We Suffer from Mental Illness

henrymakow.com – Oct 10, 2019

Marijuana Edibles Could Save the World

Money is an addiction. If I could get Jacob Rothschild stoned, he would realize that real gold is not found in the ground. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. The key is to take orders from the soul, not from the corrupted mind.
The mind is a prison where the soul is tortured by thoughts. 

by Henry Makow PhD

We are being held prisoner by a madman — our own minds. 
Minds have been programmed by society. As a result, many people suffer from some form of mental illness illustrated above.
No matter what I am doing, I feel as though there is something more important that I should be doing.  Naturally, this causes a state of anxiety/stress much of the time.
The most common form of anxiety is caused by material or political insecurity. The mass media obsesses on war or economic crash. Then there is social anxiety due to lack of love or recognition.  But my “always in a rush” anxiety — unable to relax — is my main problem.
Marihuana edibles are curing me. They will be legal in Canada Oct. 17 and go on sale in mid-December.    (They are already legal in many US States.)
I have been using them to turn on the headlights for thirty years.  I can see the white lines on the highway of life. I am asleep most of the time.
Or living in a dark mineshaft.  This is an elevator to the surface where I can see the sun and the sky.
It’s pretty bright so I don’t mind returning to the mineshaft but I clearly remember what I saw.
Life is a miracle. Too terribly precious to jeopardize. We have so much to be thankful for yet we feel frustrated.
Cannabis is releasing me from my mental prison; I am optimistic it is liberating others. I had a two-week-long out-of-ego experience when I was 20. No drugs. Just detaching from ego.
Been seeking that experience ever since. Maybe I was rewired but I hope cannabis has the same effect on others.
The soul expands and overwhelms the mind.  Perception shifts from the mental to the spiritual, from Maya to the real world.



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11 responses to “We Suffer from Mental Illness”

  1. Surprised that Henry had gone this long without at least once experimenting with Marijuana. I guess that it’s better to find out about a God-given pleasure, late in life, rather than to never have found out at all.

    Sort of leads an old person to wonder what else they missed.

  2. Henry is on to something really big about the human condition:

    “The mind is a prison where the soul is tortured by thoughts.”

    How many writers have said humans are tortured souls? Why is that? Why is the soul subordinated to the mind? If feelings are the language of the soul then why do we suppress our inner feelings and remain obedient slaves?

    There is a “theory” as to why humans are slaves. They were engineered as slaves, we were given consciousness and the ability to speak. Slaves need to take orders, they need to be able to understand the word and be trained to follow holy code of behavior that the alien gods set down for them. No other animal is like us, the reason is because we are domesticated from wild stock.

    Our owners in “the heavens above” don’t want us being obedient to our inner divine feelings, they want us in our mind following the law they laid down for us.

    This is why the human mind dominates the soul – and it is not a natural product of evolution of a natural specie, it is an abomination of an engineered hybrid slave specie.

    Mark Passio calls our condition “Cosmic Abandonment Syndrome”. Our fathers in heaven came here from skies – fell to earth in the myth – and created us by crossing their genes with Homo Erectus. Refinements were made. Some of the early models didn’t survive the engineered flood catastrophe. They stole earth resources, got in their spaceships and left – then they tried to wipe the slate clean and erase their crimes.

    Humans are like abandoned puppies hoping their masters return. A domesticated specie is not “fit” for life on earth. If you evolve you are always fit, but because we were artificially created we don’t fit into the natural order and are destructive to the planet. We are tortured by our minds like the Greek tale of the minotaur. Our normal is mind madness.

    The aliens who manage us know all about our condition, the planet has new owners, the Greys who are seen frequently buzzing our atmosphere. Sometimes they give us some free advice like smoke the weed to pacify the mind.


  3. Imagine my surprise! The judicious use of marijuana should almost be compulsory…I did say “almost.” I credit high-grade marijuana for many things. Not the least of which being how it opened my eyes to the insidious nature of TV “programming.” I also haven’t owned a TV for over twenty-five years.

  4. To each his own I guess. Smoked weed my 2 years in High School (ages 14 thru 16), and all it ever did was make me Hungry and Tired. 2 things I needed no help with. I was 6’4′ and 170 lbs, and they called me the bottomless pit, because I had the appetite of a Brachiosaurus, I could eat any one under the table, and yet I was thin as a rail. As for being tired, who at that age wants to be tired all the time, I had to much to do. I Haven’t had any pot in 41 years, and can honestly say I do not miss it one bit! And by age 24 I had given up all Alcohol as well, and have been completely sober since then. My choice, no “Help” was needed, I just decided that Life was better with a clear mind. This is just how I choose to live MY Life. Like I said, to each, his own….

  5. My heart rate and blood pressure hit the roof on marijuana. It was terrifying. I thought I was about to die, so I won’t try that again.

  6. You can tell that Makow is of the “me generation” and quite naïve regarding a lot of his views. Some decades ago and until I was 22 years old, I was much a part of the so-called “soft drug” culture, and since then I have tracked the few that did not manage to get out of it. All who remained appear to be dumbed down and in a time warp of no real change in their personal lives. They are generally passive, dumbed down and generally abhor any structures and rigors of any real spiritual pursuit and self sacrifice. Sure, if you want to feel good sensually and do more of what the present moment dictates, you can now go that way now in Canada with more impunity. However, if you are interested in monitoring things over the long term, you will see that places like Canada and in other Western nations, which in engage in one sensual excess after another, that they will keep falling further and further behind, while the more industrious peoples in other nations like Israel and China (who generally shun the stuff, while hoping we continue in our ways) will advance and clean up on us even more.

    As for our youth, the legalization will lead them to use much more of the stuff. As a consequence, you will see them exercise less self discipline, become less reliable, have a higher incidence of psychosis, become more dumbed down, and have a much higher incidence in their risk-taking ways of succumbing to more toxic drugs offering them higher sensations and pleasures.

    We also have to be very wary of people in exclusive and elite minority groups who are anxious to dumb the rest of us inferior folks down even further than we are.

    As for CBD from marijuana I recommend it all the time, and for others with pain conditions and sleep disorders various combos of CBD and THC are quite helpful. So it has a use, but to legalize it for everyone, it is just more pseudo liberal insanity leading to more and more disfunction, drug abuse, and state control of the masses. No wonder that Canada named its dollar the “Loonie”. The place is becoming more fragmented and nuttier all of the time.

  7. @ Yukon Jack

    Every human being functions in only one of three possible states of mind. Natural man functions as an irrational being, spiritual man functions as a rational being, and then there are those who are trapped in the in-between position, who are disorientated. The present social order refers to natural man as being ‘normal’, spiritual man as being ‘eccentric or weird ‘, and those who are disorientated as being insane, having a ‘mental illness ‘.

    ‘ Mental illness ‘ a symptom of the irrational mindset: https://bit.ly/2ZBR3jr

  8. Through personal experience, I know that weed is not harmless. When you eat it, it stays in your body for hours…You may forget about your problems but it also means that they build up because they are not addressed.
    Worse, It might ‘open your eyes’ but you also risk opening the door to something demonic and you’ll end up on a psyche ward.

  9. I smoked weed in high school and just after. It made me paranoid, lethargic, and too dim-witted to “pass” the next time a friend handed me a joint — which is probably why I didn’t stop after the first year. My friends who still love the stuff msy have been affected by their decades of use, it’s not real easy to tell, but none of them possesses what I would call an open mind. I do think that the medical uses are promising.

  10. @ Duke

    You nailed it, good comment, and “‘ Mental illness ‘ a symptom of the irrational mindset”. I agree. Many times I have said (as a joke) that normal people worry me or that most normal states of consciousness are actually forms of insanity.

    I think the problem with mankind is that they were engineered poorly by the “gods”. In the Bible these alien progenitors are lumped all together as one being, i.e. God. Some say the Anunnaki came here and made us. Maybe it was the Greys. Science says we evolved but I doubt that because just like you said normal mind is a form of insanity. Eckhart Tolle says our problem is that we are in EGO consciousness. Pick the one you like.

    The problem with the Bible is that god in the Bible is not differentiated. The Creator God of the Universe is not the same as the lesser gods – those aliens that made us in a test tube. From the standpoint of the Hebrew slaves – all the gods were supreme and thus the confusion. The Bible (in my opinion) is a slave manual written from the perspective of slaves.

    You said “spiritual man functions as a rational being”. This is a true statement and the problem with most “normal” people. We need to subordinate the ego to the soul. Most people are not in touch with their real inner spiritual self and thus are ruled by ego and thus caught up in the trappings of the world, like what car to own or what shoes to wear.

  11. I’ve known too many potheads in my life to know that it does not lead to any true enlightenment. If it were really going to set people free, they wouldn’t be legalizing it!