Totalitarian Collectivism

SARTRE – March 28, 2010

Part 4 – FAMILY

The basic unit of society within Western civilization is the family. Inexorably founded upon the pillars of European heritage, the American Saga is the legacy of the family society. The esteemed professor Kevin MacDonald states that a primary characteristic of that history is “A tendency toward simple family structure based on the nuclear family.” He further concludes: “This simple household system is a fundamental feature of individualist culture. The individualist family was able to pursue its interests freed from the obligations and constraints of extended kinship relationships and free of the suffocating collectivism of the social structures typical of the rest of the world.”
Today’s Totalitarian Collectivism is devoted to the destruction of the family. Under the guise of social welfare and altruism, the most deprived and needy are herded into ghettos of despair and dependency. In a “Dueling Twins” segment, Altruism and Charity are Not the Same, the essential deceptive rational used for government intervention is exposed. “The core reasoning for intrusive intervention into the affairs of Free Men is the false notion that altruism is a desired goal for society to implement.”

Prime target for the New world Order’s social engineers: the traditional nuclear family. Click to enlarge

The best way to combat the social isolation of oppressive regimes is the refuge and shelter of the family unit. Society is a manufactured assemblage of institutional associations and cultural relationships. The family is the only purely natural kinship; blood being the distinctive element. Loyalty towards family is very healthy, especially when the State, falsely requires, universal obedience. The “TC” culture is designed to break down the ties of kinfolk’s allegiance at minimum, and elimination of primacy of family identity as the terminal goal.
The first objective of basic military training is the destruction of unique personal identity. So too, family affinity must be stripped and broken in order for the Mattoids of control to achieve their dream of utter domination. The family is better accumulated towards resistant opposition than a singular defiant loner.
Take the example of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczinski. Many conclude he is mentally ill. Paul Cooijmans sums up the manifesto’s conclusion: “Technological society is incompatible with individual freedom and must therefore be destroyed and replaced by primitive society so that people will be free again.” Kaczinski’s critique of society often provides rational criticism. However, most people would condemn his methods for direct pro-active efforts to foster his own version of destruction.
If one person could instill such an immense level of institutional fear into the system, just what could a family do? Remember, without a family member’s exposing evidence to authorities, Kaczinski might be still applying his injurious skills.
The establishment relies upon citizen acceptance of government authority to maintain the appearance of legitimacy. The sense of duty to that authority, whether deserved or not, is essential for the system to operate. Estrangement from family often increases the potential of bizarre behavior that can lead to anti-social conduct. Yet, the family is ground zero and targeted for destruction, because it represents a healing force to rebellious siblings.
Examples of violent hostility towards the State, only creates the self-justification to consolidate and expand greater degrees of coercion against citizens. The centralized command and controlled dictum benefits when isolated cases of desperate futility go postal. Post 911 is an era of inexhaustible excuses for the enslavement of expendable sovereign citizens.
The family is under increased and intense pressures from the culture and community forces. But the most severe assault comes from the diminished economic realities that result in a much lower standard of living for the vast majority of families. The middle class is disappearing. A March 2010 ABC News poll reports: “A bit fewer than half of Americans count themselves as middle class — but many of them aren’t sure how long it will last: Among people who say they’re in the middle class now, four in 10 also say they’re struggling to remain there in this difficult economy.”
Owning a family home was once the American dream for raising children. Lately, paying for a house, so often with a mortgage that is under water, is a curse. Because of a bad economy, students return from college and live with parents. Grandparents sell their perennial homestead, scale back or even move in with one of their children. Widowers look for platonic partners to share the rent. Depleted, at risk or lost are pensions, annuities, equities, bonds and savings. This is life in the “TC” subsequent financial meltdown environment.
