Life After Death: A Debate

Darkmoon – Nov 2, 2019

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon

Consisting of comments made by two talented writers with a special interest in the philosophy of religion, Arch Stanton and ‘Saki’. This discussion arose in response to a poem written by the great Victorian poet Christina Rossetti who spent much of her life longing for heaven. Readers are invited to share with us their experiences of the afterlife, if they have had any, or if they know someone else who claims to have had contact with the dead.

“If the sun and moon should ever doubt,
they’d immediately go out.” — William Blake

SAKI:  Christina Rossetti is arguably the best female poet ever. She is certainly among the the most mystical poets writing in the English language, utterly steeped in Christian mysticism and drawing heavily on Plato and Dante as her main influences.
The exquisite poem above (see here with accompanying video) touches on the universal themes of love and death, the two themes that interested Christina most, and which form the basis of the best lyrical poems in the English language.
Christina fell passionately in love like other women, but rejected all her suitors on religious grounds. She remained a reclusive spinster all her life, living under the shadow of her elder brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, founder of the pre-Raphaelite art movement and himself a brilliant poet as well as painter. The portrait of Christina which you see here was painted by her talented brother.
ARCH STANTON (a gifted American writer and political dissident) : One of the most chillingly sad poems I have read. I cannot decide if I am chilled, sad or both. We have a tendency to either forget, or ignore, the fact that all things pass away, making this life one of illusion. It is the youthful delusion of immortality that makes the world the way it is. If man had the image of death constantly visible by his side from birth, the world would be a much different place. Thus, I have long surrounded myself with images of death, lest I forget the outcome of my journey here.
SAKI (to Arch Stanton) : I respect you as a person and enjoy reading your brilliant comments, but please note the following points:
There’s no proof that there’s NO AFTERLIFE, as you glibly assume, so it is NOT a “youthful delusion” to believe in immortality. How can you prove there’s no afterlife since you would first need to die to find out? And if you were right about death being the final chapter, how could you ever enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you were right?
ARCH STANTON:  My Dear Saki, you misunderstand my comment and have made mistaken assumptions about my character. My reference to the youthful delusion of immortality refers to the belief we all have in our youth that we are invincible, that “it will never happen to me.”  Young males are especially afflicted with this idea, one that invariably remains until they are either involved in combat or some other truly life threatening experience where they are confronted with death, or old age finally confronts them with their frail mortality. Until that point, death is something that happens to someone else.
SAKI: Christina Rossetti was no deluded youngster when she longed for heaven, a heaven she believed in passionately all her life. She died at the age of 64 still longing for heaven, preferring it to life on earth. You are really in no position to assume that your skepticism — no god, no afterlife — is a proven fact. A scientific fact. It is simply an opinion, a doubt rooted in existential angst which is a product of your personal psychology.
ARCH STANTON:  You make the assumption that I hate.  I do not. For example, I most certainly do not hate Jewish movies. There are good Hollywood movies and there are bad ones, with the bad far outweighing the good. The fact is, I even enjoy some of the bad Hollywood movies Jews make. What’s more, these movies provide valuable insight into the Jewish mind.
I am not anti-god, Saki.  I am anti-religion.
SAKI:  And you, Arch Stanton, assume falsely that those who believe fervently in God and in an afterlife have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by religion. Consider the possibility that YOU are the brainwashed one, indoctrinated by decades of liberal existentialism and Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism that is in the very air we breathe — as an “ideological pollutant”. A toxic influence we must do all we can to resist.
Every movie you see, produced by the Jews you have told us so often you hate, has helped to form your mind and character and inculcate the godless values of the Jews you despise. Only, dear Arch,  you are unable to see this!  That it’s YOU who are a victim of the age’s promoted godlessness and existential despair. Not the people who believe in higher things because they have experienced them personally in mystical experiences called “epiphanies”, i.e. in “born-again” experiences such as form the basic of William James’ great classic, “The Varieties of Religious experience”.
ARCH STANTON: The Sufis say, “God is closer than your jugular”. It’s the priest that do not want you to find that out.
LASHA DARKMOON:  (commenting aside) : No, it is Allah himself who says this in the Qur’an, and the Sufis simply agree with him. (Qur’an 50:16). So how can the “priest”, as you state, be trying to prevent you from finding this out if Allah himself has told you this in the Qur’an through his prophet Mohammed? (Qur’an 50:16).
The Persian mystical poet Rumi, another “priest” of Islam, is repeating in different words what Allah says in the Qur’an: “I am nearer to you than yourself to yourself. (See here). So it’s false to state that “priests” are deliberately falsifying great religious truths. Bad priests, yes, but not good ones. Remember the sheep have good shepherds as well as bad ones.
God bless you!
ARCH STANTON: When it comes to “god,” I eschew the term. “God” for me is a Jewish god, a wrathful, judgmental, murderously vindictive parental figure that rewards one when one is  good and punishes one when one is bad. How childishly absurd to think the intelligence behind the universal design and creation would be a figure that small in stature!
