Virgin boss Branson kisses the ground in Tel Aviv

Middle East Monitor – Oct 25, 2019

Sir Richard Branson kissed the ground at Tel Aviv airport on Wednesday as he inaugurated Virgin Atlantic’s new UK to Israel route.

Deputy Director General of Israel’s Tourism Ministry, Pini Shani, greeted Branson as he descended from the plane, with the British entrepreneur and billionaire walking towards the cockpit and kissing the ground. The Times of Israel reported that his actions came “apparently after being told by a local reporter that this was the custom upon arriving in the Holy Land”.

The London-Tel Aviv route has been flying since 25 September. Virgin is looking to expand its business into Israel, with Virgin Holidays offering breaks in Tel Aviv.



6 responses to “Virgin boss Branson kisses the ground in Tel Aviv”

  1. But what most people dont realise is that Branson is a crypto jew….not speculation FACT.

    Mind you so is the Prime Minister and the two previous Prime Ministers.

    If the general public was aware of all this they might begin to suspect that all those conspiracy theories about Jewish Power….might have some merit.

    Branson’s move to have Virgin travel to Israel MAY have an ulterior motive…..perhaps shifting contraband into Israel….which could be anything from huge amounts of money to drugs……

  2. I wouldn’t let Branson kiss my arse.

  3. He was actually kissing the a man made runway, not the soil per se.

  4. Damn Branson kisses Palestinian ground upon arrival in tel aviv. Kind of reminds me of president Ocongo down on all fours kissing the feet of the Saudi king. What a humiliation for the American people.

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