The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

Paul Joseph Watson – Oct 11, 2019

5 responses to “The Truth About Extinction Rebellion”

  1. Thank you, Mr Watson! Your voice is very needed: There are too many fools amongst us who have fallen for the ‘climate change’ hoax. (And … shshshsh … Greta Thumberg bites!)

  2. Love your points of view. particularily the older generartion. poluting less simply because they had less.

    Its quite obvious the extinction reballion mob are well funded, politcally motivated, organised and from whom begs a question.

    However no one should overlook the simple fact that we all have a responsibility to look after the life suppporting living breathing planet we all share.

    That said whether you believe or don’t believe in global warming, global cooling, global catastrophe or whatever,my own take is that rather than arguing the science use common sence.

    S. T. O.P.
    Bit like looking after your own place.

    In my view capitalism is the main driver of polution their in lies the problem, but a hard nut to crack, this may be the main purpose of extinction rebellion (who knows)

    Sadly a large number of large conglomerates have a bigger voice on this issue and work in their own interests to persue profit over planet. So in retrospect climate change activists are working to redress the balance.

    But there should be no argument we all share a responsibility to ensure we leave a better future for our next generations, S.T.O.P.

  3. A politician once said ” a good day to bury bad news ”
    for this global warming bollox we have to ask, what is it covering up ?
    what do they not want us to know ?
    An expert on Conspiracy news said :-
    Global warming is a bigger hoax
    than the moon landings
    than vaccinations
    even more than the holocaust.David Bellamy was sacked from the BBC for speaking out on the hoax

  4. why do you spoil your excellent commentary by swearing. Some are offended if you take Jesus’ name in vain.

  5. Somone came up with the name ‘watermelons’ for these cult members. Green on the outside……