SAKI:  It may interest you to know, dear Arch, that the greatest minds of the ages—scientists, philosophers, musicians, mathematicians—have believed strongly in God and in an afterlife, based on PERSONAL EPIPHANIES (mystical experiences) or CONTACT with the divine or the paranormal. The co-founder of the Theory of Evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, believed strongly in a Designer God. His special brand of Darwinism is known as “teleological Darwinism”, i.e., that a Designer God made the universe and did so with a set PURPOSE. He called this Designer God the “Higher Intelligence”. Read this:
Wallace’s ‘Higher Intelligence’ was not the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator/Saviour God of the Bible, but some unidentified and unspecified ‘superior intelligence/power’. Wallace had become involved with spiritism and believed that departed souls could communicate through mediums with people living on Earth. In later life he ardently attended séances, where he believed he received messages from dead relatives.”
ARCH STANTON: You must have missed my many comments concerning the “Beloved,” intelligent design and the Sufis.
As I have written previously, if you are looking for proof of intelligent design, all you have to do is walk out of your front door and take a look at the intelligent life surrounding you.
As for the after life . . . There are countless stories throughout history, throughout all cultures, about the continual return to this life. I myself have experienced dim memories of my past existence that served to explain, and resolve, a number of mysteries in this life. I do not believe in an afterlife. In fact I do not believe anything. I simply have no faith in belief. Instead, I examine the evidence and shave daily with Occam’s razor.
The idea of a repeated return to this life to work out one’s “karma” was never something I wanted to discover. In fact, I set out to find the opposite and was horrified by what I found. The information changed my life’s path. Now I’m Br’er Rabbit, not relishing the thought of actually returning to this briar patch.
I am frequently amazed at how I misrepresent myself.
As for personal epiphanies, you should have been there when I had lunch with Jesus, where he said to me, “Arch old boy, I want you to tell the real story of my life and my mission. I want you to sweep away the cobwebs of magic and mysticism that religion has woven around my life. No one will listen and no one will believe it, but I want you to tell it anyway and let the chips fall where they may.”
I stared in disbelief, asking, “Why me, Jesus? I’m nobody, I am nothing. I have no authority, no degrees or qualification that might bolster such a story. No one will listen to a nobody like me! I never cared about you or the religion they named after your assigned title. In fact I never really believed in you at all.”
Jesus just smiled and replied:
“He that fails to believe in me shall not perish, but shall return repeatedly until he tells my story.  Let’s just chalk it up to one of those “mysteries of God” which people are always talking about. you have been provided with all the talents required to tell my story. You have been given the information as well as the technical ability to write a publishable book. You are a wordsmith who has been given the gift of the written word, such as it is. And you sure didn’t have that talent until I came along. So  get to work! I’ll call on you in few decades to see how you are coming along with my story. Vaya con Díos, Arch! By the way, watch out for the branches on that withered fig tree on your way out.
SAKI:  Brilliant comment, dear Arch! I certainly misunderstood you. Go in peace, dear fellow traveller! and may you find solace and a safe inn at the end of your journey!
SISTER MONICA (moderator, to Arch Stanton) :  An excellent comment, Arch.  But why do you keep demanding proof for things that cannot be proved scientifically and that skeptics will always doubt.  Those who have had mystical experiences and witnessed paranormal events (e.g., poltergeist phenomena, out-of-body experiences (OBE), and near-death experiences (NDE), have no difficulties believing in an afterlife.
LD: Sister, as you know, I have no problems believing in an afterlife, having experienced the miraculous and the supernatural more than once. My own mother was cured of an incurable disease instantaneously and she had psychic experiences that left me in no doubt that life continued after death in one form or other. My own experience of poltergeist phenomena has made me a witness to events for which there can be no rational explanation and which are completely beyond the laws of nature. The only defence the sceptic has against these bizarre narratives is all too predictable: “You are lying!”
The Doubters will always be with us. The blind need to step into the sea to know the sea is there.
SAKI:  I’d be interested to know more about your mother’s incurable disease and its sudden miraculous cure. Also about your poltergeist experiences. Can you provide some more specific details?
LD: I’ve no wish to discuss my poltergeist experience here for two reasons. Firstly, it’s an isolated experience that occurred only recently and I haven’t had time to assess it and figure out its ramifications yet; secondly, no one is likely to believe me, as there were no witnesses to the event apart from myself. To believe in the paranormal you need to experience the paranormal yourself. Hearing about someone else’s experience at second hand is seldom convincing, especially if you don’t know the person involved.
As for my mother’s incurable disease and its miraculous cure, I’ve written about this at some length  in an article about P.D. Ouspensky, the famous disciple of Gurdjieff. Scroll down to my comment here— the long passage in bold font beginning with my initials (LD). I hope this will suffice for the time being.
(A follow-up article by Lasha Darkmoon about the evidence for life after death will be published on this website next week. Ed.)   


John Scott Montecristo

November 2, 2019 at 1:42 pm
I’d like our esteemed readers and commenters to take the weekend off by reflecting on a completely different topic for a change. Give politics a rest for a couple of days if you can and turn your minds to the eternal verities. Surely there is no subject under the sun of more importance to you than the subject of God’s existence and the possibility of your continued existence after death.
If you have any personal experiences of the paranormal, please let’s have them. If you are skeptical about these things, let us know why.
I’d be interested to know why there is so much hostility toward the idea of God. Why do some people hate the Bible so much when others, whose intelligence can hardly be questioned, see the Bible as a source of great wisdom and are willing to die for the ideas it espouses? For example, Isaac Newton is hardly a fool. You would be ill-advised to make fun of such a great scientist for studying the Bible constantly and regarding it as a precious source of wisdom.
“I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the work of God,” says Newton, “written by those who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.”
I find it strange there are so many Bible bashers on this site who think they are smarter than Newton.
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Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

17 responses to “Life After Death: A Debate”

  1. Father of NASA leaves behind one clue on his Gravestone… Psalm 19:1
    “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows his handiwork.” Wernher Von Braun is known as the “father” of NASA, leaves us one simple clue to reference THE FIRMAMENT?!!! This is a very odd choice for an Astro-Not. It’s been said that he wanted that reference added, just prior to his death, was this a clue left for us?

    Yes, Intelligent Design Is Detectable by Science

  2. Jesus is the only resurrection, salvation, Word of God, Light of the world, Light of men, rock, way, future, & it’s not religion; it’s reality. He says,’ any other way is a thief & liar.’ you want a future & a life their is one name under heaven, Jesus. He died to prove it. He is,’ King of Kings, & Lord of Lords.’ this is not religion or a cult, it’s the ‘way, the truth, & the life’.

  3. Humans are peculiar creatures that have spent a billion trillion hours arguing about life after death. Why do they do this? They don’t want to die. Why aren’t the rest of the animal kingdom in a tizzy about this debate? They don’t have a conscious mind, they are not self aware and thus are not concerned about death – and probably can’t even conceptualize it.

    So how humans became conscious of themselves is another huge debate, the one I like (right now) is alien intervention theory. Whether it is correct or not is another huge debate but it goes like this:   human like beings came to earth and created us in their image, these gods created us by artificially genetic engineering, they mixed their DNA with Home Erectus and made us. Thus we got the big brain and awareness of self.

    These criminal space travelers had no right to do this, create us, or come to our planet and interfere in our evolution, but they did and thus we have to deal with it.  According to this theory I happen to subscribe to the cause of all of our ills and unadaptedness is because of intervention.  If we had be left alone we wouldn’t be destroying our planet, nor would we be in endless wars over religious differences.

