How The West Can Win

Capt Ron – Bitchute Sept 12, 2019

2 responses to “How The West Can Win”

  1. This is very good inded
    Moshe Solomons the dissident jew
    interviewd on his show
    one of the 5 dancing israelis, who explained why israel did it
    and scumbags like Tony Blair were blackmailed over being a teenage rent boy
    to give the nonsense that it was Saddham Hussein when it was the jews.
    Why was Tony Blair never in court for this ?

  2. The prime suspect of 911 is Bibi Netanyahu so says an army of researchers. The footage in this video is prima facia evidence that he orchestrated the attack in order to push the west into a war against Israeli enemies. He was successful, Amerika lost trillions, was demoralized, and still will not confront him or the state of Israel. That is suicide.

    If the west is to survive it must come to it’s senses and do something about Israeli terrorism, but unfortunately because of the Bible spell, the insane west is in love with it’s abuser. Thus Bibi is not the real problem, it is the Bible and how that book holds millions of minds in a black magic spell.

    You can not tell the seventy million Evangelical Christians in police state Amerika that Israel did 911. They will not hear it, the will not accept it, they are the backbone of the world wide suicidal death cult called Zionist Christianity. No believing Evangelical programmed Christian can go against Jewry or Israel because of their mad belief in a Jewish savior.

    Make no doubt about this problem the Jewish written Holy Bible is going to lead the runination of Amerika, which is 98% the way there. Basically Amerika is already dead, it already has one foot in the grave and is waiting for a quick shove into oblivion. There is no way that the Bible believers and their demonic attachment to the hell state of Jews will be broken without much more suffering.

    What Amerika is waiting for is a shove into it’s grave, which could be only days away on the infamously pre-programmed 3 November 2019 date. Hopefully nothing will happen, hopefully the military will stop any attempted false flag nuclear attack on American soil, but you never know because of Trump’s professed loyalty to Israel. The impeachment proceedings may force Trump to call it off.

    Here are three Youtube channels that cover the potential nuclear false flag on 311: