Telling the Truth Has Become an Anti-American Act

Paul Craig Roberts – Oct 30, 2019

Stephen Cohen and I emphasize that the state of tension today between the United States and Russia is more dangerous than during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. For calling needed attention to the risk of nuclear war heightened by the current state of tension, both Cohen and I have been called “Russian dupes/agents” by PropOrNot, a website suspected of being funded by an element of the US military/security complex.

Cohen and I emphasize that during the Cold War both sides were working to reduce tensions and to build trust. President John F. Kennedy worked with Khruschev to defuse the dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis. President Richard Nixon made arms control agreements with the Soviet leaders, as did President Jimmy Carter. President Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev worked together to end the Cold War. President George H.W. Bush’s administration gave assurances to Gorbachev that if the Soviets agreed to the renunifcation of Germany, the US would not move NATO one inch to the East.

These accomplishments were all destroyed by the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama neoconized regimes. President Donald Trump’s intention to normalize US/Russian relations has been blocked by the US military/security complex, presstitute media, and Democratic Party.

The Russiagate hoax and currently the illegitimate impeachment process have succeeded in preventing any reduction in the dangerous state of tensions between the two nuclear powers.

Those of us who lived and fought the Cold War are acutely aware of the numerous occasions when false warnings of incoming ICBMs and other moments of high tension could have resulted in nuclear Armageddon.

Former CIA official Ray McGovern reminds us that on October 27, 1962, during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a single Soviet Navy submarine captain, Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, prevented the outbreak of nuclear war. Arkhipov was one of two captains on Soviet submarine B-59. After hours of B-59 being battered by depth charges from US warships, the other captain, Valentin Grigorievich Savitsky readied a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon capable of wiping out the entire USS Randolph carrier task force, to be readied for launch. It didn’t happen only because Arkhipov was present and countermanded the order and brought the Soviet submarine to the surface. Ray McGovern tells the story here: and you can read it in Daniel Ellsberg’s book, The Doomsday Machine. The really scary part of the story is that US intelligence was so incompetent that Washington had no idea that Soviet nuclear weapons were in the combat area on a submarine undergoing debt-charging by the US Navy. The brass thought they could teach the Soviets a lesson by sinking a submarine and came close to getting the United States destroyed.

Another Soviet hero who prevented nuclear war was Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov who disobeyed Soviet military protocol and did not pass on reports of incoming US ICBMs. He did not believe that there was a military/political basis for such an attack and concluded it was a malfunction of the Soviet satellite warning system, which it was.

Many times both Americans and Soviets overrode warnings on the basis of judgment. My colleague, Zbigniew Brezezinski told me the story of being awakened at 2AM with reports of incoming Soviet ICBMs. It turned out that a simulation of an attack had in some way gotten into the warning system and was reported as real. It was a very close call. Someone doubted it enough to detect the error before Brezezinski woke the president.

Today with tensions so high and neither side trusting the other, the probability of human judgment prevailing over official warning systems is much lower.

Over the years I have tried to correct the widespread misunderstanding and misrepresentation of President Reagan’s military buildup/starwars hype and hostility toward Marxist, or perhaps merely leftwing reform movements, in Granada and Nicaragua. With his economic program in place and stagflation on the way out, Reagan’s plan was to bring the Soviets to the bargaining table by threatening their broke economy with the expense of an arms race. The plan also depended on preventing any Marxist advances in Central America or offshore islands. The Soviets had to see that there were no prospects for communist expansion and that they needed to get down to peace in order to free resources for their broken economy.

Reading Ben Macintyre’s The Spy and The Traitor, the story of KBG colonel Oleg Gordievsky, an asset of Britain’s MI6, made me aware for the first time how dangerous Reagan’s plan was. American intelligence was so far off-track that Washington did not realize that a plan designed to scare the Soviets into peace was instead convincing them that the US was readying an all-out nuclear attack.

At the time the Soviet leader was the former KGB chief, Yuri Andropov. The ABLE ARCHER NATO war game during the first part of November 1983 simulated an escalating conflict culminating in a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The Soviets did not see it as a war game and regarded it as American preparation for a real attack. What prevented Soviet preemptive action was Gordievsky’s report to MI6 that the Americans were raising Soviet anxiety to the breaking point. This woke up Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to the threat they were creating with their bellicose words and deeds. The CIA later confessed: “Gordievsky’s information was an epiphany for President Reagan . . . only Gordievsky’s timely warning to Washington via MI6 kept things from going too far.”