    If we had been left alone we’d still be covered in fur running free and unconcerned about afterlife. But unfortunately we were created as a slave race used to dig ditches and for sex. According to Sitchin (and Dr. Sasha Lessin) and other researchers these Anunnaki also liked to take our women as wives. So there was much interbreeding after the first batch.

    These interventionist did commit many transgression toward us – and then they blamed us for what they did! That is the Adam and Eve story – you are to blame for the fall when in fact you had no choice or say in the matter. The slave (a victim) is told that all of human problems are from the fall, the first sin, when the real first sin was when the mother f-ckers from the heavens came here and illegally made us!

    Anyways, long story short, they taught the human slaves religions in order to control them. The source of our religions are from the gods, not to be confused with the original Creator God – which is now being contested as artificial intelligence. Like how can God know everything unless it is a computer?  (Now this idea that God is Ai is surely to gain in popularity as we invent Ai and watch in horror as it takes us over and makes us it slaves with it’s superior intelligence.)

    Slaves are taught slave religions, and the Abrahamic religions are the premier slave religions on this planet. Those indoctrinated are taught to be obedient to authority. The promise of afterlife and heaven is a ruse to motivate the slaves to work in this life (for nothing) so they can enjoy a leisurely afterlife with (the god) of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you chose Krishna, Jesus, Yahweh, or Allah you see cause it is all a ruse.

    No one knows what happens when we die but we humans like to pretend that we do know. So the way we trick ourselves is with belief. We find a belief that we can believe in, we go to church where everyone else also agrees, and then tell each other that the belief is true. We do this over and over, like every Sunday, in a ritual like repeats until the belief becomes our reality and then presto we no longer have to worry about death cause we “know” we are saved or going to be with god or heaven or whatever.

    Now every once in a while a non-believer (like me) wanders into a church of absolute truth of afterlife redemption and challenges the believers and soon is escorted out and shunned. It took me a long time to figure this out, they can’t have or tolerate the heretic because it threatens to unravel the belief, you see what I mean? The heretic threatens to unravel the comforting belief.

    So there is trouble in paradise if you start wondering about or tolerating outside ideas that challenge the faith.  Faith only works so long as you don’t think about it.  So in a way heretics as myself are the tormentors of the believers because once you start thinking you are back in your mind and worrying about death, when the whole purpose of religion (for the believer not the overlord) was to forget about the problem of death.

    The trick to get over religion is to quit fearing death and quit even caring about what happens once you realize you are already in hell.  It is my observation that earth IS hell, so I am not worried about going to hell because I now have figured out that I am already in hell and religions are how humans cope while being tormented in hell.

  4. I think Sitchin was a fraud but I agree that the “big three” religions are politics hijacking spirituality. Judaism is Jewish supremacy that in Deuteronomy sanctions usury , Jesus never lived and was created to solidify the Roman Empire and suppress the Jews, while Islam is constructed on the same foundation of sand and can be summarised as killing, taxing and shagging non believers.

    In a curious synchronicity I’d just been looking at Swedenborg, and thetruthseeker website has happened to mention him a few times since this investigation – I’d previously never heard of him. Swedenborg is interesting and worth looking at, although I reserve my judgement on him because of my reservation about the historical Jesus.

    We’re here for just a short time in bodily form. I think Plato’s “The Last Days of Socrates” makes for good reading about “doing the right thing”. We have to do the right thing. Material comfort is transitory. Many people have given witness to the “life review” when reporting on near death experiences.

    There is a spiritual dimension to understanding and acting upon that in the world which moves our passions. The evil people who for example contrived 9/11 will I believe experience the death moments of those crushed and burnt in the building. Those covering up through active cowardice and temporary material comfort WILL experience the universal karma of their actions. There is no escape from reality.

  5. Afterlife? Religion has made a literal KILLING on this absurd notion. It didn’t take long for a Christian fundamentalist to chime in. Yes, the “god” who bequeathed man a faulty operating system. This “god” who then holds his own faulty creation responsible for the faulty operating system that they never asked for in the first place. His chosen remedy was the slow and torturous death of his only begotten son…OR ELSE. If there be demons, the bible is their handiwork.