Dependency seems new to many who where once middle class. Then again, most households are lulled into supporting and taking funds or benefits from government programs as an enticement of a dubious progress. The welfare state and safety nets are a nauseous chapter in the American Saga. People want them, and bargain away their individual dignity cheaply.
Now add into the equation Single-Parent Households in the United State having the highest percentage of 28.8% of all households with children for 2008 in developed countries. Totalitarian Collectivism views this trend as a great success. More dependency means greater collective addiction. Autocratic administration leads to bigger despotism. Isolated and frazzled, parenting is more difficult, and complicates the sacred task of raising children. Allowing bureaucratic intrusion into every aspect of family life leads to the next step, obtaining government permission to teach your child the difference between right and wrong.
The State is controlled by a gang of sociopaths bent upon destroying the family as a functioning unit. The American Saga began with a self-governing revolution and is now ending in passive mass suicide. Consider the networking abilities of coordinating extended families into a vigorous opposition to the “TC” hierarchy. Of course, those who are sucking the gracious generosity of state jobs or programs dry might vote to destroy the family, before dismantling their adopted benefactor’s system. That’s the rub; and the need for families to be devoted to traditional principles and mutual blood ties.
The political correctness culture is and always has been the eternal enemy of the individual. When the family strays from genetic inherited ideals, the results usually betray their ancestors. That is why core traditional values are fundamental to the honor of any family. Morality and the practice of ethical behavior are essential to maintain the integrity of the lineage. Society does not have a moral claim over the inherent autonomy of a human being or their family.
Notions of situational ethics are all the rage. Convenient rationalizations to justify destructive behavior drive the perversions of relative morality that rips apart the family. Clear and time-honored lines of family authority are often ignored. In their place, hollow substitutes and reinforced acquiescence to external role models, replace family stability.
Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum provides this warning: “There will be an assault on the institution of marriage,” Santorum promised his audience. “Why? Because the left knows that, they can’t really have government come in and take control of everything unless they destroy the family. Unless you destroy the family and destroy the Church they cannot ultimately be successful in getting socialism to be accepted in this country and that’s what their objective is.”
The family is a bulwark of opposition to collectivism. Marriage is the union that provides secure identity for children. Moreover, a child’s devotion to parents and relatives stands as a direct threat to the ultimate aims of the “TC” State.
Totalitarian Collectivism in all its forms and deviations share the necessity to eradicate resistance to their top down power hierarchy. If people display their primary allegiance to be family ties, the tyrant needs to break the bond among the entire extended relationship. Society inevitably results in natural differences. Cultural, ethnic and racial dissimilarities and variations do not negate the integral bond of the family. For additional analysis on this topic read the series: Similarity, Community, Values and Human Nature.
Basic standards of cordial conduct must be a conscious goal to establish reasonable order and sensible protection. Families thrive in this environment. When families reflect sound values, relationship affinity and motivated independence, social stability flourishes.
“TC” guarantees chaos because the human spirit will never accept dictatorial bondage. Many will enslave themselves out of ignorance, cowardliness or slothful disinterest. Notwithstanding, a remnant of brave resistant combatants will persist in their challenge to defeat despotism. Most likely, family clans will be at the center of this struggle. Leadership may well be from the exceptional, but the troops will come from the trusted.
Wearing down the will to resist is a basic tactic of any illegitimate state. The forces of designed subjugation want citizens to view the State as a substitute father and mother. That old nanny state is now an all-pervasive robotic and insidious overlord that seeks to own and control your very existence. Womb to tomb is now a vicious struggle to abolish the power of the sociopath masters of Totalitarian Collectivism. The true antisocial psychopath is a proponent or enabler of the “TC” establishment. A system that wants to destroy the family is illegitimate.
SARTRE – March 28, 2010


5 responses to “Totalitarian Collectivism”

