The Tide Is Turning In America

Brother Nathanael Kapner – Real Jew News Oct 22, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

6 responses to “The Tide Is Turning In America”

  1. We in the UK just love this guy
    really really !!!

  2. This video keeps stopping….

    It’s OK at this end. Try watching the video on Brother Nathanael’s site (linked at Source above) Ed.

  3. The man is really good.
    A joy to watch. Thank you, Brother Nathanael Kapner.

  4. Brother Nathanael says that somebodies got the bring sanity back to the state. True enough. I not sure the military is run by sane people, but what do I know? If the United States leadership was sane they would remove the parasite from the throat of the political class by forcing AIPAC to register as a foreign agent, then read the riot act to all the dual citizens.

    That is if they are sane and don’t like being whores to Israel and Wrathchild.

    There’s something worthy of mentioning about Mr. Trump, sometimes he sounds crazy and sometimes sane. He lies his ass off about most things, because it is his strategy to throw his opponents off guard, so it is hard to figure out what he is serious about. This technique of the art of the deal leaves his proponents and detractors confused about where he stands.

    Trump has not launched WW3 or gone into Iran. So he is not a crazy warmonger like Hillary could of been. Amerika has not committed suicide, yet. So while the whore tries to figure out an exit strategy it seems that Mr. Trump is going through a steep learning curve. He could be a great President if he figures out Israel and puts distance between them and American foreign policy.

    A great President would stand up in front of the Congress and tell them they’d better get their loyalty figured out and the honeymoon with Israel is over. They are all guilty of covering up 911, a clever politician could use that to force the Congress into loyalty oaths to the country and divorce them of Israel.

    This is all a pipe dream until the crash comes – maybe hyperinflation and a huge crisis is what is needed to break the Jew spell. So while we wait we can all watch the shitshow as Hillary announces her candidacy around Nov. 4th, and argue if Tulsi is a CFR plant.

    The real deal is Amerika is coast to coast war machine and they need war to make the beast breathe. Without a cause to fight Amerika will implode. If you are lockheed martin, or general dynamics, or ratheon, peace means bankruptcy.

  5. Me thinks Naper doth protest too much. Yes, Christians, God and morality have been kicked out of the media and everything that matters, and our civilization is virtually destroyed, but you cannot blame one group for the mess. When you react, and as a non-Jew call for their expulsion, that will bring your society into more chaos and you will likely find the State and the rest of our PC brainwashed society persecuting and expelling you.

    The US appears to have gone nuts in many ways. Trump has supported the Zionists until a month ago and probably will turn the tap on again after he is re-elected. He and his insiders know that without an about face on Mid East issues, he has lost his base and cannot win. Also, the entire foreign policy of the US has been based on might-makes-right and intimidation. The Zionists do not care what such policies have done regarding good will and trust with the rest of the world. Everything in the West must be milked for the Zio cause. They control the purse strings and they have their objectives for their place in the sun and they will exploit and run over anything in their way.

    But it is not just the Zionists which have brought things so low, it is the entire US and the Western establishment. As for the US, its Constitution is just as exclusive for Americans as the Talmud is for the Jews. If you live by the sword in this world then you die by the sword, If you live by the law of the jungle with a might-makes-right foreign policy, you may see the sun for a while, but eventually your enemies will rise up and you will die as a nation.

    Then you have the madhouse, insanity, corruption and fakery of US politics. Because they are still the most powerful nation of the world, Americans tend to think that everyone else in the world is caught up in their theatre over things like Russia gate, threats to impeach, the establishment push for gender bending, etc. My view is that most non-Americans can see through the nonsense and they just shake their heads, saying in disbelief, “This unstable, volatile, sociopathic, depraved, and lawless nation is the leader of the Western world? It spends more money on weapons and the military than the rest of the world combined. It has more nukes than any other nation. It has HAARP which can affect the weather and can cause earthquakes (and it has). It has weaponized space with satellites that can fry anything on earth. It has all this weaponry and power which can destroy the world, and it’s being run by a bunch of maniacal sociopaths, and the people have gone absolutely nuts. Please Mr Putin, will you protect us.”

  6. Thank you very much for your guts and sharp analysis brother Kapner. I truly hope your are right – and it seems very likely that the military is not infested with jews to the same degree as the rest of society. Trump is a light in the dark. Greetings from Denmark, sadly a totally jew controlled country since 1815.