BBC Journalist Exposes The Dark Side Of The Media.

James English – Anything Goes Oct 20, 2019

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  1. Diana, Aliens, JFK and 9/11 are NOT conspiracy theories, they are elite criminal conspiracies. Newsnight got McAlpine off, go figure. Epstein isn’t dead, he’s on a beach or yacht sipping a cocktail. Blair was cautioned by UK police under his old name for cottaging before he became an MP. Dando’s boyfriend at the time is now a ROYAL doctor… someone very close to Dando must have either helped the killer or killed her themselves. They knew Dando was going to her home at that time to pick up her mail, she didn’t go home very often.

    A huge difference between a pedophile in your street and an elite pedophile who is part of an elite child abuse system which is often international and results in the murder and disposal of children’s bodies, where the police, intelligence services & fake news media actually cover it up and protect these people.

  2. Fred West like Robert Black said they were very small fish but often supplied kids to well known homosexuals in show biz politics and the wider world.
    Suposition says Fred west did not commit suicide
    My cousin is a prison warder, they talk and Harold Shipman was reckoned to have killed up to 550 women often raping them as they dies, he would then steal their jewelyry
    his wife primrose refused to give any back a sshe said, non jews do not deserve nice things, the day before Shipmans birthday a bunch of homosexuals were allowed into his cell, his screams could be heard all over the prison, as he was repeatedly raped by the poofs
    next day he was dead

  3. Yes i heard that about shipman, he deserved what he got. justice at the end
    I watched some vids of this woman and she is good very good, i hope these are seen all over.
    Thanks for this one rixon

  4. World Wars one and two we fought for the jews
    a few men of the English Resistance, gave their lives to get us free of the Rothschild grip
    such a man was William Joyce

  5. All this sexual depravity, its always part of any satanic meetings
    the abuse of children has been documented many times as part and parcel of the mossad
    scheme of things.
    The US police badge has been changed to a 6 pointed star, showing who owns US law
    this badge has six triangles six points and six strokes= 666
    Greville janner said the same will happen to the UK, and it has where the homosexual abuse of boys will be seen as a good healthy thing to do.
    The Al Asqua mosque will be bown up as they say to make way for the New Jerusalem
    the =6 new=6 jerusalem =6 666 the number of the devil the whole land must be cleared of non jews, they will be pushed over to us,
    the evil of the jew says the UK must not leave the rothschild EU
    well stuff you rothschild we want our country back

  6. Typical empire building…. taking the reins of all vectors of thought and action… religion is the usual first along with the state…. the ‘media’ is just another actor on the propaganda stage, so like Hollywood, it has to be controlled as it’s always been done when empires seek to grow… to expand. In the USA, it’s mostly since FDR:

  7. Anna Brees is still VERY programmed and has a lot to learn. Everything of importance we have have been told since childhood is bullshit eg round earth, moon landing, banking system, 9/11, so called terrorism, etc