‘Kill the gays’: Uganda resurrects overturned bill introducing death penalty for homosexuals

RT – Oct 10, 2019

The Ugandan government has announced plans to reintroduce legislation paving the way for the execution of homosexual people, five years after the bill was thrown out by the constitutional court on a technicality.

The bill, dubbed ‘Kill the gays’ within Uganda, will be reintroduced within weeks, according to officials. Currently, Ugandans face life imprisonment if convicted of having sex with another person of the same gender.

Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo said the bill is being reintroduced because of allegedly “massive recruitment of gay people” and current laws are too limited in scope.

We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment has to be criminalised,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “Those that do grave acts will be given the death sentence.”

The minister said he’s confident the measure will get the backing of the two-thirds of parliamentary members required to pass a bill.

Several countries cut their financial support and aid to Uganda when the ‘Kill the gays’ bill was first brought forward in 2014, but Lokodo said the country is prepared to stand up to a fresh backlash over the legislation, adding “we don’t like blackmail.”

In March, Brunei introduced an amendment to its Islamic penal code that included stoning gay people to death, but suspended the measure following international outcry.


7 responses to “‘Kill the gays’: Uganda resurrects overturned bill introducing death penalty for homosexuals”

  1. For many years i worked for social services counseling young boys got at by homosexuals Most homosexuals are that way as they were abused as boys themselves so they carry on the vile practice
    The reason Tony Blair D noticed the Nene report Operation ore Operation Midland and the Longford documents was that they all showed the links beween Homosexuality and pedophilia
    New Labour had 3 jewesses the childrens minister Margeret Hodge Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt they suported PIE from public funds, they paid for homosexual marches
    gay parades gaydays pervert marriages etc they even sponsored homosexual magaznes Bumboy Manboy Cocksucker Homo Qboy and Catemite magazines, all these carried not naked images of men but young boys.
    Esther Rantzen was put in charge of Childline after its orginator Lady Isobel barnet
    was murdered in her bath, Peter mandleson was made director of the NSPCC
    jews in every aspect of child protection.The Nene report documented abuse of boys in 16 londoin care homes in what the UK column described as on an ” industrial scale ”
    SO yes Homosexuals should be killed, i saw what they did to children on a daily basis for almost 40 years

  2. While I disagree with homosexuality I disagree with murder more.
    The better solution is to simply find a piece of land for the men and a separate one for the women and let them live their lives, albeit outside of society. Homosexuals need to know that what they do is wrong and that if they wish to live as a member of society, amongst heterosexuals they must desist from their sexual perversions.

  3. Do what you need to do Uganda if you give them one mm they’ll take the whole kilometer.

  4. Uganda is in Africa? GW BUSH – “We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.”

    Yep. Uganda is in the nation of Africa. lol

    How many Muslims in Uganda? Not enough to kill gays:


    In Muslim controlled nations gays are put to death, in Christian areas they are tolerated, in Jewish controlled nations GAYS ARE CELEBRATED.


    Gay parades are common in Christian nations under Jewish influence.

    What does the Holy Neanderthal Babble say about gays? Worst sin ever. An Abomination in the eyes of the Lord. Ain’t it funny how God’s chosen lunatics are the most gay and stealing the Palestinian land?

    Prediction: as the downwave commences, hemlines fall, conservative values will sweep the world in the New Greater Depression. Muslims values will sweep the nation of Africa.

  5. Though I would not condemn the Ugandans for taking drastic action against those disgusting creatures that are intent on destroying any trace of normality, I’m inclined to agree with Harbinger. Isolate queer males and queer females in separate compounds and let them live out their lives.

    It’s the same solution I’ve been known to advocate for the world’s jewish problem. House them, feed them until they learn to produce their own food, segregate them by gender and isolate them so they can ever again infest any Human population. Let their defective genes die out naturally.

  6. What Uganda proposes is rather extreme. But under the circumstances in the world today with most world leaders directly or indirectly linked to Homosexual and child sexual abuse something needs to be done about the 1-2 % of the population that chooses an abnormal & unnatural way of life with no consideration for others Rights. I have a family member who has chosen this way of life and that person is anti-human rights, except for their own, anti society, with amoral behavior in public and anti-establishment, by forcing acceptance through legally twisted legislation, all signs of a deeply disturbed way of thinking. The question is How have this minority secured the highest offices everywhere ? https://carm.org/percent-population-homosexual. Do you think it could be an anti-Human behind this movement ? ( Like Lucifer ) Most of them are practicing Luciferians and witches whether they admit to it or not. Maybe we should outlaw rose colored glasses for a start, then reopen all the mental hospitals that have been shuttered over the past century and a half. They do need to be removed from society when the are impacting the normal way of life and most of all when they create more victims from exploiting innocent children. How that is accomplished is up to the people whose society is being torn apart. To each his own is fine by me, but when it is forced on me and my family I have to draw the line. The sickness is spreading. Just my opinion.

  7. Child abuse could be stopped over night if homosexuals were locked up
    In Hitlers Germany anyone with a child abuse record was locked up, astronomical numbers of these people were jews, and know what ? child abuse stopped
    Come back Mr Hitler we need you