PG&Egate: Nearly 2.5 Million Californians Without Power—Why & Who did it?

State Of the Nations – Oct 12, 2019

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  1. “The big one is coming!!
    The big one is coming!!”

    Oh, by the way, we have some ammmaaaaaayzing food at discount prices if you act now and buy. Limited time only!

    “What in God’s green Earth is coming to California?!” says the amTV man.

    The American government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world therefore, more terror is what has come and what is coming to California.

    “These people in power…they can’t be trusted.” he says.

    “So pray for the President.” ?!

    No thanks, not me.

    The “President” has been given powers to do anything he decides to do thanks to the Patriot Act, the NDAA act and other draconian fascist acts and “laws” they’ve imposed since 9-11, the Mother of All Hoaxes (MOAH).

    Yes, the GREAT hypocrite-in-chief, the BLOTUS, has the legal permission to confiscate (steal) all your belongings including your food, weapons, ammunition (slingshots and pea-shooters in my case) and living necessities. The new King Cyrus of israHell is also a fervent advocate of 5G, even 6G… Under President Bullshit’s so-called administration,
    big tech companies (part of the military industrial compost) are allowed to censor the
    truth on an industrial scale and promote bullshit on an even GREATER scale.

    The GREAT BLOTUS has the “legal” power to assassinate anybody anywhere in the world. Who else has given itself that right?

    israHell, of course.

    Why Israel’s — and America’s — Legal Justifications for Assassinations Don’t
    Add Up – Murtaza Hussain

    In case you didn’t know or may have forgotten, the zewish state made assassination legal for them anywhere in the world. They had been doing it before, they just decided to make it “legal”…(for them). Thanks to that wonderful gift that keeps on giving: 9/11.

    Americans should hope for a Russian invasion as the Russians seem more intelligent than the Americans have become, especially their criminally insane “government”, obviously.
    If a higher intelligence doesn’t take over the US, there will be a war anyway: instead of going after their own government as they should (so obviously justifiable in California), Americans will be participating in the GREAT WAR between the Shitheads and the Dumbasses: indoctrinated fanatics fighting each other over which bunch of lying politicians and fake messiahs to believe in.

    The future’s so bright, I got to wear shades.

    Kalifoni Yuga Monsters on Display
    You Did It! | No Time for Accountability Press Conference

    The Kalifoni Yuga Monsters are such a fine bunch of cannibals… Their masters in the District of Criminals, the Vatican and the Citi of London must be so proud of them. I can’t wait for Groveler Jerky Brown to be knighted by her Majesty the Queen of Psychopaths.


    P.S.: Some say what can we do? Here’s an answer:
    “Every Rothschild, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM, needs to be impoverished, stripped naked, dragged through the streets by their ankles, vigorously horse-whipped, and forced to live in wretched, soul-crushing poverty for some time. They should then be vigorously horse-whipped again, rolled in pig shit, then nailed to rails and floated out to sea. Same with the heads of all the criminal “central banks”, the most vicious scam ever shoved down the throats of good working people.”

    – Umbra Bellator

  2. A rather cogent Christopher Greene video. The commie invasion via containers was the rage conspiracy 10 years ago. He brings up good points, like capitalist Amerika is up for sale, want to buy our container port? How much you got? Everything is for sale by the gringos who want to make a buck:

    Pebble Beach Golf Course was sold to the Japanese company for record amount that was resold at a loss:

    “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” ― Vladimir Lenin

    Why haven’t the terrorist reeked havoc via Amerika’s soft underbelly? Because, Virginia, we are the terrorists. The rest of the world wants to join Amerika prosperity, not attack us. The Zionist controlled United States is cojoined with Israel as the world’s terrorist.


    I have long argued that Amerika was wide open to terrorism. If 50 million fat mexicans can waddle across the border, what is to stop trained state special forces (paid mercanaries) from coming in and taking down the grid? Who is protecting all the capitalist infrastructure? Not even a security guard.

    Who is protecting the electrical power substations? How long does it take to replace those transformers? How many of those transformers are in reserve? How easy it to disable a transformer if the cooling fins are damaged?

    There are hundreds of miles of natural gas and gasoline, oil pipelines completely unprotected and the maps are on Google!

    Interactive map of pipelines in the United States

    Why has no state actor come into Amerika and fuck it over because of what we did to them? Are they that stupid? If an imperial power came into your nation and leveled it you’d think their would be some patriots of that nation over here doing tit for tat.

    We have leveled Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, yet no blowback. That is a big mystery to me.

    As far as the container threat, Mark Glenn was the only writer that pointed out that Israel could use a shipping container as a “diplomatic pouch” and bring nukes into the United States legally. No fancy delivery system needed. Nukes could be prepositioned in homes in major western cities, and all done legally under the law.

    Seattle false flag? Nuke in Israeli shipping container? Do you have faith in your elected whore senators who slavishly lick the boots of AIPAC?

    Israel is also developing missile systems that are inside shipping containers.

    One final note. Preppers are the new geniuses. Those people who move off-grid and dig in will be the survivors of the upcoming storm when the grid goes down. Fire proof underground homes and self generated power is the new norm.

  3. On the subject of fear mongering, Deborah Tavares talks about the dangers of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and its vulnerability to earthquakes. This NPP is owned and operated by Rothschild’s Pacific Gas and Electric. The Rothschildren own all the California utilities…

    The Plan to USE nuclear plants, Worldwide, as Weapons of War

    Rothschild – EARTHQUAKE STUDY for Diablo (Devil) NUKE Plant in California. Is a West Coast Fukushima their plan?

    The Rothschild controlled utilities are claiming THEIR Nuclear Plants are no longer sustainable and are not renewable sources of generating electricity, any longer. While decommissioning the nuclear plants sounds like a safe solution to divest from the nuclear “business” operations how will the nuclear waste be disposed and contained? Would you RE”LIE” on Rothschild not to NUKE us? It has been said that he nuclear reactors are vented on the weekends to terraform the Earth? Low levels of radiation increase the rate of cancers over time. Almost every nuclear power plant has been built on an earthquake fault. PG&E (Rothschild) is Currently ON Criminal Probation, which PG&E has now violated.

    THE PLAN to “NUKE” CALIFORNIA – Deborah Tavares & Doctor Bill Deagle

    Dani Cool wrote:

    “I live in southern California, Los Angeles county and Tuesday 10/17 after my partner left for work at 4 am I sat down in our office looked out the window to see a fire up in the mountains. With what has been going on in northern California it terrified me so I ran outside to see it better and I can say the moment I saw it I knew something was wrong. It didn’t feel to me like this was a regular fire. I don’t want to sound crazy but something
    about it just wasn’t right. I’ve seen a fire years ago behind my highschool and it was so different. This fire was extremely close…..I could smell nothing burning…it didn’t move like fire. When fire spreads it leaves behind a trail of fire or at least trail of smoke, this fire moved across the area as a whole I saw no smoke or indication of where it had been just moments before as it moved. I tried getting video and pics using two different phones and one tablet I did get one decent video and pic at the very end when it was getting contained but it was so damn frustrating bc not only did the electronics glitch out anytime I hit the rec or pic button but it didn’t show what I was seeing accurately. I’m not sure what’s going on anymore but I know that California is not a place I want me or my family to be anymore. ”

    There is something strange about California

    California has been hit by a “plague of rats”; the rats are seemingly everywhere. There are millions of them, and the more people vote for them, the more they seem to multiply. The state of California has never seen anything like this before, and it is getting worse with each passing election.

    California Rat Race

    For the victims of The Paradise Holocaust:
    California Burning
    On such an autumn day