Greta Thunberg claims to be able to “see” carbon dioxide in the air

Anthony Watts – WUWT May 2, 2019

Greta Thunberg in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, August 2018 – image: Wikipedia

At first, I thought this had to be a joke. Then I thought it must be some sort of misinterpretation. Sadly, no.

From the website Afrinik, quoting the book –Scener ur hjärtat by Malena Ernman, Svante Thunberg.

According to her mother Malena Ernman (48), 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg can see CO2 with the naked eye. She writes that in the book ‘Scenes from the heart. Our life for the climate’, which she wrote with her family.

Greta was diagnosed as a child with obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, just like her younger sister Beata. The activist also has a photographic memory. She knows all the capitals by heart and can list all the chemical elements of the periodic table within one minute. In addition, she has another gift according to her mother.

“Greta is able to see what other people cannot see,” writes Malena Ernman in the book.

“She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in a landfill.”

Of course, with a ~ 410 parts per million concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, we know that is a physical impossibility. Carbon Dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas:

It also does not reflect or absorb any light within the light spectrum that humans can see. Even if Greta had some special ability to see into the near infrared, the absorption spectrum of CO2 is far removed from the human range of color sensitivity.

But, this claim underscores how bizarre her activism has become, and people seem to want to look the other way instead of questioning her abilities and cognitive understanding of the information she professes to know.

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8 responses to “Greta Thunberg claims to be able to “see” carbon dioxide in the air”

  1. For every post you make, you crush 10 of Thunberg’s dreams. POST EARLY AND POST OFTEN.

  2. Greta would be useful for seeing dog farts before you have to smell them?

  3. Greta is on her way to sainthood. I can see it now in her home town square, a larger than life statue of Saint Greta on a white horse impaling the pitch black carbon dragon on a rainbow pedestal. Unfortunately Greta is no savior, she is a dupe and tool of Soros the Dragon.

    The real heroes of our age the lone ranger scientists like Anthony Watts or Robert Felix who managed to put up websites and keep reason and logic and facts alive in the age of media induced insanity. We are in an Ice Age, CO2 is this minor trace gas measured in parts per million, and no climate emergency by CO2 at hand.

    Manmade CO2 15 ppm demonstration

    There is a climate geoengineering emergency called chemtrails. The government is spraying and dumping millions of tons of (something) that disperses and makes artificial clouds, but since it has not been officially acknowledged most people scoff at such crackpot nonsense. Chemtrails real, weather warfare real, climate change by CO2 not real.

    Something to be worried about is that this secret program of atmospheric spraying could be a huge mistake, obscuring the skies at the end of the interglacial could be an act of suicide, a trigger to rapid earth cooling.

    One of the big reasons why the CO2 warming computer models don’t work is that CO2 molecule is actually heavy and sinks toward the ground, those molecules not even dispersed in the atmosphere like the programmer assumes. Thus what difference does it make if the photons of light reaching the earth’s surface are absorbed by a CO2 molecule or by the earth’s surface. Either way the heating is the same.

    What exactly is heat? 99.999% of the people do not know what heat is. It took a long time for humans to figure out what heat actually is. “Heat is the energy an object has because of the movement of its atoms and molecules which are continuously jiggling and moving around, hitting each other and other objects. When we add energy to an object, its atoms and molecules move faster increasing its energy of motion or heat. Even objects which are very cold have some heat energy because their atoms are still moving.”

    Heat is often described as energy flow but it really is the vibration of molecules. A heated CO2 molecule vibrates more and bumps other molecules more, so a CO2 molecule absorbing photons is capturing solar radiation and transferring to other air molecules. Well the sunlight hitting a rock does the same thing. The rock heats up and transfers it’s captured heat to the air. Dirt on the ground or CO2 in the air, makes no difference in heating the local environment from sun.

    The other big myth is that CO2 molecules magically capture the sun’s heat and makes a greenhouse. CO2 molecules in the upper atmosphere actually cool earth. NASA put up an O=C=O satellite and measured the cooling with ultra sensitive equipment. The story was buried by the press because it doesn’t fit the narrative. CO2 molecules way up in the air say 50-100 miles up are capturing the unidirectional photons and then re-emitting them in all directions – thus high level CO2 scatters incoming solar radiation to space.

    Also clouds have a huge effect on cooling. If space particles makes more clouds, clouds reflect sunlight back to space. I wonder if Greta has the superpower of seeing space particles that form clouds? Increased cosmic rays makes more clouds which cools earth. What is the effect of supernovas?

    Another unknown effect of Ice Age weather is so much CO2 has been sequestered that the earth is actually just recovering from CO2 starvation. Cold water absorbs more CO2, the longer the ice age drags out the atmosphere above is literally scrubbed of almost all CO2 molecules and the earth dies from CO2 deprivation. Plants suffocated in the last ice age from extremely low and deadly CO2 levels that got down to 140 ppm. That could of been the real reason the magafauna died out. Dust storms dominated the end of the last ice age. Scary stuff. Someone you send Greta this chart, that is if she makes it back to school and gets to learnin.

  4. Does she see dead people,as well?

  5. And I have the ability to smell a rat when I see one Greta

  6. When I read what the mama tells the “faithful” of this planet I have to smile.

    Mama Malena Ernman is an artist. This IMO dreamer imagines thanks to the climate change play have her bankaccount growing exponentially, so fast that at the end of the day she finally will be filthy rich.

    Poor Greta being so terribly misused by the instagators of this hoax.
    I hope the girl will not be “damaged” for the rest of her live by her organizers of this big money making hoax.

  7. i can see bullshit particles floating in the air, they are tiny and colorful, mostly brown-hued, in shape of a six-pointed star, they are so thick in the west that i needed to move to asia in order to be able to breathe.

  8. Yeah and I can see my own farts!