Amazon, which provides computing services to the CIA, will soon be running the code for U.S. elections

JD Heyes – Natural News Oct 17, 2019

If ever there was a legitimate threat to our republic, it’s not coming from outside the country it’s coming from inside.

Sure, Russia and China pose existential threats to our existence, but the leaders of both those countries know and understand any shooting war with the United States will bring about their destruction as well.

So they are content to allow us to destroy our country from within, compliments of the Democrat Party and the Left-wing Marxists who find a political home there.

Millions of Americans are aware that our electronic balloting systems remain under constant threat of hacking by a foreign power.

They also know that the giant tech companies are run Leftists who embraced just enough capitalism to grow their companies into behemoths so they could use their newfound power to destroy liberty for the rest of us.

What if the bigger threat to changing election outcomes didn’t come from Russian or Chinese hackers, but instead from a major American tech corporation — like Amazon?

As reported by Breitbart News:

Amazon is reportedly making an aggressive push into the business side of state and local elections. Since the 2016 election, more than 40 states are using one or more of Amazon’s services for elections.

Amazon, you may recall, was founded by Jeff Bezos — the same person who bought the anti-Trump Washington Post and who has little interest in seeing the president win a second term.

If his company is now in charge of election “services,” what would stop Bezos from attempting to change election outcomes in states that Trump barely won in 2016 or is attempting to flip red to blue in 2020 (like Minnesota)?

As Reuters reported, Amazon — now far more than just an e-tailer — has begun to aggressively expand its Web Services sector into election technology.

In addition, 2020 Democratic presidential contender and former Vice President Joe Biden, along with the U.S. federal agency that administers and enforces campaign finance laws, also use Amazon’s election products.

This isn’t a good idea if we’re trying to protect and defend democracy

Though the e-tail and tech behemoth doesn’t actually handle vote tallies on election day (county officials do that) Amazon Web Services (AWS) “is running state and county election websites, storing voter registration rolls and ballot data,” and helping military members overseas participate in the electoral process, Breitbart reported.

Amazon, of course, has a right to expand its business reach and diversify its technology offerings. But we know from experience since President Trump has been in office that the country’s tech giants have banded together to oppose him by censoring pro-Trump conservatives from their platforms, taking away conservative news and information sites’ ability to process payments from vendors, and otherwise throwing up roadblocks to reach readers and customers.

Already, Amazon’s reach into our electoral processes is significant, and not unbiased. (Related: The owner of the Washington Post also trafficks in ANTIFA gear.)

“The fact that we have invested heavily in this area, it helps to attest to the fact that in over 40 states, the Amazon cloud is being trusted to power, in some way, some aspect of elections,” Michael Jackson, head of Public Health & U.S. Elections at AWS, told prospective government clients during a webinar in February.

Of course, AWS and Amazon assure officials and prospective government clients that it will be extremely difficult to “hack” their cloud, adding that it’s a hardened target designed specifically to withstand attacks.

But what if the ‘attack’ occurs internally? While Amazon is allegedly watching out for foreign hackers and other bad actors, who’s watching Amazon? Given the animus and bias towards the current occupant of the Oval Office, shouldn’t someone be watching the caretaker?

We think so. Trusting our electoral processes to an entity with a demonstrated political bias is not just foolhardy, it’s asking for vote tallies to be tampered with.

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2 responses to “Amazon, which provides computing services to the CIA, will soon be running the code for U.S. elections”

  1. Amazon runing our so-called “democracy?” What on earth could go wrong with that? (((!)))

  2. Because Trump never did anything to fix the irregularities which were exposed in the 2016 election, the only rational conclusion one can make is that they really do not matter because the entire system is totally rigged anyway. It is clear that whether or not you call it the “establishment”, the “deep state” or the “military-intelligence complex”, they determine who will win. The real vote rigging is all very sophisticated now involving computer electronics, and that is why diversions such as illegals being bussed from poll to poll are so useful.