Winners & Losers In The Failed American Project For A ‘New Middle East’

Elijah J. Magnier – Oct 17, 2019

The United States of America emerged victorious from the Second World War, and came out stronger than any other country in the world. The allies- notably the Soviet Union- won the war but emerged much weaker. They needed to reconstruct their countries and rebuild their economies, with the US demanding huge retrospective payments for its support. The US became a superpower with nuclear bomb capability and an imposing power of dominance. Industrial countries rebuilt in what the Germans called their Wirtschaftswunder and the French les Trentes Glorieuses, the thirty years of post-war prosperity. Meanwhile the US leveraged its prosperity to spread its hegemony around the world. US power was enhanced with the beginning of Perestroika and after the fall of the Soviet Union. In the new millennium the US establishment declared the “War on Terror” as justification to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, while attempting to subdue Hezbollah in Lebanon, changing the régime in Libya and attempting to destroy Syria, all with the goal of reshuffling and forming a “New Middle East”.

In the Levant, the US has dramatically failed to reach its objectives, but it has succeeded in waking Russia from its long hibernation, to challenge the US unilateral hegemony of the world and to develop new forms of alliance. Iran has also challenged the US hegemony incrementally since the 1979 “Islamic Revolution”. Iran has planned meticulously, and patiently built a chain of allies connecting different parts of the Middle East. Now, after 37 years, Iran can boast a necklace of robust allies in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan- who are all ready, if necessary, to take up arms to defend Iran. Iran, in fact, has greatly benefited from US mistakes.  Through its lack of understanding of populations and leaders around the world, it has universally failed to win “hearts and minds” in every Middle Eastern country where it imposed itself as a potential ally.

The arrival of President Donald Trump to power helped US allies and the anti-US camp to discover, together, the limits and reach of US sanctions. Russia and China took the lead in offering a new, softer model of an alliance, which apparently does not aim to impose another kind of hegemony. The offer of an economic alliance and partnership is especially attractive to those who have tasted US hegemony and wish to liberate themselves from it by means of a more balanced alternative.

During this period of Trump’s ruling, the Middle East became a huge warehouse of advanced weapons from varied sources. Every single country (and some non-state actors) has armed drones- and some even have precision and cruise missiles. But superiority in armaments by itself counts for very little, and its very balance is not enough to shift the weight to one side or another. Even the poorest country, Yemen, has done significant damage to oil-rich Saudi Arabia, a country highly equipped, militarily, and with the most modern US hardware in the Middle East.

US President Trump was informed about the evident failure to change the régime in Syria and the equal impossibility of dislodging Iran from the Levant. He most probably aimed to avoid the loss of lives and therefore decided to abandon the country that his forces have occupied for the past few years. Nonetheless, his sudden withdrawal, even if so far it is partial (because he says, a small unit will remain behind at al-Tanf, to no strategic benefit since al-Qaem border crossing is now operational) – came as a shock to his Kurdish and Israeli allies. Trump proved his readiness to abandon his closest friends & enemies overnight.

Trump’s move offered an unexpected victory to Damascus. The Syrian government is now slowly recovering its most important source of food, agriculture and energy. North-East Syria represents a quarter of the country’s geography. The northern provinces have exceptional wealth in water, electricity dams, oil, gas and food. President Trump has restored it to President Bashar al-Assad. This will also serve Trump’s forthcoming election campaign.

Assad trusts that Russia will succeed in halting the Turkish advance and reduce its consequences, perhaps by asking the Kurds to pull back to a 30 km distance from the Turkish borders to satisfy President Erdogan’s anxiety. That could also fit the Turkish-Syrian 1998 Adana agreement (5 km buffer zone rather than 30 km) and offer tranquillity to all parties involved. Turkey wants to make sure the Kurdish YPG, the PKK Syrian branch, is disarmed and contained. Nothing seems difficult for Russia to manage, particularly when the most difficult objective has already been graciously offered: the US forces’ withdrawal.

