Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?

Nowhere News – April 1, 2019

This is part 1 of a series of articles entitled ‘Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
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1) Introduction:­ Some Inconvenient Truths about Extinction Rebellion and the Climate Mobilisation movement
2) Political Charities and the Brave New World of Professional Activism
3) Green Gail and the Technocratic Industrialists: Citizens Online’s Digitopian Nightmare
4) Extinction Rebellion and the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
5) #XRSpaceJunk 5G & Citizens Online: Industry Agents, Digital Acolytes and State Agitators

Introducing Gail Bradbrook, professional activist

In order to understand an organisation or entity, one must first come to an understanding of its founders. Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, along with Julian ‘Roger’ Hallam, appear to be the two primary instigators of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement.

The following is an investigation into Bradbrook, her background, professional associations, ideology and influences.

Gail and the other budding public figures involved in XR have chosen to enter the public eye by asking millions of people to stand with them in a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, aimed at making profound changes to an economic and political system which millions of people rely on to stay warm, and obtain basic things like food and water. Due to the serious nature of the changes they are proposing (albeit without mentioning that they’re all taken straight from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals [1]), they should welcome criticism and scrutiny of their activities. If they are sincere, they should demonstrate integrity, and not dismiss dissenting voices, but instead engage openly with people who question their motives and stated objectives.

The Mother of Extinction

Often called “the Mother” by members of Extinction Rebellion, Gail is a molecular biophysicist by training, though she hasn’t worked in that capacity for quite some time. Not long after finishing her post-doctoral research into ‘protein saccharide interactions’, she became a consultant for several ‘political charities’ and has, for the past 18 years worked exclusively as a professional campaigner – a role which, during a talk at Off-Grid Festival, she admits is “mostly about securing your own pay-check.[2]

Gail epitomises the new generation of ‘professional activists’, having positioned herself at the epicentre of the revolving door between big business, government bureaucracies and establishment-friendly NGOs, campaign groups and charitable organisations, all of which increasingly function as the public face of international corporate and financial power.

Acting through proxy organisations permits these forces to obscure the fact that government policies are being swayed by corporate entities that fund entire networks of charities and non-governmental organisations to interact with government on their behalf. NGOs and charities tend to be seen as more caring and less corrupt than their corporate sponsors; and are presented as such in the media, even when their staff and financials reveal them to be entirely monetarily dependent on the corporate entities and supranational bureaucracies that they covertly campaign on behalf of. There appears to be no remedy or legal redress we can use to reveal the true nature of these NGOs and charities, or hold them to even the most basic ethical and moral standards.

As described in our introduction, corporate entities have previously paid firms such as Stratfor to disrupt and neutralise inconvenient campaign groups. It would seem that in recent years they’ve increasingly taken to the expedient of simply funding the ‘right ones’ into existence in the first place, and then nudging less amenable competitors out from (as they no doubt see it) the ‘marketplace’ of causes. Worse still, these ostensibly ‘independent’ NGOs, charities and professional ‘campaign groups’ are increasingly tasked with stewarding government policy and objectives.

It is unclear precisely when, or more importantly how Gail transitioned from molecular biophysicist to collecting causes like a declining civilisation accumulates laws; but what we do know is that for the past two decades, she has been a favoured ‘activist’ of the British State, at least when it comes to their ‘digital inclusion’ and ‘universal internet access’ agendas. These euphemisms today refer to the 5G / Internet of Things roll-out; aimed at making sure that absolutely everybody, without exception, gets plugged-in to the emerging smart-grid, which incorporates both military hardware – used for crowd control [3], as well as psychological operations[4] with next-generation mind-control, surveillance and communications systems [5]. In other words, a full-spectrum cybernetic control apparatus which “if fully exploited could make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a benevolent utopia” (-William Burroughs, Limits of Control [6]).

The 5G network is primary to this apparatus, an essential component for the ‘scientific management’ global society; as envisioned and now being assembled all around us by an international oligarchy of techno-industrial and financial elites – the very same people who stand behind the UN [7], and are positioned to become its beneficiaries.

-Gail Bradbrook; taken from the same speech as her ‘secret agents’ quote.
Still available (at the time of writing) on the IPPR’s website, here.

As well as having the ear of government, many of the directors and trustees of Gail’s Citizens Online charity just so happen to be people whose companies stand to make an absolute killing from the 5G roll-out – which is covertly promoted by Extinction Rebellion, due to its coming under the auspices of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (the current rebranding of Agenda 21), which is most often referred to with deceptive simplicity, as ‘Sustainable Development’ [SD]. Indeed, the smart grid / 5G infrastructure roll-out and the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) are entirely inseparable.

[SD] When you hear governments or NGOs use the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’, they do not simply mean development that is sustainable – they are, in fact, referring to a very specific series of policy documents, all of which were designed by the United Nations. Climate policies are one aspect of the UN’s SD goals.


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3 responses to “Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?”

  1. Yupp.. We have to get back to the Paleolithic Age, to save Mother Gaia !
    & I mean, only you the serfs & the great unwashed ?

  2. Continue link no good, won’t let me scroll to read it but that’s no worries I understand the centralizing of sustainable development very well. From depop to making some rich.
    What’s the bet those same industrialists have put bets on her life expectancy and insured it.
    They’ll make more just on her death than she ever made from them we can guarantee that.
    Stupid vacca, Not only did she place herself a target for them, she is now is a target of ours. Her Kurd time will come.
    Dreaming like a two legged lab rat not interested in their distractions, bread and circuses and hip supposed culture to take this one link of the chain could set them back a few decades.
    Some are trying to show them we know the game and the consequences for them if they win or lose. When given no room they fold every time. They simply don’t understand common man in any way shape or form and their distance could be their undoing.
    This isn’t going to be a cake walk for them no matter how much they double down.
    To place paid operatives to subvert government is a joke when corporations go to the government anyway, we understand fascism well and its deceitful ways.
    If sustainable development bypasses the government’s that support it and is implemented through local councils then extinction rebellion really isn’t needed but so government can say we heard the people.
    Under 5G all data collected will go through Israel before it even gets to our governments.
    The Chinese have placed no back doors for Israeli access to their system it is the most secure.
    They have also openly rejected sustainable development in western UN terms and have a sustainable development program of their own so has the non aligned nations.
    Like all good bloat fish I don’t think western industrialists can sustain sustainable development.

  3. The ‘Continue…’ link works. It will take you through to the original source of the article. Ed.