Iran plans to build boats that can sail at 100 knots/h: IRGC Navy cmdr.

Press TV – Oct 9, 2019

IRGC powerboats. Click to enlarge

The top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC)’s Navy says Iran plans to build speedboats that can sail at 100 knots (185 kilometers or 115 miles) per hour.

“By tapping into the capabilities and technical expertise of our domestic elite, we will move toward production of speed vessels that can travel at the speed of 100 knots [per hour] in the near future,” Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri told reporters in the northern city of Rasht on Wednesday.

“Today, marine vessels that cruise at 90knots/h will be unveiled,” he added.

The Bradstone Challenger, a record-breaking British powerboat upon which design Iran based its fast attack speedboats. Click to see ‘Iran to Mass-Produce IRGC’s Fastest Speedboat’

Over the past years, Iran has made major breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing military equipment and hardware despite sanctions and economic pressures on the country.

The Islamic Republic maintains that its military power poses no threat to other countries and is merely attentive to its military doctrine of deterrence.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior commander pointed to the presence of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf, noting outsiders have brought about nothing but insecurity to the region.

“They (foreigners) seek to give legitimacy to their illegitimate presence under the pretext of establishing security, and on the other hand they need to wage wars to sell their arms,” Tangsiri said.

He stressed that the job of safeguarding the security of the Persian Gulf rested with the regional countries only.

“We have repeatedly sent this message to the Persian Gulf littoral states that this region belongs to all neighbors, and we are capable of providing security [of the region] through solidarity among the littoral states,” he added.

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  1. Gotta luv Press Tv. Go Iran, Go the Hez inspirational to say the least I know I use to R&D and build these type boats over 32ft. To reach that speed is something unique in deed.
    Would be good to know the variations but that’s their business they’ll let is know when they are ready.