Extinction Rebellion: Loving Animals to Death

Will anarchist extremists save the world from destruction
through organised chaos and compulsory veganism?

By Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon Oct 14, 2019

“First the eco warriors shut down British cities,” the Daily Mail screams in a recent report. “Now their militant vegan wing—with close links to the RSPCA—are opening a new battle front to stop us eating meat, fish and dairy products.” (October 5, 2019, p. 20-21).
Britain’s most popular newspaper, the Daily Mail, whose special appeal is to the older generation of respectable middle class citizens, waxes eloquent in deploring the imminent doom of the Carnivorous Generation.
No more slaughter houses, those architectural gems hidden away from all human habitations! No more friendly family butchers, porcine and pink-cheeked,  in their spotless white aprons! No more picturesque street sellers flogging us sizzling hamburgers, hot dogs bursting with health, and steak-and-kidney pies oozing with pure goodness!
A dying generation of noble carnivores is being kicked into the long grass. So sad. The Carnivore Haters appear to have won the long battle. Over 200 years ago (in 1813) we have the vegetarian poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, pictured,  complaining, “It is only by softening and disguising dead flesh by culinary preparation that it is rendered susceptible of mastication or digestion; and [for this reason] the sight of its bloody juices and raw horror does not excite intolerable loathing and disgust.”
Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, would agree with the great English poet, who died, incidentally,  at the early age of 29 in a drowning accident and who subsisted almost entirely on bread and water.  Ms Newkirk advises—and her advice would have delighted the veggie poet, “Recognize meat for what is really is: the antibiotic and pesticide laden corpse of a tortured animal.”
The Daily Mail will have none of this soppy sentimentality.
“Lovers of bacon butties, breakfast yoghurt, milky coffee and juicy steaks might consider all this to be dystopian science fiction,” the paper warns grimly, “but the plan is deadly serious
Extinction Rebellion intends to bring London to its knees within the next fortnight by staging scantily clad demonstrations. In pursuit of their evil aims, the semi-naked fanatics (pictured) of Extinction Rebellion are prepared to get arrested. 20,000 activists, it is reported, are on the march, flashing their brazen tattoos. They are prepared to go to prison and fast to death, if anyone in the prison service should be tactless enough to offer them a bacon sandwich or fried egg on toast  for breakfast.
All fast food outlets, beginning with McDonalds, should be bombed or burnt to the ground at once. And replaced with open green spaces sparkling with rivers of mineral water imported from Greenland. Fountains of soy and almond milk should be dotted round the idyllic landscape. No more dark Satanic mills! And shrines should be built everywhere to the Great God Quorn—with altars piled high with tofu, tahini, vegan fudge, veggie burgers, and Chinese noodles fried in virgin olive oil.
Pardon my flight of fancy.
To summarise: Animal Rebellion, an extremist faction of Extinction Rebellion, wants all animal farming and fishing banned. It also plans to “occupy” both Smithfield and Billingsgate markets, from which many of London’s restaurants and takeaways source their meat and fish.
Policing the last ‘Rebellion’ in April cost the Metropolitan Police £16 million. “For a blockade or an obstruction of the highway, the police can only hold you for 24 hours,”  Jane Tredgett, the spokesperson for the group explained.  Jane, as you might expect, is “woke”.
Unlike the bulk of the population, the carnivorous majority are now seen as the Enemies of Mankind. As minions of Satan who need to be ground up in mincing machines. And fed to the sharks.
‘They’re going to put you away for a maximum of 24 hours,” Ms Tredgett explains helpfully to her followers. “Then [they will] release you. It will go to court several months later. Usually, you’ll get a couple of hundred pounds in fines and a smack on the wrist.”
So that’s all right then.
Sipping cups of organic tea—laced with sexy soy milk—the vegan activists in Newcastle sat through a lengthy presentation by Ms Tredgett (pictured here) on the “urgent” need for government bans on animal farming and fishing.
Her talk culminated in a minute’s silence for a beef cow called Hero who has now entered legend.
Hero became instantly famous last year when she hit the headlines.
After escaping from a Polish abattoir, “Hero Cow” (as she is now known in Poland)  managed to launch a plucky resistance movement against her cruel human tormentors. Swimming heroically over rushing rivers and taking refuge in the most unlikely places, Hero was the talk of the vegan community for the next four weeks.  But it was a losing battle for the plucky bovine beauty (pictured here).
Hero finally died of stress or a heart attack—after being bombarded with tranquillizer darts by her kindly human “rescuers”.
Hero Cow (pictured here) has now entered the pantheon of Feminist Martyrs. Had Hero been a bull—a hated chauvinist of patriarchal provenance—he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Belonging as she does to the eternally oppressed and persecuted female sex, Hero’s fame is now guaranteed. She is first feminist martyr of the bovine species!
—   §   —
One of the principal beliefs of the Animal Extinction brigade is that meat and fish products leave a greater carbon footprint than vegetables. Eating meat produces more greenhouse gases. Moreover cows produce an enormous amount of methane every time they pass wind. Which, according to one of my learned informants, is tiresomely frequent. They are among the world’s most efficient producers of flatulence. So they need to be phased out of existence pronto.
Veganism is the only way, it is argued, to prevent environmental catastrophe and save the planet.
This view has gained momentum ever since Cambridge University removed beef and lamb from its menus in 2016. The boffins of Britain’s second most prestigious university appear to be on the side of the vegan zealots.
The Daily Mail reports:
Animal Rebellion compares its efforts to ban meat, fish and dairy products (plus, one must assume, leather) to the 19th-century campaign against slavery. They say they are following in the footsteps of a long list of people including Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. One of Animal Rebellion’s most oft-repeated slogans is: “Kill capitalism, not animals”.
According to the Mail, other key figures in Animal Extinction’s campaign for compulsory veganism are Roger Hallam, a veteran political activist recently in custody over an alleged plot to use drones to disrupt Heathrow airport. Then there is Tim Speers, a 33-year-old Londoner arrested a few days ago while filming himself spray-painting this alarmist slogan on the walls of the Old Bailey:


Finally, there is the formidable Jane Tredgett, already mentioned above. Aged 52, Jane has had a seat on the RSPCA’s ruling council for 18 years. She is an important person who wields enormous influence over various groups and splinter groups, all deeply concerned with two vital issues: animal welfare and the looming environmental catastrophe from the plastic pollution of the world’s oceans.
It is in our own interests, Jane Tredgett argues convincingly, that we should stop caging animals in cruel conditions and slaughtering them without mercy.
It is in our own interests to stop eating their flesh and drinking their blood, which is what we do every time we have a hamburger.
Given the close kinship between man and beast, eating these helpless creatures is indefensible. It is almost akin to cannibalism, it is often averred with a passion verging on hysteria. After all, would you eat your own dog? Would you roast your own pet in the oven and serve it up for dinner? Doesn’t the very idea give you the creeps? So how on earth can you be so heartlessly cruel and feast on the flesh of an innocent cow?
Yes, that’s how it is. Passions run high. It is not my intention to ridicule these activists but to understand them. It is my theory that there has been a recent upward spike in human sensitivity. In the ability to empathise with the lower animals and feel their pain.  There is now the compulsion  to defend innocent creatures in the same way as a good mother springs to the defence of her baby when it comes under attack.
I could be wrong. I probably am. But I refuse to brand every animal rights activist a raving lunatic. I’ll leave that to the Daily Mail.
Let me end with a moving story.
“How would you feel,” I was asked recently by a beautiful vegan poetess in a pub, “if invaders from Outer Space landed on Planet Earth and put all us human beings into cages?  Say they then decided to slaughter us in cold blood and turn us all into sausages and hamburgers? Would you like that?”
I was impressed not only by her willowy and ethereal beauty but by the burning sincerity with which she spoke.
The young man who sat next to me in the pub was amused. He stretched his long legs, sniggered, and drawled flirtatiously: “I wouldn’t mind at all, provided my killer is as beautiful as you!”
The beautiful poetess burst into tears.
“You poor little bastard.” she sobbed. “You don’t deserve to live!”
The Daily Mail, crude and insensitive as ever, concluded its report with these flippant words:
“So as thousands of angry protesters once more descend on London, we should be in no doubt: these people are coming for our Sunday roast.”


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

6 responses to “Extinction Rebellion: Loving Animals to Death”

  1. I find it very strange that many of these protesters have dogs!!!! the supermarket is full of dog and cat food in tins and plastic bags full of dried biscuits. It takes a lot of energy to produce these products so it would be a good idea to get rid of these domestic animals first as some of them serve no purpose at all. The poor creatures are locked away in flats and houses with no garden to run around in plus their poo has to be binned somewhere. I am sure there would be an outcry from many but seriously …get real.

  2. As the population goes up and the value of the paper money goes down an inevitable trend emerges – the poor can no longer afford meat products. The reason may be the energy equation, animals must eat 14-24 pounds of plant to make a pound of meat.