  6. @Yukon Jack

    “Slaves are taught slave religions, and the Abrahamic religions are the premier slave religions on this planet. Those indoctrinated are taught to be obedient to authority. The promise of afterlife and heaven is a ruse to motivate the slaves to work in this life (for nothing) so they can enjoy a leisurely afterlife with (the god) of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you chose Krishna, Jesus, Yahweh, or Allah you see cause it is all a ruse.”

    When one choose to become a Muslim, has has to declare something very important. To declare لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله …. that there is NO God, but Allah – and that Mohammad ص is his prophet.

    So a Muslim must first reject all Gods, then accept Allah as the only God. The rejection comes first. In order to truly reject all Gods you need to be a rebel, a free thinker and then you can accept the ultimate Authority of one God.

    Another key issue is that God will not take your word for it, you will be tested in various ways in life and you have to prove it.

    Generally speaking in order to grow in strength be it material or spiritual, one needs to let go of the immediate lesser desires for the greater promised desires. You endure hardship of exercising, training and work because you want to enjoy the greater desire and fulfillment in the coming accomplishment. Furthermore God does not reward or punish immediately. If you sin now, no lightning is going to strike you in the spot. Psychologically reward and punishment ruins creativity and will-power of human specially in the childhood. Much of human growth is in abstaining and not in indulging. And suffering is an inseparable part of life, regardless of being religious or not. Therefore a religious man can’t be slave of the material world and the temporal and the immediate lesser and non-lasting desire; this is a rational position. You will fly as high as your goal. Which is better? being “slave” of base desires or being salve to the ultimate Master? If the ultimate destiny of man is himself, then he won’t move, he won’t change, he’ll stay and rot; such selfishness is destructive it prevents growth. If human is at the center then everything else prostrates and revolves around it, even the concept of God. This “freedom” is ONLY superficial because in reality man becomes slave to every whim or lesser desire and thus looses strength on the other hand if God is goal, then human moves from himself with focus, this makes man stronger.

    There is more to master and slave argument, suffice to say we are slave of our values and desires. If there is no escape from our hearts attaching to something and liking it and thus becoming slave of it, then why not accepting the best master!?

    “Allah puts forth a similitude: a (slave) man belonging to many partners (like those who worship others along with Allah) disputing with one another, and a (slave) man belonging entirely to one master, (like those who worship Allah Alone). Are those two equal in comparison? All the praises and thanks be to Allah! But most of them know not. ”
    (Quran, Sura 39 verse 29)

  7. David Hume said ” from time immemorial preists have been the enemies of truth”
    they suppress truth to push their own view forward
    Victor Zammit has for many years offered £1 million for anyone who can prove their is no afterlife, Rockefeller paid and blackmailed The amazing James Randi ( Randall Zwingli a failed jewish rabbi ) to discredit and ridicule alternative medicine life after death and anything psychic through skulduggery and trickery
    It was only after Randis un masking as a serial abuser of small boys from orphanages that he had to retire over night went into hiding.
    Its jewish lore to ridicule and pooh hooh real knowledge,
    Life after death has been proved so many times this whole argument is defunct

  8. Waoh!!!! You better stop smoking that stuff friend (YJ), what an imagination! Jon’s comment is far more credible thanks.


    When the self(old person) dies, a person becomes born again.
    Such a person is then in heaven:

    Jesus said unto him, ” Let the dead bury their dead:
    but go thou and preach the kingdom of God. ” Luke 9:60

  10. Dantes inferno tells of the heavens and hells, as does Swedenborg.
    I since i was a small boy have been able to visit these places and speak to the inhabitants
    in my sleep state, yes they exist but nothing is forver its just to burn off your crimes
    then you are back on the treadwheel of life.
    Do not fear death, just fear your wrong doings

  11. Loved reading this; many people think they know without any kind of personal
    experience, they’ll proclaim from the rooftops with faulty reason. That is, until
    they have some type of personal experience. Without that, (personal experience)
    they believe what they want, but “stepping into the sea” , then one truly “knows”.
    When we are young, everyone tells us: “Don’t touch, hot!” Then we touch, and
    we REALLY know! Being told may involve belief, but there really is no substitute
    for personal experience. Truth is, if you think you know, you don’t, you just think
    you do. You know, like Saul before the road.

