Dawabsheh Mass Murderer, Elisha Odess, to Join IDF

Richard Silverstein – Tikun Olam Oct 13, 2019

American-born settler terrorist, Elisha Odess, whose murder conviction was overturned and who now prepares to enlist in the IDF. Click to enlarge

The Israeli settler terror cell which murdered the Dawabsheh family and left an 18-month-old baby an orphan, was never fully prosecuted for its heinous crime.  Only one member of the group was ever convicted.  Two of the others had confessions overturned because the Shabak allegedly tortured them.  One of the cell members, Israel Keller, was likely a Shabak informant (code-named, “The Rebellion”) who betrayed his handler and permitted the crime to go forward.

Israeli-American Elisha Odess, whose confession was disqualified by an Israeli court, has still not been convicted for his crime, though the legal case continues.  Yediot reports that he now will be joining the IDF.  There he can put all the skills he learned plotting to burn the Dawabsheh family to death to work on behalf of the Israeli state and in service to its military.

Imagine a similar circumstance in which an American white supremacist burns down a synagogue killing Jews, then has his conviction overturned on a technicality, and proceeds to enlist in the U.S. Army.  That’s the situation we face with Odess marching around in uniform holding the same murderous views he held when he was merely a boy terrorist.

It offers further proof that there is no difference between the settler terrorists and the Israeli army itself, which harbors tens of thousands of soldiers holding the same views and implementing them through mass violence, up to and including murder.

Ahmed Dawabsheh

Ahmed Dawabsheh, Palestinian orphan whose family was murdered by Elisha Odess and his settler terror cell

It’s painfully ironic that two of the killers got off after the Supreme Court, bowing to pressure from the settler movement, ruled that confessions of Jews obtained by torture are inadmissible.  While torture of Palestinians resulting in similar confessions are fully acceptable under the Israeli “justice” system.  In fact, the most recent example of this is the near-murder of Samer al-Arbid by Shabak goon interrogators under the command of female unit head, “Nurit.’

Another irony is that Israeli media may not report Odess’ name because he became a murderer at the tender age of 16 (some reports say 17), which shields him from exposure.  That didn’t help the 13-year-old Palestinian boy, Ahmad Manasra, who was beaten to within an inch of his life, then brought to Hadassah hospital where he was chained to his bed, and paraded before the Israeli media who spread his picture over the front pages of all the Israeli papers.  The foreign ministry even did a media slideshow to highlight how nicely Israel treats its would-be Arab child “terrorists.”  Though a minor and subject to much lesser charges than as an adult for his failed attempt to attack an Israeli Jewish boy on a bicycle, he was sentenced to years in jail.  Israel’s justice system paid no attention to his status as a minor.

Rule of law? Rights of the accused? Due process? Democracy?  All that falls by the wayside when the suspect is Palestinian.

Odess is one of the hundreds of thousands of American Jewish families which made aliyah and brought their racist, Judean supremacist views to settler-land.  They are the vanguard of Israeli hate and racism.  I view them as something like the Hitler Youth.  Their passion and “idealism” for the cause fuel much of the worst violence and mayhem in the settler movement.

For this, we have only to thank all those Brooklyn Jewish Orthodox families who turned Israel into the cesspool of religious supremacism it has become.  It represents the ultimate triumph of Meir Kahane and all he represented.  He is certainly smiling up at his hasidim from the honored spot in which he is ensconced in Gehinom (“Hell”).  He is Satan’s partner down there ably assisted by that other notorious American-Israeli settler mass murderer, Baruch Goldstein.

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