Death on a Rooftop

Rafah, Palestine. The mighty Israel’s IDF sent in tanks, helicopter gunships, APC’s, and bulldozers but what the Palestinians dreaded the most were the Sayret Yamag ( Hebrew for the ‘ Silent killers ‘ )

Sharon comically called this killing spree ‘ Operation Rainbow ‘. The only rainbow in Gaza was the red spray of brains exploding as these monsters found their targets. Today’s target was Ahmed and Asma al-Moghraia, a 11yr and 14 yr. old brother and sister.

The victims and their crime

The girl went on her apartment roof to gather the family laundry and the brother followed to feed his pigeons. Within a few minutes Ali , the older bother , heard a shot and then the screams of the 11yr old brother ” Momma Momma “. Ali rushed to the roof to see his brother Asma leaning over his sister when the second shot rang out. At that instant his brother lunged forward being hit in the shoulder.

Snipers finish him off

As Ali started to his brother the snipers opened up on him – They would not be denied their kill ! Asma started to crawl to his brother when two more shots rang out taking the top of the boy’s head off.

Ali recounted how he pulled his brother down the stairs. His mother was screaming in the background. He placed his brother in a spare bedroom and then went up to get his sister.

“I had to crawl on my stomach to get to her, and when I got there I could see her brain hanging out. Her head was spilt open in the middle. I wrapped her head in a towel, and then I carefully dragged her body across the floor. I was flat on my stomach all the way. It took almost 15 minutes.”

Sniper post on the Moghraia home

A platoon of IDF soldiers took over the building on the left and positioned snipers on the roof. The family of nine was ordered to stay in their apartment. Shifts of IDF soldiers guarded the door as shots rang out all night.

The roof affords an almost uninterrupted view of Tel al-Sultan and the surrounding area. On one side it looks over the hills that lead to the settlement of Rafiah Yam to the west and the Mediterranean beyond.The soldiers finally left at around 2am on Wednesday after killing an estimated six civilians ( mainly women and children )

Two days later reporters arrive

When reporters finally managed to get into Tel al-Sultan on Saturday, there was no evidence of shrapnel from explosives on the Moghraia family’s rooftop. On the wall at the top of the stairwell, beside what appeared to be brain matter and blood stains, were four bullet holes. In the corner of the step below was a pool of dried blood.

The family says the two children were killed by Israeli sniper fire from a nearby rooftop. Earlier in the week, the Israeli Army was reported as blaming Palestinian explosives for their deaths, but a spokesman on May 22 acknowledged they couldn’t be sure.

After the IDF left Mohammed showed reporters the rooftop. By the roof’s edges there were empty shell casings and in the other corner laid piles of human waste, water bottles and tins of food.

IDF response: Col Heim Lutz says the IDF will investigate.

Courtesy Mark Twain

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