Is Tulsi Gabbard Controlled Opposition?

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  1. The devil sign says it All…You can’t get to the position she’s in without being part of the club…Hegelian dialectic….

  2. She is a lady … ohw, ohw, ohw, she is a lady!
    And so it is and will be … she still is an asset and member of these craze Democrats.

    Amen, oh Lord.

  3. I’m not defending Tulsi, but her hand sign is the most common hand sign in Hawaii, it is the surfer hand sign for stoked, aloha, good vibes, or hang loose. Surfers and beach people use it all time and it is not done consciously or with any malevolence, it is used because you feel really good.

    Since she is from Hawaii, it is not surprising she is using it. It is akin to the verbage of “hang ten” when a long boarder gets all ten toes over the front of the board – which is hard to do but gives the rider a feeling of exhilaration.

  4. @Warren Elliot
    that’s not the devils horn sign, that’s a scuba smile. Horns are with index and pinky. Come on, get a grip.

  5. Our entire government is controlled opposition and the controllers are Israel.

    “At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies.” Harold Rosenthal

    “Trump offered to buy Greenland from Denmark and the Danish responded with an offer to buy the United States from Israel.”

    America is a one party system with two fake options.

  6. I agree, very good point, however there is an alternate meaning that originates in Hawaii. It is not the devils horns as I think you believe it is.

    Is there an occult meaning behind this hand gesture ? Probably, but I could not confirm it.
    Anyone using hand signs is suspect. It is “occulted”/ hidden communication.

  7. Who’s asking this question? I sincerely hope it’s not Rixon Stewart? I have a great deal of respect for him, but to ask that question only begs me to ask the question: “If you actually think Tulsi Gabbard is controlled opposition then why the hell do you have this website, having written everything you have?
    ALL POLITICIANS are controlled opposition!
    What is Tulsi Gabbard?
    Well, she’s the ‘x’ armed forces personnel (that’ll win a lot of votes from the armed forces members and families), obviously a woman who’s successful (more votes from the feminists) speaking out against war (more votes from the anti war movement) which there you go makes up most of the American population. She is 100% in bed with Jews/Israel and a proponent of 9/11 narrative and holobollox.

    It’s the game that’s continually being played. Politicians don’t win. The hated political party gets voted out. And Tulsi, like Trump, like Obama, like Bush and every presidential candidate WILL ALWAYS talk about ‘bringing the boys home’ (now women and trannies too) when in reality they’re lying through their teeth.
    They know the public won’t act. They know they won’t reprimanded for lying by any judge. And they know that when they get elected it’ll be heads Jews win, tails non Jews lose and they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, with an expected income totalling in the high millions for selling out their country.

    To quote the great movie ‘Wargames’ (1983) in relation to politics: “The only way to win is not to play.” Politics is a rigged game from the start. It’s where lobbyists and Zionists implement policy over society that essentially parasite off of and destroy it.
    If anyone had any common sense they’d never vote.
    It shows America (along with a large percentage of Europeans) aren’t that bright. In fact the word ‘insane’ springs to mind as one of the definitions of insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time.”
    They haven’t really cottoned on have they? Stupid is what stupid does. I voted once, when I was 18, back in 1989. I never will again.

  8. Women, especially those with a low IQ like this one, should be banned from politics.
    They have NO idea how the world works, NO idea who runs it, and therefore can NEVER join the’club’.
    The sooner women get back to their normal duties, the sooner each country will keep their sanity.
    Until that day people, suffer!

  9. Everything @Harbinger commented is spot on….The power is not in your vote, it’s in your wallet. Stop playing the F@ken game…..

  10. Being a truther from Hawaii, I have watched and evaluated Tulsi for a long time. My friends and I have always doubted her from day one, and that is now going on a decade. She is from a political family grooming, cult grooming, and military grooming. Some of her staff reportedly have ties to the cult, so shaka that too. You get these people all the time who pose, and she appeared up on the mauna while avoiding any actual position on the standoff, mainly to embellish her star. She is not going to boot out the Army from the mauna, won’t even discuss things like that. Very fake ‘opposition’. The hand sign is innocent though she is flashing it as an antifa poser; it’s called a shaka sign. It is just a gesture of ‘it’s cool”, and she thinks the commies are cool, apparently, just like Greta.

  11. 13 Reasons You Should Never Trust Tulsi Gabbard

    Tulsi Gabbard is yet another political gabbai, serving the synagogue of state. If you don’t believe me, keep reading and you will realize that many people are being duped again.

  12. Hey blow, good link in your post there with the ‘goods’ on our fake little island puppet shmoozing with Boteach and Adelson. She supports the zio ‘war on terror’ fraudstory, wants gun control, and trots out all the ol’ antisemitism tropes. I guess that would be mandatory to hang out with the people she does.
    There has not been a Representative worth our time since Mckinney nor a President since JFK. Anyone now up there in congress with the synagogue (and remember Congress decides who issues our money) is a hardcore sayanim. That’s how they win the zio awards and get a head.