Why we can’t ignore the case of Jessica Yaniv

Brendan O’Neill – The Spectator July 22, 2019

In Canada right now, a group of female workers, at least one of whom is a migrant, are coming under attack. One has already lost her job. The others fear losing their jobs too. And yet the leftish types who’d normally yell and tweet their backing for such marginalised workers haven’t raised a peep of concern. The Guardian is schtum. The Twitterati hasn’t stirred. The BBC looks the other way.

Why? Because the person confronting these women and putting their livelihoods into jeopardy is transgender. And as we know, criticising trans people is tantamount to blasphemy in the woke era.

This is the case of Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan Yaniv, who has filed 16 complaints with the human rights tribunal in British Columbia against female beauticians who refused to provide her/ him with an intimate wax. These are waxers who only tend to women. Whose expertise is in the waxing of women’s intimate areas. And whose preference is to wax women, not men. So when a person who has a penis and testicles, as Yaniv does, comes along and says ‘wax me’, they understandably said no.

Well, it would have been understandable in any other time in human history. But in our increasingly weird era of genderfluidity and trans agitation, where you can become a woman simply by declaring yourself a woman, these female workers’ refusal to wax Yaniv isn’t understandable at all, apparently. It’s transphobic. It’s hateful. It’s an assault on human rights, no less. That, at least, is what Yaniv is arguing.

Let’s put this into perspective: women are having action taken against them because they refused to touch a penis and testicles. So warped has the language of rights become, in particular transgender rights, that a born male can take action against women because they refused to wax him.

It is perverse. In a normal world, it would be the fundamental right of all women not to have to go anywhere near a penis, unless of course they wanted to. But in our woke world of casual sex-switching and identitarian entitlement, we have the deranged situation where a born male can claim to be the humiliated victim because a group of women wouldn’t let him come into their home, take off his clothes, and air his genitals for a waxing.

Yes, some of the women who have been targeted by Yaniv work from home. One, Marcia De Silva, has had had to close down her home-based personal business as a result of the stress of the Yaniv case. A legal representative of the women said some have been made ‘depressed, anxious [and] sleepless’ by the human-rights action. These are women who were simply trying to make a living from providing services to other women, and yet now they find themselves whispered about as phobic and hateful.

This strange case raises so many questions. Is there a human right to have your balls waxed? Is it really an assault on human rights if a woman says, ‘I don’t want to wax your genital area’? Surely the discrimination is against the women themselves, who are being dragged into a public human-rights procedure simply for asserting their basic right not to have strange men — biological men! — in their homes

But perhaps the most pressing question raised by this case — a question so few woke warriors and identitarian leftists want to address — is this: just because someone says they are a woman, does that make them a woman?

This lies at the heart of this case. Even some pro-trans people will no doubt argue that Yaniv’s case is frivolous and that most transgender people don’t go around demanding waxes from people who don’t want to wax them.

That is true. But while Yaniv’s human-rights action might be eccentric, it also entirely follows the logic, the central logic, of the transgender ideology. Which is that you can be any sex you want. You can self-ID however you like. Feel like a woman? Then you’re a woman. And anyone who says you aren’t is a bigoted, disgusting spouter of hate.

This is at the core of the trans ideology. And it explains why so few media outlets are commenting on the British Columbia case — because they instinctively know it represents the warped but logical endpoint of that ideology.

Jessica Yaniv is a woman, right? And anyone who says Jessica Yaniv is not a woman is bigot, yes? It therefore follows that female beauticians must wax Jessica Yaniv in the same way they would wax other women, even though Yaniv has a penis rather than a vagina.

We can’t ignore this case. It raises fundamental issues about women’s rights, about how transgenderism threatens women’s rights, about the reality of sex, and about reason itself.

It boils down to this: is Jessica Yaniv a woman? Really? I say no, he isn’t. He’s a man. And therefore he has no right to access services or spaces that are reserved for women.


6 responses to “Why we can’t ignore the case of Jessica Yaniv”

  1. The answer is simple if the Trans person wants an intimate wax from a woman, then she should have full re-assignment surgery before she makes an appointment. Otherwise she isnt fully Trans. Maybe the law should make the distinction of a self identified Trans and a full Trans.

  2. Sounds like more activists out to stir up trouble; much like the bakery that refused to decorate a cake emblazoned to celebrate a gay marriage…


  3. Funny world you mean if this case goes yniv way we can all go get a wax lol. I should get charged less because I have a handle that they can hold makes the job easier during the waxing process never laughed as much as today.

  4. The initiators of this garbage are the psychologists and the corrupted judiciary because they insist on the line that if you feel to be of different sex of what nature assigned to you, then you are of that sex . The psychologists insist in suggesting drugs to help minors change sex and often the parents are not even informed . That in my view should not be allowed until the person reaches the age of consent .
    All of these events and the case of tennis players that pretend to be females bring disrepute to the society . I think were are witnessing the destruction of the western civilization sponsored by the usual tribe and the usual suspects .
    Listen to this video at the 5th minute http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=196091

  5. The solution would be for “her” to find another guy who says he’s a woman to wax “her”.

    There, fixed it.


  6. Look…..

    Let’s get something straight here (pun intended). Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv IS NOT a female, but a male pederast who decided to become a member of the untouchable LGBTQ+ class within society, albeit adopting the transvestite persona, in order to target young girls for his perverted fantasies.
    All one has to do is search Jessica Yaniv online to find link after link of his ‘adventures’, very much exposing him for what he really is – a sexual predator.

    I have NO sympathy for these women. Why? Because this whole mess has been propagated, overwhelmingly, by women. Their ‘getting in touch with the feminine side’ crap, they’ve been indoctrinating men into believing; their emotional arguments and other BS that they promote created the LGBTQ+ monster and now they’re beginning to realise they’ve created something that they have absolutely no control over.
    In fact, I just sit and laugh at it. Why? Because I’m watching the meltdown happen as the left ‘eats itself’.I’ve seen videos on YT of transgender women (male to female), patrolling beaches in the US, chatting up heterosexual men and then castigating them, calling them transphobic, prejudiced and hatemongers, because they won’t date them. This is a case of homosexual males, who like to look like females trying to bring about the hate crime that heterosexual males are criminals because they won’t have sexual relations with homosexual men. You really can’t make this sh*t up. It’s like out of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I’m watching a huge rift appear between the bra burning, Millie Tant, feminist, lesbians, fighting back against the transgender community, angry that they’re being called transphobic because they won’t have sex with transgender male to females, who still have all the parts – ROTFLMFAO!!!

    But you see this is the left. It is essentially a pre-pubescent child, utterly clueless, ignorant and stupid on reality who thinks it knows it all. They shut down many mental health institutions on purpose. They were about to let them all loose on the public as the LGBTQ+ community.