Adam Green – The Jewish Supremacist Agenda – Oct 23, 2019

Adam Green rips the facade from current events and exposes the hidden agenda – Jewish Supremacism.
Watching this 90-minute video was like taking bitter medicine. We can’t believe the world is in such a sorry state. 
Essentially, the only goyim allowed to prosper are those willing to betray their fellow goyim to occult tyranny. 
Historian Arnold J. Toynbee wrote, “There has… been the aim of converting the Gentile world to the worship of Yahweh under the aegis of a world-empire centered on Eretz Israel and ruled by ‘the Lord’s Anointed’: a coming human king of Davidic lineage.” (Reconsiderations, 1961, p. 486).

By Henry Makow PhD

In a recent video, The Zionist New World Order, Adam Green exposes the Jewish supremacist agenda which the shitshow in Washington  distracts us from.
I can’t recommend this 90-minute video highly enough or commend more Adam Green for his original research and lucid presentation.
Green demonstrates that US foreign policy has been in the hands of cabalist Jewish fanatics, the Chabad cult, for at least fifty years. Their goal is to establish a “New World Order” in which the goyim serves the Jews, fulfilling Biblical prophecy laid out in Isaiah and Deuteronomy.
This narrative serves as a justification for the Rothschilds and their minions to impose their occult tyranny on humanity.


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8 responses to “Adam Green – The Jewish Supremacist Agenda”

  1. Christ!! More millenarian sectarians preparing for the apocalypse. More dickhead puritans, Jacobins,Protestants, William Millers etc, yes we have been here before many times.
    The backlash will be instant if they drop the rock and try to force noahide world wide.
    Adam doesn’t follow in-depth geopolitics which isn’t a shitshow it is how governments implement things geographically. The Jews can go their hardest it simply isn’t going to happen. Stalin set the NWO back 70yrs now it’s set back another 70yrs at least.
    Putin declares the NWO dead, Trump agrees and 120 countries sign onto the non aligned nations movement. The Jews simply haven’t got the money to pay the way they tried and failed miserably while Israel is reduced to a mediator or salesman between US interests and those not buying it. Mainly to serve their own interests.
    Then there is China who has stated clearly if people(euranglolanders) will listen, isn’t going to implement the UNs sustainable development one of the main ushers of the program. There is no way around it for the Jews, western industrialists and shitheads in general. To talk NWO now is not keeping up with the times and kind of insane.
    The Jews are going to have a lot of fun in the west that’s a given and if we let it happen we simply deserve it.
    “Totalitarianism is not a mysterious mutation it is a memory and a promise, an attempt to keep hope alive” Yuri Slezkines.
    Totalitarianism he means the system by which apocalyptic millenarians enforce the conditions they believe will constitute the New Jerusalem(utopia) in which their sect believes.
    The western SJW Marxist is a good example.
    Those who lived under communism and are still communists are cringing over the SJW why? They know Stalin eventually turned on them when they existed in USSR. He blamed them for not creating the utopia they all desired.
    The Chinese simply calls them the Baizuo meaning crazed left and they have no time for them even in China. That’s right China keeps a tight reign on hard core communists they aren’t going through that shit again.
    Adam and Henry both offer good info to be taken with a grain of salt. I Forget the laitn off hand for that but it’s worth knowing anyway.
    Not once has Adam mentioned Babylonian language in our law and how that all works.
    He concentrates on fear not offering relief with truth in circumstances.

  2. It is said by jews that the only Christian allowed to have money
    must have our permission
    Every trick you can think of to bankrupt christian busineses is taught by synagogues,every jew is bound by synagogue law, they dont see it as theft, but their right to steal either legally or ilegally

  3. (((They))) have schemed against us since at least the days of (((Charlemagne))), spreading the cult of the Yahweh desert demon. Unfortunately, while our leaders have been wise enough to boot (((them))) out many times, those leaders always failed to kick out the Jewish H*obgoblin himself, from whom their power originated, under (((“Fewdalism”))), the original form of both privatization AND communism. It is time to “Dump The Demon Demiurge,” give fake old Yahweh the boot, embrace our ethnic animist spirituality, AND “Return to Midgard.” Seetyhe work of Carolyn Emerick for more details.

  4. Green blaming Hassidic Chabad Jews for everything is just more BS and a convenient scapegoat for all of those who milked the system and got rich while enticing and intimidating hundreds of thousands of Jews all over the world to pack up and more to Israel for the promise of a greater Israel. The focus for Middle East turmoil and slaughter should be on the Rothschild banksters, the Wall Street fraudsters, the Zionists, and big oil. Then there is the huge US MIC & Intelligence complex which is just another racket and which thrives on any turmoil and unrest it can create all over the world. If it is all about money, then follow the money, and you will find all of the culprits, and it is not just some ethnic cabal that has screwed the US and the rest of the West so bad.

  5. “New World Order” is SO 1990’s…and passe.

  6. Are we still able to recognize ourselves?
    – John Kaminsky

    “But they couldn’t have their hammerlock on media without complete control of the money supply, a quest that began in the 1640s when Cromwell and his gang of Dutch Jews engineered the beheading of English King Charles I. The centralization of Jewish control in the City of London has ravaged the world ever since with inflationary spirals, preplanned wars and absolutely corrupt banking practices.

    With these three things, Jews not only control governments, but also people’s minds. As a result of their virtual monopoly on media, they define the spectrum of reality and simply blacklist aspects they wish to make disappear. They room suitable candidates and manipulate them into public office, from where they can empty the coffers of governments and the wallets of the people.

    No U.S. president has served who was not completely controlled by the Deep State
    banking machine, which today is a totally Jewish enterprise. Those candidates and
    elected officials who could not be controlled were assassinated.”

    John Kaminsky

    Turning us into robots

    Melissa Dykes & Truthstream Media are going under because of demonetization and
    interference from Shitstream Media:

    This Is Not My Next Video
    Truthstream Media – 488K subscribers

  7. fred b – you are correct, follow the money. example: the usa civil war had nothing to do with slavery as the south had abolished it a year before. the north, the bankers, wanted to control the trade that came via the south. Lincoln was assassinated because he wanted to issue the green backs at zero interest after refusing to accept the loans at 35% the bankers offered him fund the civil war..

  8. This type of subject Henry Makow excels at. But not when the subject is not National Socialist Germany. Just a tiny bit of research easily uncovers Jewish Supremacism. Indeed just look at the internet, it’s all there. One would think with all the hatred directed at Jews and their various agendas, which they brought on themselves, that they would scale back their subversiveness. But the opposite appears to be occurring. Only when banking control is seized from these Zionists, will the world go to a more normal, peaceable existence.