    You may have heard a rule-of-thumb is that it takes 1.5 to 2 acres to feed a cow calf pair for 12 months. You can feed a family of 5 on 2 acres. Plants are more energy efficient.

    First they couldn’t afford the prime cuts of beef, then they were reduced in real income to only affording chicken and the turkey, then the veggie burgers and the tofurkey. Yummmm. Soon they ate only plants and held up their austerity as a superior lifestyle, called it a fancy name like veganism at peak prices in the Grand Supercycle.

    Then the financial crash came and evaporated whatever meager savings they had left they were forced to eat each other.

    Down in Haiti they eat the mud cookies, flour mixed with mud and dried on the pavement has become a staple for the poor:

    “Mud cookies are all the rage in Haiti today—a rage sparked by soaring food prices. The cookies, a traditional remedy for hunger pangs and a source of calcium for pregnant women, have become a staple because food is simply unaffordable for impoverished Haitians.”

    The rich who are getting trillions of free money from the Fed bailouts are jet setting and yachting eating caviar and attending Satanic rituals at Bohemian Grove or lecturing us the dangers of carbon dioxide.

    When will the poor storm the Bastille?

  3. 90% of the ‘sheeple’ think Extinction Rebellion are nutters. disagree with the comment above. As the world’s population becomes better off, meat consumption is surging, such as China. This growth in meat consumption is nowhere near its peak. Don’t get sucked in by the city masses who don’t know what a days work is… they think work is a workout at the gym while they slut themselves in lycra. Let’s remember that Gillian Bradbury who is an ER leader but never mentioned by the fake news media, is linked to No10.

  4. There is no extremity within anarchy. Anarchy simply is without rule/rulers. Therefore when someone who professes to be an anarchist starts enforcing how we should live, what we should eat etc, they instantly stop being anarchists. This epitomizes the oxymoron of left, wing anarchy. You’ve heard of champagne socialists, well this is no different. Extinction rebellion is overwhelmingly being run, funded and controlled by the upper classes – the establishment.
    There are two distinct types of anarchists – the faux, left wing, ‘crusty’, hippy, dread-headed, bum who essentially doesn’t want to work and provide for themself, but wants to pilfer off the state and have an open border, ‘let’s all get high’ love-in, enforcing their eco-warrior BS upon society……..and there are the true, right wing, anarchists, who wish to live as free men and women, with no state, no government, no aristocracy or warlord, to impose their will upon them, who wish to form a society, where people farm the land, raise their family, exist in peace along side one another and living by their culture and traditional ways.

    This is why the Jews do their best to promote anarchy as a post, apocalyptic, cannibal, zombie infested hellhole, because as the parasites they are, they simply couldn’t exist, in a society they couldn’t control. You cannot enforce your authority upon a people who do not accept authority in any way, shape, or form.

  5. What do these demented, Soros-funded ZOMBIES think will happen to their beloved animals if we stop eating them?

    Do they think our countries will become more like India, with the gates opened and sheep, cows, pigs, chicken and other currently-farmed animals released to roam the world to their hearts’ content?

    I’ve got news for you vegans. Quite apart from the fact that a vegan diet is unhealthy and unsustainable long-term, animals that are no longer considered to have a monetary value will be “put down”, a euphemism for KILLED. Is that what you want? A world practically devoid of animal life?

    I can understand those few of you who genuinely care for animals, but the Human digestive system can’t function properly without meat. Being an animal lover myself, I hate it too, but we can’t deny biology forever. Humans are omnivores, not herbivores.

    You need to look too at the nonsense of Carbon Dioxide being a pollutant. This LIE could not be farther from the truth. All life on Earth is Carbon-based, and without it there would be NO life at all. No plants, no animals, nothing.

  6. They can issue these demands that are guaranteed to provoke but can you imagine a world where farming meat was halted? People would simply take up hunting and meat would be an unregulated black market industry. The threat of extinction of various wild animals would rise as a result.
    Question, if farmed animals produce harmful gases ( methane I presume) as a result of vegetable diets what do you think humans would produce if they had to subsist the same way? Feed me a plate of baked beans then sit with me for a few hours and I will destroy your environment!
    I would guess that the Extinction Rebellion protesters are a mix of people genuinely concerned, quite a few brainwashed idiots and radical groups (nothing new there) hell bent on pushing their agenda on behalf of some unseen puppetmaster. It’s another attempt to bully society into giving up their freedoms to live a life of slavery. Rather like farmed animals in fact.
    What next for humans? A use by date? Compulsory death by 50?