President Assad will be delighted to trim the Kurds’ nails. The Kurds offered Afrin to Turkey to prevent the Syrian government forces controlling it. The Kurds, in exchange for the State of their dreams (Rojava), supported US occupation and Syria’s enemy, Israel. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu bombed hundreds of targets in Syria, preferring ISIS to dominate the country and pushing Trump to give him the Syrian-occupied Golan Heights as a gift- although the US has no authority over this Syrian territory.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians were killed, millions of refugees were driven from their homes and hundreds of billions of dollars were spent on destroying Syria. Nonetheless, the Syrian state and President Assad have prevailed. Notwithstanding the consequences of the war, Arab and Gulf countries are eager to return to Syria and participate in reconstruction. Whoever rules Syria, the attempt to destroy the Syrian state and change the existing régime has failed.

Russia is one of the most successful players here, on numerous fronts, and is now in a position President Putin could only have dreamed about before 2015. Numerous analysts and think tanks predicted Moscow would sink into the Syrian quagmire, and they mocked its arsenal. They were all wrong. Russia learned its lesson from the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. It offered air and missile coverage and brilliantly cooperated with Iran and its allies as ground forces.

President Putin skillfully managed the Syrian war, striking a balance and creating good ties with Turkey, a NATO ally- even after the downing of his jet by Ankara in 2015. Russia wanted to collaborate with the US but was faced with an administration with persistent “Red-Soviet” phobia. Moscow proceeded without Washington to solve the Syrian war and defeat the jihadists who had flocked to the country with support from the West (via Turkey and Jordan) from all over the world.

Russia showed off its new arsenal and managed to sell a lot of its weapons. It has trained its Air Force using real battle scenarios, fought alongside the Syrian and Iranian armies, and a non-state actor (Hezbollah). It defeated ISIS and al-Qaeda 40 years after its defeat in Afghanistan. President Putin has distinguished himself as a trustworthy partner and ally, unlike Trump- who abandoned the Kurds, and who blackmails even his closest ally (Saudi Arabia).

Russia imposed the Astana process instead of Geneva for peace talks, it offered countries to use their local currencies for commerce rather than the dollar, and it is dealing pragmatically with Iran and Saudi Arabia, and with Assad and Erdogan. The Americans, by their recklessness, showed themselves incapable of diplomacy.

Moscow mediated between the Syrian Kurds and the central government in Damascus even when these had been under US control for years. Putin behaved wisely with Israel even when he accused Tel Aviv of provoking the killing of his officers, and stayed relatively neutral in relation to the Iran-Israel struggle.

On the other hand, Tel Aviv never thought Syria would be reunited. Today Damascus has armed drones, precision and cruise missiles from Iran, supersonic anti-ship Russian missiles- and has survived the destruction of its infrastructure and so many years of war.

Israel has lost the prospect of a Kurdish state (Rojava) as an ally. This dream has gone now for many decades to come and with it the partition of Syria and Iraq. The “Deal of the Century” makes no sense anymore and the non-aggression deal with the Arab states is a mirage. Everything that Trump’s close advisor, Prime Minister Netanyahu, wanted has lost its meaning, and Israel now has to deal with the Russian presence in the Middle East and bear the consequences of the victory achieved by Assad, the Russians, and the Iranians.

After the Kurds, Israel is the second biggest loser- even if it has suffered no financial damage and no Israeli lives have been lost in combat. Netanyahu’s ambitions can no longer be used in his election scenario. Israel needs to prepare for living next door to Assad, who will certainly want back Syria’s Golan- a priority for Damascus to tackle once domestic reconstruction is on its way. He has been preparing the local resistance for years, for the day when Syria will recover this territory.

Proofread by: Maurice Brasher and  C.G.B

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3 responses to “Winners & Losers In The Failed American Project For A ‘New Middle East’”

  1. “n the Levant, the US has dramatically failed to reach its objectives”

    Apparently the author has never heard of the Greater Israel Project (eratz Israel), nor does the author understand how the Jew parasite controls Amerika and the internal evangelical zionist lobby.

