Netanyahu: Iran emboldened by lack of response to its attacks

Times of Israel Staff – Oct 31, 2019

Commander of the Aerospace Division of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizadeh looks at debris from a downed US Global Hawk drone in Tehran on June 21, 2019. Click to enlarge

Hinting publicly for the first time at unease with the Trump administration’s hesitancy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said Iran was emboldened by the lack of a response to a series of attacks in the Middle East attributed to the Islamic Republic.

Speaking at a ceremony for graduates of the Israel Defense Forces’ officers course, Netanyahu warned of growing threats from Iran and its regional proxies, who he said are working to build up their arsenals.

“The area around us is turbulent and stormy. The threats are popping up in every corner — in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and also in Iraq, in Yemen and directly in Iran. Iranian and pro-Iranian forces are working nonstop to arm themselves,” he said.

Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, said Israel would respond harshly to any attempt to harm it, suggesting that other countries’ failure to do likewise was encouraging Iran.

“We’re prepared for the threats and we won’t hesitate to land a tough blow on whoever tries to harm us. Iran’s brazenness in the region is increasing and even getting stronger in light of the absence of a response,” he said.

“But Israel won’t turn the other cheek,” Netanyau added. “Whoever is bent on aggression… will pay a heavy price.”

Netanyahu did not specify whose lack of response was emboldening Iran, but his comments came after a series of attacks in the Persian Gulf on US assets and American allies.

In June, US President Donald Trump called off a retaliatory strike after Iran downed an American drone that Tehran said entered its airspace. The US, which denied the drone entered Iranian skies, was later reported to have launched a cyberattack on Iran.

Last month, around half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity was knocked offline due to an attack claimed by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. There was no response to that attack, which the US, Israel and others also blamed on Iran.

Netanyahu, who has developed close ties with Trump, has not publicly commented on the lack of a US or Saudi response but has emphasized of late that Israel can defend itself.

Israel is now bracing for a similar assault to the one on Saudi Arabia, which involved armed drones and cruise missiles, with Hebrew media reporting earlier this month that the defense establishment was analyzing the strike on the Saudi oil facilities.

The chief of the Israeli Air Force said Wednesday the military’s multi-tiered network of air defense systems was  “on alert” amid a general threat of attack by Iran.

In recent weeks, the military has begun to believe that Tehran intends to eventually retaliate against Israel’s regular airstrikes against its forces and proxies in the region.

Israel has vowed to prevent Iran’s regional proxy militias from obtaining advanced weapons to use against the Jewish state and has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria that it says were to prevent delivery of weapons and to stop Iranian military entrenchment in the country.


5 responses to “Netanyahu: Iran emboldened by lack of response to its attacks”

  1. Whatever would give the Israelis the idea than Iran would dare defend its own forces from attack?

  2. The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by lack of response to the USS Liberty attack by Israel.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by the release of Jonathan Pollard.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by our Congress signing loyalty oaths to Israel.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by Israel getting away with 911.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by the lack of world response to his bomb cartoons he displayed on the floor of the United Nations.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by 29 standing ovations by the United States Congress.

    The devil Netanyahu was emboldened by the fealty of Christians United for Israel.

    The devil Netanyahu was taken back by the last two Israeli elections where he didn’t win a majority and now the devil is desperate to start a war with Iran. I hope he does as that will be the end of the devil.

  3. The big problem for Israel and the US is that Iran has at least two Soviet-era nukes. These are likely to be big and very dirty weapons. They all know this fact. There was a period when CIA officers were very lax with their emails with loose talk about Iranian nukes, so the then head of the CIA sent a memo out telling them that their behavior was too casual. These Iranian nukes could be anywhere, maybe in the US. I used to have an Iranian friend here in London. He was 100% convinced Iran had nukes and his brother was in the Iranian military & that this was widely and openly talked about. The policy is to use these nukes as soon as they are attacked & before military systems become degraded. Just about everything you hear in the fake news media is twaddle. Dimona is Israels Achilles’ heel.

  4. The US did shoot down an Iranian passenger jet in 1988 with no admittance but an unfortunate incident.
    Where the US embassy was in Tehran they covered in the most coolest murals you’re ever going to see.
    Israel is a pissant state and scared shitless it is written all over them.
    My how times have changed.

  5. The devil Netanyahu is desparate not to be send to jail for his alleged crimes.
    He wants war with Iran ASAP, no matter what the costs.
    He worked on it for more than 25 years to start a war with Iran.