The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment

Brother Nathanael — Real Jew News Oct 9, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

4 responses to “The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment”

  1. As many know, I’m not from the USA, but I take interest in what’s happening over there for obvious reasons.
    Firstly, I couldn’t care less whether Trump is impeached, an angry crowd grab, hang, draw and quarter him. It’s not going to make one difference to my life or 99.9999% of the world’s population, whatsoever.
    Secondly, I actually welcome it. I welcome it along with the impeachment of every future president and every past president still living, along with their corrupt administrations. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Carter, all in the hands of International Jewry doing what’s best for Jews.

    Trump has lied to the people. He never investigated and threw the Clintons into prison as promised. He never drained any swamp because he’s part of it.
    Americans are simply that stupid (not all but certainly the majority) to not see that everything currently happening is happening for one reason and one reason only – Trump has not yet bombed Iran and the Zionists, in control of everything are therefore trying to kick him out, bring back Hillary, whom they decided wasn’t a good call because of her mental health problems, to do what Trump currently isn’t doing. They had faith that converted Jew, Trump, with his love for Jews and Israel wouldn’t hesitate to get Americans and America blown to smithereens as they launch a war against Iran, most certainly bringing in Russia and China and an end to a large portion of European and middle eastern peoples.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Trump. Maybe somewhere deep down, his conscience (a very insignificant part of his makeup) is making a racket, warning him that bombing Iran is a very, very, very bad move. Who knows? One thing’s for sure and that’s Trump IS NOT behaving as his handlers expected him to behave. More so, the more Trump dillydallies, the more people are waking up to realize that Jews want non Jews all dead so they can have this world to themselves and themselves alone, of course, with enough non Jewish slaves to run around for them and do their bidding.

    Time is of the essence for the Jew. The more peace there is in this world, the more people wake up to the Jew. Distraction, distraction and more distraction is the Jew, name of the game. “Ignore that insignificant little man behind the curtain Dorothy.”

  2. Harbingers points are on the money,if you’ll excuse the pun.
    It is NOT a coincidence that both Hillarys AND Trumps daughters married Jews…..Americans HAVE to be stupid to believe that a corrupt property billionaire from New York is going to change a thing.(Note:The NY upmarket real estate business is entirely owned and operated by Jews….duh!)

  3. An American presidential election resembles more of a Superbowl football game than anything really democratic or rational. The truth becomes the inert football which is carried, concealed, tossed, intercepted, and kicked about, but has no intrinsic meaning or worth, as it is moved up and down the field toward either goal line at the mercy of the competing interests.

    On the other hand, 2020 may be the year when the truth breaks through, where people find 2020 insight, and choose something really good rather than something which is the lesser of evils.

    Hope is always future oriented towards some event or goal. It dispels depression because it is its very opposite. Without the goal of eternal life, the beatific vision, the Resurrection, heaven, we are conquered and are ruled by death and finality, and as a result, meaning and purpose succumb to the transitory, the ephemeral, nihilism, and depression. Without looking for the supernatural and the perfection of God, and then tasting a little of the divine in this life, no one can really have such a goal. Even the thought of living forever as ourselves confined to the limits of our understanding without the perfection and awe of God, makes only for a repetitious, boring, and ultimately empty life crying out for the liberation of death. What is life without awe? What is awe without ultimate love, perfection and peace? And what is ultimate love, perfection and peace without the eternal God?

    Cheer up everyone. The realm of God is in your midst. .

  4. Please don’t be so simple minded.
    Everyone is against Trump, the deep state, both parties, Hollywood, silicone valley, academia, etc. Only the people are with him.
    This alone should convince you that he is doing God’s work.