Trump admin sending thousands more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia

Introduction – Oct 15, 2019

This illustrates why President Trump CANNOT be trusted. He’s performing a tried and tested Illuminati routine: to fool the masses he says one thing and then he cynically goes ahead and does exactly the opposite.
Although few may notice; because while the mainstream media might report what Trump says and what actually happens, they fail to point out the obvious contradictions between the two.
For example last week he tweeted that he wanted to end America’s involvement in “ENDLESS WARS”.

On the face of it that sounds reasonable enough and it might even win back voters who were growing cynical over his unfulfilled campaign promises.
However, the very next day Trump’s administration announced that it would be sending nearly 3,000 more troops to Saudi Arabia, in addition to warplanes and missile defense systems.
Do you think the mainstream media noted the obvious inconsistency between the official pronouncement and what was actually happening? Not a bit of it. Sure, they reported the actual facts but they failed to draw attention to what Trump said and what was occurring on the ground.
Why? Could it be that they think Americans were too stupid to notice? Ed.

Trump admin sending thousands more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia

Dan De Luce, Courtney Kube and Mosheh Gains – NBC News Oct 11, 2019

The Trump administration said Friday it is sending 2,800 more troops, fighter jets and missile defense weaponry to Saudi Arabia to help bolster the kingdom’s defenses after a September attack on its oil facilities.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered the deployment of additional service members, two fighter squadrons, one air expeditionary wing, two Patriot Missile batteries and one THAAD missile defense system. With the additional deployment announced Friday, Esper said U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia will number approximately 3,000.

“Saudi Arabia is a longstanding security partner in the Middle East and has asked for additional support to supplement their own defenses and defend the international rules based order,” said Esper. “In response to Iranian provocation since May, the U.S. has deployed an array of additional capabilities to the region.”

The U.S., European governments and Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for the September attack on Saudi oil facilities, which triggered a brief spike in oil prices and raised questions about the country’s air and missile defenses. Tehran has denied it was behind the drone and cruise missile assault, which heavily damaged key oil sites.

Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said that the U.S. “does not seek conflict with the Iranian regime, but we will retain a robust military capability in the region that is ready to respond to any crisis and will defend U.S. forces and interest in the region.”

Plans for a U.S. deployment to Saudi Arabia were announced shortly after the Sept. 14 attack, with some troops arriving in late September. Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at the time that the reinforcement would be “modest” and “not thousands.”

Friday’s announcement comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to pull U.S. troops out of northeastern Syria Sunday night. The decision raised alarm bells among America’s allies across the globe and sent the Pentagon and the State Department scrambling to contain the fallout.

A bipartisan report on the crisis in Syria, released just weeks before, had urged the Trump administration to keep troops in Syria to counter Iran’s influence, act as a buffer between Turkey and Kurdish forces and stave off a resurgence of ISIS.


One response to “Trump admin sending thousands more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia”

  1. Stationed in SA and waiting deployment into Syria if their Turkey-NATO proxy to stir things up enough is successful. Everything with our Western corporate media is controlled, staged and fake. Turkey is just one more Rothschild proxy. The Zios control the Turkish economy and finances like they do in the US and the UK, like they control Trump, Johnson and Erdogan who is as much a puppet and a fake as Merkel and Macron.

    Beginning about 15 years ago you had the money proxy used to create dissent and opposition to Assad in Syria. Syria was one of seven target nations of the Zio cabal for overthrow. Within less than 8 years they succeeded in not only instigating internal unrest but they were arming, training and paying proxy rebel groups including Al Qaeda. After instigating and fueling the war with their numerous proxy groups, they still were not winning and so they created ISIS, recruiting again out of Muslim groups and the Brotherhood, even in Europe and in North American. However, with ISIS they overplayed their hand,and Russia was able to intervene to rescue Syria.

    The ISIS proxy failing for the Zios and the Rothschild’s who pride themselves on never giving up, my best guess is that Turkey which was already supporting the Zio cause in Syria was recruited to be their next cats paw, or proxy. Assad did not want Turkey to invade. There was no need for it and he stated his further displeasure about the Turkey stirring things up, which Turkey is doing to the delight of Israel. The US criticism of the Turkish invasion and threatened sanctions is bullshit. Turkey is just one more proxy insurgency. If Erdogan was not a Zio puppet then one would want to believe him, but the fact is that he is, in the same way as is Trump.