harbinger,

    You are correct in your assessment of Gilad Atzmon: he talks a good and even proper somewhat logical rhetoric. Howevever, in all he does, he is nothing more than controlled opposition. He speaks against jews/Zionists, hoping then that others won’t have to because Gilad has. Remember the Jew, that crucified Jesus Christ, also under Talmudic Caballah and the Zohar calls Jesus a bastard (illegitimate child), a thief, false prophet, and a blasphemer. Christians do not call Jesus such things. Remember, Jesus
    called the legalistic Pharisees as being of their father the devil. Jews continue in this vain as being the earth’s best liars, cheaters, and deceivers for they are of their father the devil. Despite supposedly being God’s chosen people, when they worshipped the golden calf, then adopted the teachings of Babylonian captivity ( except Daniel the prophet), the Babylonian mysticism, then the Pharisees came up with some 600 rules/laws, then adopted the Talmud, Caballah, and the Zohar, and taught more then just the Torah, the Pentetuch, first 5 books of The Bible, they abandoned their status as The Chosen People Then in 700 – 800 AD/CE, non-jews, in a land between the Black and Caspian Seas, called Khazaria, adopted Judaism as their religion. These Khazarian phony jews became known as the Ashkenazi jews, which dominated eastern Europe and to this day are the illegal occupiers of Palestine/Israel. That is what Gilad Atzmon is and represents. As the spirit of Jesus says in the first 3 chapters in the Book of Revelation: they say they are jews, but are not! Famous Ashkenazi jews: Mayer Rothschild 9banking), Karl Marx (politics/communism), Sigmund Freud (sex/psychology), Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin and FDR (politics WW2), Guggenheim (Art), Oppenheimer (Science), Adam Weishaupt (Jesuit/Illuminati). These phony jews (crypto-jews) are everywhere and are destroying every one else but themselves so that they can rule over humanity from Jerusalem in the near future for their messiach Satan.

  6. Harbinger brings some amazing points to life in all he writes
    but Gilad is a hero for peace, yes we must rid ourselves of the jewish yoke
    but we must also free palestine . Unless we stand as one for both causes we will as the jews say, become slaves and be exterminated.
    Jews already through the supermarket system adulterate our foods with 50 carcinogenic
    additives, drinking water is so dirty my window cleaner says it cant be used to clean windows
    the air we breathe was filled with chemtrailing, Mandelson was behind what goes into these sky sprays, all jewish attacks on our people
    , Hitler put Rothschild in prison, why cant we ?

  7. Who is indigenous to the UK? do a DNA test and find out how “British” you are. Gilad is a critic of Israel and it’s malign influence in UK politics and foreign policy, surely this is in the “national interest”. Destroying the Balfour declaration won’t do anything because it’s just a declaration. Gilad hasn’t banned Christmas from our schools, written any anti hate(free speech) laws or wasted your money fighting foreign wars for foreigners.

  8. My wife for 60 years was a geneologist she traced hundreds maybe thousands of British families back 1000 years with no foreigners, it was only after “W W 2
    that this huge influx was people trafficked in by jewish run governments.
    Its funny how racists and haters keep saying we are not British but a bastard race,as sson as you hear this you know a hater speaking

  9. The British are a mongrel race rather than a bastard race, anyone who thinks they are genetically pure British is dillusional. London was a colourful, culturally mixed city back in the time of Elizabeth 1st, The majority of immigration after WW2 was from countries that the British had invaded and plundered and was a part of British government poilcy. People are saying that Ashkenazi Jews aren’t genetically jewish yet Gilad is somehow genetically disposed to be dishonest. If anyone has any evidence that Gilad is acting for the state of israel or the zionist cause could they please post it otherwise any accusations are based solely on where he was born.