  12. One or two have quoted from their own “book” of faith. Well any real truth-seeker can see the fallacy of that. For one thing it relies on the accident of one’s own birth in a particular place and time in order that one can enter “God’s grace”. A book purporting revealed truths should withstand textural scrutiny. If I consider buying a washing machine after reading a brochure made by the same company they are not going to recommend rival companies for their goods. Any believer quoting from their own book to validate their view is just writing advertising copy.YouTube is infested with the ramblings of the religiously brainwashed.

    It does say in my Bosch washing machine instruction booklet: “Lo thou shalt have no washing machine before me…” And “if thine own washing machine faileth then thou must kill thy neighbour and also thou mayst take his wife for thine own…” “These truths were revealed to the company’s founders by the archangel Gabriel. All believers should kill those challenging these eternal truths of laundry…”

    Deprogramming Judaism
    Well Adam Green is a good start.

    Deprogramming for Christianity

    Deconstructing Islam

    Washing machines truth:

  13. I have a pretty good idea that I have lived before, so life after death makes sense. I had dreams as a child, dreams that a child of that age could not have, considering that I’d never experienced anything like these dreams.

  14. Lasha

    I have absolutely no doubt about life after death (and before it too). Apart from being able to recall several earlier incarnations, I’ve also been in communication with the dead (not through a medium or séance but directly), encountered many ghosts (as a child I lived in a house where a man had been murdered years before and I would see his spirit at night, although I believe what I saw was not a conscience entity), and been out of body myself.

    In addition I’ve had a Near Death Experience myself. Trouble is, I cannot remember it although my family and friends assure me I told them about it.

    In August 1997 I was involved in a major motorcycle crash in which I sustained, in the words of the surgeons report, “severe and extensive brain damage”. While being flown by helicopter to hospital I slipped into a coma and remained that way for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

    This was around the time of Princess Diana’s “accident” and I remember waking up in a hospital bed with a TV broadcasting her funeral. According to my friends and family, when I first came out of coma I told them excitedly about my “friends on the other side” many of whom, I’m told I said, were “Russian”.

    Now I cannot remember any of this. The accident and even me telling my friends and family this are all a complete blank. Although they assure me I did and from what I can gather I sounded very positive and enthusiastic about it all.

    Apparently, one of my “friends” on the other side was GI Gurdjieff and it sounds like he was debriefing me in the spirit world before my return here. I should note that while a young man I was a keen student of GI Gurdjieff. He died before I was born but I regard him as one of my first esoteric guides.

    Rixon Stewart

  15. Dear Rixon,


    Many thanks for your thought-provoking comment. I had no idea you’d had all these personal experiences of the paranormal, though I was aware of your interest in these esoteric matters from various articles on Truthseeker. Your acquaintance with the work of Gurdjieff is of great interest to me.

    My family, especially my grandfather, were part of the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky circle and spent a lot of their time at Coombe Springs in Surrey, the then home of J.G. Bennett, a gifted polyglot (with 17 languages under his belt) and a lifelong disciple of Gurdjieff. Bennett, now dead, has written a biography of Gurdjieff and also a 4-volume treatise called ‘The Dramatic Universe’ which was in my father’s library. I tried reading it in my teens but it was utterly beyond my comprehension and I had to give up after a few pages.

    I remember Bennett telling my father, who was a boy at the time, that a pebble lying at their feet on the sandy beach was a “conscious being”. My father picked the pebble up and tossed it into a sea. Bennett laughed and said jokingly, “You should have asked its permission!”

    My own personal encounters with the paranormal have been rare and I have never had an impressive experience like yours, except for one recent poltergeist experience which would be of no interest to others, given that it was an isolated incident to which there were no witnesses apart from myself. My belief in the paranormal comes entirely from being the witness of my mother’s paranormal experiences. Her miraculous cure, for example, which was instantaneous. She also had apparitions which spoke to her and gave her information she could never have come by in a normal way. In addition, she had several out-of-body experiences in which she travelled to places far away and saw things she was not meant to see.

    One such experience I remember her telling me about. At one stage in my mother’s life, my father took a mistress and would visit her house regularly in a suburban street in London. My mother suspected he had a mistress on the side, but she wasn’t sure.