    As the huge mass of the general public slowly wakes up to what crimes the Governments are committing, the people have increasingly looked to the Internet for real news and have stopped buying Murdoch newspapers to the point where they now give them away free in Supermarkets.
    Figures for those who bother to vote at all have dropped through the floor, and the BBC has since the start of WWII increasingly used propaganda and sport as red herrings to manipulate and distract peoples views and dumb them down.
    Hitler’s Germany had a popular magazine targeting the jewish NWO was “Germany Awake” and now Internet-based news ezines are enjoying massive sucess in following suit in similar vein.
    After WWII before Churchill was thrown from office a secret operation began, that was as big as the war operation itself.
    Lord Cherwell and Lord Rothschild’s plan was to change history alter public perceptions attitudes and thinking and distort reality, of this was what Hollywood calls “black films or Film Nior”, and attitude-changing films such as Brokenback Mountain,a film normalising Homosexual perversion and Schindlers list, a film to reinforce wartime racist stereotyping based on a fictional novel to become the norm
    Now known as Social Engineering, this whole idea was brought up and refined by among others Churchills doctor Lord Moran, with military psychologists to explain that although millions of men were being demobbed from the forces, homes and jobs were scarce, and the very government the men fought the racist war for, advertised in the West Indies for large numbers of men to come and do the jobs our own men were too lazy to do.
    This resulted in the furious British servicemen to start up a pro equal rights organisation called the National Front, this saw huge numbers of ex servicemen and others queuing all day to sign up for the National Front.
    So the government smeared it and wrecked its membership.
    Social engineering is a communist ideal where all people are the same, same views
    and ambitions.
    At the present time, we are not only watched by CCTV roadside cameras Neighbourhood watch, what you but in shops etc but certain people are now targetted
    peaceniks Christian groups freethinkers and radicals, are already being told Sainsbury and Tesco will not deliver food to them, they cannot open bank accounts, getting passports is becoming harder, in short these people are being put on lists
    held in Tel Aviv
    where they cannot buy food and will soon be in Fema camps for re education

  2. I find this article odd. Why? Well, it’s warning of the destruction of the family and the creation of the totalitarian state but then condemning the Unibomber, who was effectively the nightmare of the totalitarian state in that he was an individual (the arch nemesis of the state and collectivism) who they were unable to stop.

    “If one person could instill such an immense level of institutional fear into the system, just what could a family do? Remember, without a family member’s exposing evidence to authorities, Kaczinski might be still applying his injurious skills.”

    Yes and his brainwashed family was the one who worked with the authorities to stop him. the same authorities who are bringing in the authoritarian state.


    Look at the reality here people? How on earth do any of you, awake that is, think you are going to stop the new world order from succeeding when you do what the Unibomber’s family did and essentially ‘ratted’ on him?
    “But innocent people were being killed…….” hello? And how many innocents have died, not just in the last century, but since 9/11 on the new world order’s war on terror? How many middle eastern peoples have been murderer? How many have been turned into refugees? How many immigrants have come to the west and caused chaos? Sweden? Germany? UK? How many no go areas are there in Sweden and the UK, along with other nations in Europe, courtesy of the aftermath of the war on terror and resulting mass immigration?

    The Unibomber, essentially had the right idea: “Technological society is incompatible with individual freedom and must therefore be destroyed and replaced by primitive society so that people will be free again.” – no words were truer spoken! The only thing that has changed, effectively, in the west is technology. Technology is sold to the public as there to help, when in reality it’s there to control them. CCTV is a prime example. We’re told it’s there to protect us, when in reality it’s there to spy on us. Very few people have ever been brought to successful prosecution on CCTV and not one terrorist has ever been arrested or stopped. Ironically, they TURNED OFF the CCTV on 7/7 here in the UK. That speaks volumes.
    Today, young girls are ADDICTED to mobile phones. Constantly on them, chatting away like gossiping fisheads. Typing away on whatever nonsense they’re typing. And boys aren’t much better. Their civilisation is going to hell in a handcart and all they’re interested in is fast cars, football, video games and of course, getting laid.

    The ‘card reader’ installed now in almost every single retail outlet, along with bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants etc is the reason that the politicians will give to implementing the cashless society. I can see them in their parliament addressing one another – “Look at people today? Most of them don’t carry cash around and instead a banking card of some sort. It protects their money to give as their money can only be gotten to with the correct card pin. People overwhelmingly buy their goods online with a credit card, the same in bars, nightclubs, shops, restaurants…..We no longer need money. It is essentially defunct in our society.” And this was the plan from the get-go.

    The only chance of beating those in power is full, blown out, anarchy. No adherence to any laws. People arming themselves. No using of banks or any form of credit card whatsoever. People uniting when the police come to impose their authoritarianism on whomever and being driven away by an armed crowd.
    Unless the system is smashed, the TECHNOLOGICAL system that is, you will NOT have a hope in stopping the new world order’s totalitarian society from becoming a reality.