    The author lacks an authentic understanding of the real politic, the whore of Israel Amerika grudgingly did the dirty work fracturing the Levant for Israel. The crazy democracy of Evangelical lunatics helped the Zionists wreck the world for no other reason than words in some ancient book.

    Ever nation around Israel lies in shambles because the Israeli lobby. America’s finances lies in shambles, the moral of the US military lies in shambles, American weapon systems are second rate. The real reason for this utter madness? The Holy Neanderthal book of Jew Babbliings is held as God’s inerrant truth.

    The only beneficiary of 911 was Israel which skillfully manipulated the whore into bombing her enemies. But the whore has limits, the whore refuses to die for the pimp Satanyahu. So when Bibi’s campaign of terror couldn’t sway the elections in Israel anymore the whore decided to make a run for it. Trump sensed an opportunity and made a dash for the border, and now that the damage has been done, the harlot Israel feels “betrayed” and “vulnerable”.

    So because the Donald showed show nationalistic tendencies and self esteem and respect for his nation, the pimp ordered his other whores Pelosi, Schumer, Lindsey Graham to impeach the disobedient whore who got out of Bibi’s pimp mobile and showed uppity spirit by “abandoning the Kurds”, which was really pulling the rug out from under the Israel proxy army ISIL (Israel State in the Levant) which was set up by CIA, run by Mossad, to destabilize and balkanize Syria.

    How dare the whore act with automony! Impeach the traitor, impeach the traitor, orange man bad!

    The leadership of Amerika is weak and pathetic, without courage or vision. If I had their opportunity I would drop waves of Mark 82’s followed up with a loud boom of a b-61 set on maximum yield and laugh about it. I would send those Jew mother fuckers back to hell for 911 and what they did to us, like take away our freedoms and attack our principles.

    It is unbelievable that Amerika refuses to stand up for themselves and take out evil Israel and what it has done, and what it could do. If Amerika wants to survive it needs to bomb Israel back into the Neanderthal stone age by turning the Dome of the Rock into a crater of glass ending the Abrahamic hell religions with one big blast.

    It is doubtful that whore Amerika will come to it’s senses anytime soon so expect the worse, you can expect a bigger false flag, like a nuke set off in Seattle that crashes the system and gets the whore back in line. Pimp Bibi is going to beat the shit out of the whore for being disobedient, just watch and see. But the proud whore’s got a gun stuck hidden in her stocking, so let’s see how this plays out.

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” – Bibi Netanyahu

  2. Good comment Yukon Jack !

    It seems surreal to me that the Jewish lobby is getting away with 9/11. The world has no hope of genuine human progress until this crime has been acknowledged and punished. These are the Dark Ages.

  3. Israel has been sticking to America and sucking blood like a leech, so much that it is now bloated; with the audacity to attack USS Liberty, spying on US and doing so much more wrong to America that if most American people knew about, they would want to wipe them off the map themselves. It would take just a little salt! America had Iran surrounded and was ready to attack Iran…. but the Zionists could not defeat Hezbollah. The first reason America lost initiative was then, because Zionists could not handle Hezbollah and were defeated in 33 day war. So America had to over extend and over stay. This was all Zionists plan and they failed to deliver… and now things are much different. Had Hezbollah failed then, America would have most likely attacked Iran, back then it would have been much easier. Now it is impossible. Had Khomeini kept his Islamic revolution within Iran borders, enemies could have easily nipped it in the bud. How can one blame the wise leaders of Iran for creating Hezbollah and other allies beyond border? It’s a logical move. Borders are not real anyway… even now Iran’s reach through soft and hard power is very wide. Iran is the natural leader of World of Islam, the Saudis and others are fake, just like borders and nation-states. The only real players are empires and they are just a few. Many of Arab-speaking Iran-allies can also speak Farsi.