    While sitting on her patio one day, in her rocking chair, my mother fell into a deep reverie and it was then the OBE experience occurred. She found herself travelling in spirit to the leafy lane in London where my father’s mistress lived. She entered the front garden of the house through a green gate, walked into the hallway through the closed front door, climbed the stairs, and walked into a bedroom on the first floor. There she saw, in a corner of the room, a pair of my fathers’s maroon velvet slippers and an old coat of his hanging on a hook. On the bed sat my father’s mistress, combing her hair. She was naked. My mother noticed the woman had only one breast. On her bedside table lay a paperback novel in German.

    My mother said nothing, nor was the woman in the room even aware of my mother’s presence. She just went on combing her hair and humming to herself. Obviously my mother was not there in the flesh. It was just her spirit body, composed of insubstantial matter of some kind.

    To cut a long story short, my mother “woke up again” (if that’s the correct description) in her rocking chair. She couldn’t believe the experience she’d just had and made a note of it quickly on a piece of paper. Later she confronted my father, telling him exactly what she had seen. He was flabbergasted. The impact on his mind was so profound that he not only broke off his extramarital affair at once but emigrated to a new country, Canada, in order to sever all ties with his mistress.

    He then confirmed every single item of information provided by my’s mother’s experience: (1) The garden had a green gate. (2) His mistress’s bedroom was on the first floor. (3) He kept an old coat and a pair of slippers in his mistress’s bedroom. (4) The German book on the bedside table was explained; his mistress was German. (5) Finally, her one breast was also explained; she’d had a mastectomy after developing breast cancer.

    My mother, apart from the fact that she would never lie to me about such an experience, just didn’t have the imagination to make up such a story. Nor did she profit from it in any way. She kept it quiet, and just told me and her sister about it.

    My mother was completely indifferent to the sceptical disbelief of others. But my father believed her implicitly and this converted him from being a freethinking atheist into a firm believer, though not into a good Christian like my mother. My mother remained throughout her life a pious Roman Catholic who said her rosary every day and died at the age of 87 after receiving Holy Communion.

    It is my deep love for my mother, a simple soul incapable of lying, that has made me sympathetic to core Christianity and to the teachings of all the truthseekers in other religions. I feel desperately sorry for all those who wander in darkness and think their darkness is light, never losing an opportunity to tell me how they loathe Christianity and the very idea of God.

  16. Know that God Loves You
    If death you fear whatever it may
    Then live you must a life of dismay.
    To choose to be ruled by finality
    Then live you must a life of banality.

    Man alone searching trough space
    Will never find another human face.
    In lust and pride our lives will stay
    Unless we learn in our hearts to pray.

    The universe in its grandeur be awed,
    Is a first step in coming to God.
    But how can He so infinite, wonderous and bright,
    Love me, so temporal, weak and slight?

    If you cannot love and cease from your grasping
    You will never be trusted or feel His clasping.
    Our form He took to show you the difference,
    The choice you make is the way to deliverance.

    Inflated we are and the higher you go,
    The more you miss the gateway below.
    Embarrassment and scorn to be ground in the mire,
    Are the lashes of love in order to aspire.

    The bow is bent for the arrow to speed
    With Christ into light your soul to lead.
    To taste only a drop from His vast mystic ocean
    You then will know His total love and devotion.

    And when you awake when all that is risen
    Be you of the chosen and no longer in prison.


  17. I am in my 80s i can tell you that the British government under Churchill used to have a team of the finest occultists mediums etc working for the war effort in W W 2.
    Both Churchill and Aeister Crowley were involved in the jewish rite of child sacrifice.
    A freind who contributed articles to this website some years back, knew some of these people such as Dennis Wheatley and Dion Fortune, this freind of mine had seen demonic entities conjured out of the air at ceremonies and projected at Germany and its people.
    Just because something cannot be seen in normal conditions, does not mean it does not exist.
    This freind told me that in the intell files, pupils of Rasputin, Ouspenski and Gurdjeff
    did amazing things which were duplicated in the UK by Prof Alexander Cannon
    which were monitored by Churchills doctor Lord Moran.
    Finally this freind who had been close to Churchill said the man was possessed by one of the darkest entities he had ever experienced