BBC: Its Important to Let Climate Worriers Talk About Murdering Their Own Children

Guest Essay by Eric Worrall – What’s Up With That? Oct 13, 2019

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h/t Dr. Willie Soon; According to experts interviewed by the BBC, its important to provide parents worried about eco-doom with a safe space to talk about their darkest thoughts, even thoughts about murdering their children, otherwise they just bottle up these feelings and repress them.

The harm from worrying about climate change

By Christine Ro – BBC 10th October 2019

Worry about climate change is affecting more people as global warming becomes more apparent around the world. But there is a solution that can help improve this anxiety and slow climate breakdown at the same time, writes Christine Ro.

In one study of a programme called Carbon Conversations, which involves group discussion and activity to reduce climate impacts, half of participants said that the programme helped them face their worries about climate change. And greater emotional engagement was associated with more change in habits. This showed the linked benefits of feeling part of a community, reckoning with difficult feelings, and taking constructive measures.

This kind of research has been put into practice at New York University’s Environmental Health Clinic, which prescribes climate-friendly actions and group activities to its visitors. “There’s less space for anxiety emotionally when you take practical steps,” Hickman notes.

This is true even for extreme feelings. Hickman has counselled parents who fantasise about killing their children, out of fear of the climate-ravaged future. But she calmly points out that history is rife with examples of parents preparing to end their children’s lives in order to protect them. “If we disallow those feelings, we’re just driving them back into the unconscious,” Hickman argues.

The parents who confess these dark thoughts to her aren’t actually going to act on them, she believes, and it’s important for them to have a safe, shame-free mental space to express the depth of their anxiety. Psychotherapy and other psychology tools can help people become more comfortable with the uncertainty that is inevitable when it comes to climate change.

“One of the routes through the anxiety is to engage with your grief and your sense of loss,” Hickman says.

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History has plenty of examples of people who believed in crazy actually acting out their nightmares, like the Jonestown mass suicide, in which 605 adults fed cyanide to 304 children and then themselves, so I’m not sure I share Hickman’s optimism that the climate worrier parents he treats will never act on their murderous impulses.

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5 responses to “BBC: Its Important to Let Climate Worriers Talk About Murdering Their Own Children”

  1. Big Bullshit. Channel
    Being saying this for 20yrs heaven help the children especially as most parents haven’t a clue

  2. Then leave it don’t don’t be so politically correct as your going down the same path as the rest of powers that be tell you to go

  3. Greta C. Change on steroids?
    We have to be very vigilant for it seems parts of societies in the world are mentally so weak or made weak that again some governments are so friendly and supportive giving them “the Hans & Gretle” treatment.

    The “Hans & Gretle” treatment?
    Is making people weak and vulnerable then they are much easier to manipulate.

    This is part of the next phase in destructing the planet and its inhabitants.
    The Climate Change Religion. A hoax.

  4. How myth is used to control the masses.

    Back in Jesus time, the priests had the peasants worried about their fate in the afterlife, because they were able to convince them of “original sin”. For thousands of years the myth kept the little people in line, and they paid church officials for deliverance from hell. It was a successful scam, that after 2000 years, still hold many in bondage.

    Sin was a non-issue just like carbon dioxide. Fear of climate change from CO2 is exactly the same guilt tripping as sin, except this time the new priest is Al Gore and his pseudoscience of carbon dioxide driven warming is the new sin. Fear of “climate change” is the same as fear of eternal damnation.

    It never dawned on billions of people that sin was invented by the priest. It was a myth-meme spell put on their mind, totally unreal and without basis. Without sin the entire theological construct falls apart, if there was no sin you didn’t need salvation or to tithe the church.

    The same is true for climate change, a new myth-meme based on the idea that humans were causing Global Warming because of CO2 output. The fact that CO2 is a trace gas with little to no effect on the weather – except increased concentrations are greatly beneficial to plants – is disregarded and ignored because the myth has now been animated in the minds of the believers and no amount of freezing cold will change their minds.

    No respect for facts or evidence matters with religion, the belief is held up as superior to reason – which is the workings of the devil. Solar minima and ice age weather will do nothing to these eco-saving-converts, they will say global warming caused the cold.

  5. The BBC wanted a childrens ambassador for childrens TV
    guess who they chose ?
    Boy George the pervert singer
    He walking into the BBC studio and a camera man was disciplined for saying
    ” look at that mad screaming bender ”
    george almost cried his eyes out.
    It was only Boy george and another man kidnapping a young boy tying him up beating him and raping him that made the BBC pull out of making him ambassador.You just cannot get more sick that this