The Jerusalem Conspiracy

Adam Green – Know More News Jan 3, 2019

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  1. Israel has been digging tunnels under the mosque for some time
    they will either use explosives or weaken its foundations so its own weight will take it down.
    Thats what jews do, but this is planned for just after the coming financial collapse.
    The mosque is a holy pace for muslims, and also revered by Christians
    The search for the old jewish temple reains is a hoax, there never was one
    The wailing wall had nothing to do with jews, it was built by the romans using christian slave labour

  2. having lived in the area i agree with Jill Sparrow
    a wise man once said ” the only weapon the people have is to not buy from jewish shops
    or their produce “

    There never ever was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem – not ever. The only temple other than an EGYPTIAN Temple to be found is a DESCRIPTION of an EGPTIAN Temple in the Old Testament.
    Even the alphabet the Jews claim as their “sacred alphabet” is from Egyp!

  4. The tower the Jews like to call “King David’s Tower.” was built by Sulamin the Magnificient in the 16th. Century.
    There is NO evidence of any Jewish or Hebrew presence in Jerusalem – ever.
    The Old Testament was witten up only in 200BC – according to atest scholarship and archaeologists.
    Look into everything written and the videos made by Israel Finkelstein. He often has to tip toe – but he does tell the truth.
    Read his book The BIBLE UNEARTHED.
    Solomon’s Temple remains are to be found in Yemen which is where the Semitic Jews originated, and the Queen of Sheba also built her palace there.
    Look into the books of Ashraf Ezzat.

  5. Several years ago, I took the tour of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, PA. One of the main themes you see throughout this Grand Lodge are pictures and scaled models of Solomon’s Temple on display.

    After the tour, the Temple guide opened the floor for questions. I asked if one of the Masonic goals is rebuilding Solomon’s Temple?

    The guide answered: “Yes, but there is currently a Mosque in the way.”

  6. The Koran! gives the clue that Jerusalem is named after Abraham’s (who was a Hebrew but not a Jew) request to God to make it a “City of Peace”

  7. Witness the irrational, immoral, insane, and unacceptable discourse and behavior of these “religious” “believers”.

    “Believers” can be made to believe anything. Just tell them that “God said so” and they’ll believe it. Can you smell that stinking pile of feces over there? The one with whipped cream and a cherry on top of it…? Well I’m the rabbi and I’m telling you that is chocolate pudding!

    See that rock over there? That’s OUR holy rock, not theirs. Why? Because we believe it to be so. If you don’t agree, you must be an antisemite.

    The fact that people believe such idiotic bullshit leads me to “believe” that most people are sick in the head. I don’t care what the majority believes and I don’t care who they vote for. Insane people should be put in insane asylums not positions of power.

  8. The Rabbis say that only when the Jewish temple is there and sacrifices take place
    will each jew have 3000 goyim slaves, each jew will have his choice of the prettiest little boys, and millions of useles eaters will have been put to death.
    There never was a jewish temple here, the British Palestine census of 1900
    said some areas had 7% jews, some areas none at all.
    Some scholars reagrd the Old testamant as pure bolderdash.
    I am one of them

  9. there was no temple of Solomon. there was an ancient greek temple situated on the mount and an archeological find of two stones enscribed in greek cautioning anyone entering would meet certain death. one stone is held in instanbul and the other in Israel.
    again there were NO jews in Palestine during Christ’s period on earth. there were pharasees, scribes and sadducees. at that time there was tribe of judah with a king called herod Antipater. judah has been incorrectly translated as jewish. note as well that Jacob changed his name to Israel – hence the house of Israel relates to his family. he had 12 sons two of whom are the forefathers of the jews.

  10. The Anunnaki space port now called Jew-ruse-shalom is hotly contested by Jews who follow Yahweh(Enlil) and the Muslims who follow Allah (2nd son of Enlil). According to Sitchin, they got in their spacecrafts and left abandoning their human creations to fight it out for dominance.

    According to Passio, humans suffer from “cosmic abandoment syndrone” and the surviving Abrahamic cults are like Melansian cargo cults that worshipped US Army aircraft that came and left during WW2.

    The war in the Pacific ended but the airplane cults continued just the same as the Abrahamic cults continue after the Anunnaki left. Humans are worshipping their progenitors who came here and made slaves with their DNA, in their image.

    Genesis 1:26 ►
    Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness,

    These Anunnaki space race cults are fighting for the prime piece of real estate, the spaceport where they landed. Everyone wants to be the teacher’s pet, chose me our lord in the sky when you return, look we are the true believers as we have our temple to you on your holy landing site.

    My idea is to end the irrational spell of the cargo cultists by denying all the rights to the spaceport by simply pushing a button which launches a nuke and turns the holy site into a crater. Simple. Effective. Quick. Easy.

    End the spell by nuking Jerusalem.

  11. While I agree with the article and comments on the lack of any real evidence to say a Jewish temple was there ever.
    I also disagree with how the Dome of the rock is always at the front of any article related to the Al Aqsa mosque, even the above video shows the Dome of the rock, but he is purporting to tell us about the conspiracy, yet the fact he even uses Dome of the rock on his videos thumbnail, proves he is part of the conspiracy.

    For those who are asking how so, think of it like this, if the world is always shown Dome of the rock when anyone talks about Al Aqsa, they will come to believe the Al Aqsa mosque is in fact the Dome of the rock.
    Then when the real Al Aqsa mosque (just a few hundred meters away) is intentionally destroyed.
    The Jewish media will be all over Dome of the rock claiming the Muslims are insane, look here is Al Aqsa as you have all seen so many times before, the distinct gold dome is proof you have seen it in the past, here it is today.

    Then any country looking to attack Israel over the blatant destruction of a revered holy site for Muslims, will either have to back down or face the western coalition who will be happy to back the innocent Jews…

  12. How odd of God to choose the Jews.

    It wasn’t odd,,,the Jews chose God.

  13. The Strange Story of the False Wailing Wall
    Every present day religion has deception woven throughout its doctrines and also comes up short once you have checked the facts and evidence. This is a prime example of the charade that is being pulled over the eyes of anyone who does not look for the Truth. To continue this lie and deception The Deceiver has fooled the false Jews into preforming Pagan rituals etc. at a supposed “Holy” site. ( Listen to the excellent description of the “Dome” rock and the “wall” )
    Saturn/Satan worshipers of the Black cube. ( at the wall ) &

  14. That old “rebbe” talking to Netanyahoo looks and sounds like a Mafia boss – which is exactly what he is.
    Sheldon Adelson inherited his position in Las Vegas directly from Meyer Lanski.
    Trump grew up with the Mafia in New York.
    It seems the Western World is ruled by the Mafia!
    There is a website called which belongs to “Art from Philly.” He is expert on the Mafia in America.

  15. Hey Folks, It looks like one of my links got taken down with a quickness ! Here is an alternate that is good.

    Satan At The Wailing Wall