In my seasoned opinion and in that of Stephen Cohen, with Hillary almost elected president branding the president of Russia as “the New Hitler,” with constant provocations and demonizations of Russia and her leaders, with the accumulation of nuclear-capable missiles on Russia’s borders, with an orchestrated Russiagate by US security agencies blocking President Trump from normalizing relations, things have already gone too far. The kinds of false alarms and miscalculations described above are more likely to have deadly consequences than ever before.

Indeed, this seems to be the intention. Why else are people such as Stephen Cohen and myself branded “Russian agents” for telling the truth and giving accurate heartfelt warnings about the danger of such high tensions when neither side trusts the other?

It is reckless and irresponsible to demonize people of integrity such as Stephen Cohen and myself as “Russian agents.” When telling the truth becomes the mark of being a disloyal American, what hope is there?


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

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  1. 2020 is regarded as “zero hour”. This means humanity will face a stark choice. Either we choose to take a different path leading to a better world where peace, prosperity for all, and respect for all life on Earth, and the global environment, or we must face the alternatives.
    – Endless wars, the rise of scientific materialism and complete loss of spirituality in its broadest sense, financial armageddon in which millions die of starvation, tyranny from a small group of globalist oligarchs, and no hope for a decent future for our offspring. The decision is ours to make.

  2. Hate crimes can only be committed by white people, this black man viciously murdered the mother of his child, but of course non whites killing whites is not a hate crime
    this shows you what filthy racists your government is
    Discrimination in every sphere is a hate crime except when your government does it
    it amuses me when stupid men join the services to fight government wars for the evil that they are

    There is something in the Uk called The Eastern Arts Council
    they pay British pop festivals to put on ethnic performers.
    These British festivals are a peculiarity of the UK, which are really just supported by British people
    they want to hear typically British and US pop songs, and often some Bollywood.
    When Kanya West played at Glastonbury the rush to leave the field was scary with thousands of people funnelling into the narrow entrance, the ice cream man was just by the entrance and he was afraid the crush would tip his van over, he said he locked the doors and hid down inside until the crush had gone.
    and Kanye West the black rapper then played to very few people.
    British people dont want black rap music with its hate lyrics of women being whores guns rasicm and killings, they dont want homosexual perversion pushed onto them and their children,
    they dont want Rothschild agendas and they dont want to be second class citizens in their own country.
    Heros of democrasy such as Oswald Mosely Wiliam Joyce Enoch Powell Reg Keys and Jez Turner have demanded equality, but their voices have been silenced.
    NHS figures show we have so many foreign nationals in the UK,
    British people are now a real minority
    in their own land.
    What upsets British people is that while we have our own people living rough on the streets,
    newcomers to our lands get grants to start businesses, the Turkish barber in the high road said
    our government gives taxpayers money for them to buy cars, start businesses and even decorate their new shops, to give thema foothold. What footholds did we get ?
    British farmers have the highest suicide rate of any profession, British farmland is being bought by large usually foreign speculators to put up thousands of rabbit hutch housing.
    Recent expansion in Cambridge city saw the tower block flats all bought off plan by Chinese and Russian syndicates to rent out at very high rents to British people.
    If you believe in voting for change forget it, each voting slip is numbered they know who you vote for and secret lists were made for those mainly servicemen who voted for the National Front or the BNP
    and these people were stigmatised and would never get a government job, have difficulty getting Dole money or medical treatment.
    Never use a pencil for your vote as these have been rubbed out and changed in the past,
    as Voltaire said ” if voting made any diference they would not let us do it.”
    Their is much voting fraud , even dead people have been known to vote
    one man said quote “funny when my father was alive he always voted Tory, but since his death he votes New Labour”
    The Britain First political group is going from strength to strength, so much so that trumped up charged were brought against Jez Turner by a racist and hateful goverment to put him in prison.
    The Britain First leadrship flew over to Russia on a fact finding mission, as they flew home they were all arrested and strip and body searched threatened and thrown into prison on trumped up terrorisn charges,
    they were treated very badly, and had to surrender phones and laptops for scrutiny, had their homes searched, these are a registered political party, patriotism is now a dirty word we are all now prisoners of the NWO.

  4. Telling the truth is always a crime in any Jewish infested nation.

    Jewish power over the Goyim is based on lies and false narratives so anyone pointing out and correcting the Jews and their narratives is threatening Jewish power.

    The biggest lie of the Jew is not the Holocaust or the War on Terror narrative is authority and law. Not one person in a million has an inkling of understanding how authority is a ruse created by holy scripture.

