Russia’s top secret T-60 6th-generation fighter aircraft Pigeon – Oct 15, 2019

2 responses to “Russia’s top secret T-60 6th-generation fighter aircraft Pigeon”

  1. Having witnessed the success of the Iranian Duck Brigades, the Russian Pigeons are rushing to deploy their own version of a winning strategy. They have unveiled their new Super Pigeon and revealed the name of their hero, their messiah, their Pigeon God who has come to make Russian Pigeons Great Again. I have named… St-60.

    Al Duqdadi, Duck Commander of the IRDC (Iranian Republican Duck Corps), said that the Russian Pigeon, St-60, was not the real Pigeon Messiah because St-60 has the beak
    of a duck…!

    Getting inside the mind of a pigeon

    “Pigeons have a complicated courtship sealed with a special pigeon kiss.”

    The Pigeon Kiss

  2. And the US went to Lord Vadar and got the rights to his laser tech.