    Look at how many people the Unibomber injured and how many he may have, were he still around today and tally that with the chaos and lives cost in the middle east, after 9/11 and the resultant fall back on Europe today. They are incomparable. It’s like comparing one to a handful of sand and the other a beach!
    Finally, look at the Luddites? Look at their story. They smashed machinery because they saw that it would take jobs away from people. And they were 100% correct.

    The technological society, hence the system has to be smashed, nay, utterly obliterated from every corner of this earth along with those behind it, never to rise again.

  3. During the upwave caused by expanding bank credit a couple of big things happened that forever changed our world. Horse and buggies and steam powered trains fell to the diesel and jet engines. Moving a long distance with little money became reality. No longer was an individual trapped to live their life out in the place of birth.

    Prosperity has it’s own destruction baked into the cake. With decades of growth and modern transportation the family structure in a hometown was thrown to the winds, people got well educated and traveled far from home to get the good jobs. It is normal for college graduates to get on a jet and travel to different countries, states, cities for the dream job.

    With the loss of the nuclear family and the town where everyone shared blood ancestry the individual was split from the family building block and sent afar. We called it progress and held it up as a proud accomplishment of mankind. We had conquered Nature, the gods of old were cast aside leaving us open and vulnerable to our inner pagan tendencies.

    At the top of the wave we became fat and decadent and prime targets of the bank-state. The banker run state encouraged women into the workforce as the men boarded landing craft for the beaches of France the women learned how to rivet the new fangled airborne assault vehicles which drop highly engineered explosives on hapless civilians fleeing under the rain of terror of newly ordained angelic like pilot gods.

    With a 50% increase in the workforce who had time for baking bread or carrying babies when the empowered female could drive a shiny brand new car and live in a high rise apartment and go out on the town get a beer with the gals at the Chipendale show. All those women doffed their skirts and wore blue jeans like men while the men became slobs just like the Mother Shipton rhyme prophecised:

    ” For in those wondrous far off days
    The women shall adopt a craze
    To dress like men, and trousers wear
    And to cut off their locks of hair
    They’ll ride astride with brazen brow
    As witches do on broomstick now.

    And roaring monsters with man atop
    Does seem to eat the verdant crop
    And men shall fly as birds do now
    And give away the horse and plough.

    There’ll be a sign for all to see
    Be sure that it will certain be.
    Then love shall die and marriage cease
    And nations wane as babes decrease

    And wives shall fondle cats and dogs
    And men live much the same as hogs. “

  4. What the idiot who wrote this doesn’t understand is we have to dodge not only the government but the families in my local district who aspire to government, what else is new. He can stick he’s tribal ass down his throat. There is a lot of things wrong with this article. Environment by its own discourse can be an enemy of the individual. More pampered pooches preaching and the right is also, surely going nuts.
    The value of family is shared experience and a possession not defined in physical terms.
    A possession rarer than self that no -LAW- can write out of existence, You only get one mother and one father per life they are the rarest thing you’ll know on the planet. That is your earthly treasure why sell it off cheap, if you do why blame others.
    When Agafia Lykov was asked about incest allegations regarding her father, tears came to her eye’s and she simply said “NO he was my father”.
    If this fuckwit blogger or whatever he thinks himself as wants to go feudal family, he is definitely sending us down the same path as the deluded left.

  5. I wholeheartedly share Harbinger’s disgust at the Unibomber’s family ratting him out to authorities (which so much of the public are now applauding and will follow the example they’ve set), effectively ending his career. But how can we be sure that the Unibomber wasn’t just a problem-reaction-solution type intelligence operation, executed as a pretext for a more heavy-handed police state clampdown down on the populace, especially the older white Christian patriot male rebel, doing to the white Christian male, public enemy Number 1, what 9-11 did to Muslims? I can see numerous ways the Powers That Be benefited from the engineered, order-producing chaos of his terrorism and none for the people.

    Miles Mathis in his, ‘The Unibomber was another Psy-op.’ (, builds a pretty good case that it all was just a big C.I.A. hoax: fake history, fake arrest, fake trial and fake imprisonment, the lot.