    The Rabbi invents an all powerful God in the holy script. This needy God needs humans to obey it. The needy God has Ten Commandments you must follow or else, and the Rabbi (or Priest) is the representative of this God imagined.

    So the Goyim dupe is taught OBEDIENCE to the Rabbi as obedience to God. To obey the priest is to obey God the mark is taught. As a result of this teaching all freedom is soon diminished and humans become slaves.

    So the ultimate psychological coup is to convince people that they must obey authority outside of their self. This teaching is against Nature for all wild animals all act with free will based on their instinct of survival. For instance a deer does not obey the police, the deer will cross the road not at intersections and marked crossings.

    If you confront a raccoon for illegally crossing the road it will just run away. It does not recognize your presumed authority over it. But for humans you must recognize the authority – the cop in the uniform must be obeyed, or you will be tackled, arrested, or shot dead.

    If you live somewhere where cops must be obeyed you are a slave. If you tell a cop they have no authority over you they might go crazy because they know in their heart of hearts that their authority is a sham. For instance cops will gladly bust down your home based on a rumor but would shoot you it you tried to do the same to their home.

    Cops are thugs of the state. There is no such thing as a good cop. All cops are evil order followers who violate your natural rights as they do their job for their Rothschild script called Federal Reserve Notes. You are not allowed to tell this truth anywhere there are cops. Likewise you can not tell the truth to any Rabbi their God is fake and their authority is a sham. NO HUMAN HAS ONE BIT OF AUTHORITY OVER ANOTHER AND NEVER DID, NEVER WILL. External authority is the source of human slavery, which is established by the Holy Neanderthal Bible of Godly Authority.

    PCR bemoans telling truth as an “anti-American” act. Telling truth is revolutionary act when the entire human society is brainwashed by Jewish literature. Since human society is based on Jewish lies that are against Natural Law and Creation itself, then is it any wonder why everything is going to shit?

    If external authority to self is evil, then is it a wonder why evil people are attracted to it? Is it a wonder why the most corrupt and most manipulative psychos are attracted to the power of the state? Is it any wonder that statism as established by the Holy Bible has led the human race to the current situation where the entire planet is being chewed up and wrecked by a system established by lies about God?

  5. Completely agree with Yukon Jack.
    No one has ANY authority over you unless you give clear consent in them having so. It’s really that simple. Anyone who believes they do is a tyrant committing tyranny.
    The police are, as YJ correctly states, ‘thugs of the state’, there to make sure that the system keeps revolving by creating crime, where there is none and arresting people on trumped up charges, to take them into a ‘court’ (a place where a game is played between two or more teams) where whores of the state, make money for the state directly (through fines) or indirectly (through jail time).

    Any problem between two or more people is between those people and no one else. No third party need ever get involved. This is why ‘traveller’ communities are always painted in a bad light (especially here in the UK) as they do not involve the police and sort things out within their own community. It is also the same with Muslims (sharia courts) and Jews (beth din courts).

    Our society has changed so much that people happily give out details and prostrate themselves before police. I don’t. Sure, it’s different in the USA, as they’ll just shoot you and get off with murder, whic hshows JUST WHY you need to keep your guns, but here in the UK, I’ll tell the please to get lost and my details are none of their business. I have no time, nor respect for any of state’s policy enforcers, which is what the police are.

    Trust me, the people are going to have to make the choice of going to war against the police or becoming full slaves of the state. They’re almost there, not quite but certainly nearing.

  6. Only !! Potential domestic white, right-wing militia terrorists use TRUTH as HATE SPEECH..
    BTW see Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin??
    Another white racist anti-semitic potential domestic terrorist, holohoax denier ?
    See @

  7. I as a narcissist prefer bombs and wonder where your guidance comes from but if you are a seeker of truth this goes further than most are prepared to research.
    Your birth certificate is firstly an insurance indemnity receipt which is required from the Lieber Code/Hague conventions.
    They have to give you an indemnity receipt for the property they are stealing from you-essentially an insurance policy guaranteeing that your property won’t be harmed as a result of their use of it.
    This makes you the “subrogee” the insured party and priority credit of your own ESTATE holdings.
    This process of registration (as opposed to recording) creates a separate PERSON named after your given trade name yet owned and operated by a franchise of the MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES the separate government of Washington DC operated as an international citystate by the members of Congress.
    Secondly the Birth Certificate is a Bond certificate proving that you are the actual owner of the assets being bonded but until you claim exemption from their system of things the benefit of the bond goes to the STATE OF STATE or DEPARTMENT that is insuring your purloined property against loss or damage.