Swedish police ‘ready’ for increased powers of surveillance

Introduction – Oct 30, 2019

Sweden is an active example of how a formerly cohesive society can be fragmented with mass immigration.
Take a seemingly stable, homogenous community like Sweden once was. Then tempt migrants to come with offers of generous welfare handouts. This will inevitably lead to upheaval as the shifting population adjusts to new circumstances.
Together with the increased social instability however, come rising crime rates and with that calls for more surveillance. That is what the powers that be were waiting for and why they approved mass immigration in the first place. It’s the old problem-reaction-solution technique whereby a problem was created or allowed to develop and then a “solution” was offered – one that would have been rejected had it not been necessary to solve the problem.
This is what is happening in Sweden right now. The rising crime and social instability, brought by mass immigration mean that Swedes will now more readily accept greater police powers and more surveillance.

Helsingborg police station, Sweden, after a recent bomb blast. Click to enlarge

And note how at the end of the second report the writer is in denial about there actually being “no-go zones” in Malmo. The very idea, claims the writer, is a “right-wing myth”.
So just to clarify, rather than “no-go zones”, there are just low-income, high crime zones with largely immigrant populations where even police stations are targeted for attack. It is exactly the sort of area that will require a constant eye-in-the-sky to control.

Swedish police ‘ready’ for increased powers of surveillance

The Local – Oct 23, 2019

A new law would allow Sweden’s police to access criminal suspects’ phones and devices and read encrypted information.

Interior Minister Mikael Damberg presented the government’s proposal on accessing data, which if passed by parliament would come into effect on March 1st next year.

“This is a very powerful means of coercion, which should only be used in very serious crimes,” he said.

Damberg said that the proposal had been requested by police, since many criminals use encryption when communicating.

This means that current methods including bugging are not sufficient, with police estimating that more than 90 percent of the digital communication they have tried to monitor has been encrypted.

“Police in Malmö believe that there has not been a single murder in Malmö over recent years which hasn’t been preceded by encrypted communications between gang members,” Damberg said.

The new proposal would give the police, as well as bodies including security police Säpo, the Economic Crime Authority, and customs, the power to install software or take other measures allowing them to access information in suspects’ devices. And unlike current methods of communications interception, which only apply to sent messages, police would also be able to access files stored on the devices such as images and files.

Police would only be able to use these methods if the person in question was suspected of a crime with a minimum sentence of at least two years’ jail time.

And in order to activate cameras or microphones in a suspects’ computer or mobile phone, the person must be suspected of a crime with a four-year minimum sentence, the same requirement currently in place for bugging — using hidden microphones in a room or building.

All in all, police estimate they would use the new law to access data between 50 and 100 times each year.

The government and opposition first agreed to introduce the measure in 2015, following the terror attacks on Paris in November that year. The main reason it has taken four years to prepare the bill is the concerns raised about privacy, including by the Swedish Data Protection Authority, but Damberg said “the government believes that it is time for the police to get new powers”.

The government’s budget proposal will allocate 120 million kronor to the four bodies that will be able to use secret data reading.

“They are ready and have been waiting for this law,” said Damberg.

The proposal has now been sent to the Council on Legislation and will then be submitted to parliament.


Police deploy drones to help fight crime in Malmö

The Local – Oct 17, 2019

Police will start using the drones between 1pm and 11pm today, in the areas Nydala, Hermodsdal and Lindängen. The drones are equipped with cameras and will be filming in public places.

“Footage by the drones help us to quickly monitor incidents and get to the scene faster,” said Johannes Dontsios, police team leader for the southern Malmö beat, in a statement.

Police are allowed to use camera surveillance without a permit if there is a risk of serious crime, said the statement, adding that the purpose of the drones is to “prevent or detect crimes”.

The video material can also be used in investigations or as evidence in trials.

The drones may only be used in public places and are not allowed to film inside people’s homes or other places that could be seen as violating the integrity of members of the public.

The Nydala/Hermodsdal/Lindängen area is one of 22 “especially vulnerable areas” in Sweden, according to the official police definition.

These are areas “characterized by social issues and a criminal presence which has led to a widespread disinclination to participate in the judicial process and difficulties for the police to fulfil their mission”.

Although international media often report that Sweden has so-called “no-go zones”, police and emergency services have repeatedly rejected this claim, arguing that the vulnerable areas actually have a higher police presence, if anything.



2 responses to “Swedish police ‘ready’ for increased powers of surveillance”

  1. I believe Sweden in particular has been selected as a country that the NWO wants to use as a laboratory rat. (Perhaps Ireland is another?) Having a small population, a population inversion can occur in a short time; just as a rat’s life is shorter and can be used to anticipate further “intervention”.

    Mass immigration in Europe can’t have anything to do with cheap labour, as clearly many of the Islamic immigrants are not working. While the destruction of European people may be the projected reason for what’s going, I believe the final reason is to create societal tension and,as the article puts it: “problem – reaction – solution”.

    Social strife creates a requirement for more intervention. Those opposing this will increasingly find themselves criminalised as the Overton window gets smaller. All the time the lunacy of cultural marxist brainwashing and social propaganda makes sure we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. The final act will occur when refusal to be stabbed will regarded as “racist”. And they will know because their surveillance will tell them.

  2. Kalergi Plan Social Control!