Divinity is the Same in the Largest and Smallest Things

offTheLeftEye – Oct 17, 2019

4 responses to “Divinity is the Same in the Largest and Smallest Things”

  1. ” Are some people ‘better’ than others? ”
    Yes, rational people(born again people) behave
    differently than irrational people.

    ” According to Swedenborg: divinity is the same
    in everyone, so why do some seem good and others bad? ”

    Divinity is absent in irrational people.(bad)
    Divinity is present in rational people.(good)

    Divinity is not present in everyone, on the contrary evil(irrationality),
    is the norm in the present world order.

    The faithful one

  2. was swedenborg christian? if he was not then he was not in touch with Jesus whom God sent to us. he then is out of touch with true reality. the bible states: ‘i am the true vine [Jesus] & you must be grafted into that vine’. ‘ i am the way, the truth, & the life, NOBODY comes to the Father but by me’. if swedenborg did not come to this then he is a fraud. he is only a worldly man pushing a world philosophy. the bible says:’men wise in their own eyes are of the sin world, it is foolishness to God’.

  3. Swedenborg was a Christian but their are more to God than those who profess themselves to be “Christian”.

  4. Exactly, Rixon! As our friend Les Visible likes to say, Christ is a station, not a person… is the divine a respecter of persons? 😉