Leader: Iran won’t build, store, use nukes forbidden by Islam

Press TV – Oct 9, 2019

Ayatollah Khamenei. Click to enlarge

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Iran will never spend its resources on developing nuclear weapons the proliferation, stockpiling and using of which are prohibited by the religion of Islam.

In a meeting with top Iranian students and young prodigies on Wednesday morning, Ayatollah Khamenei said that science unlocks the true benefits of knowledge only when it is paired with the right understanding of humanitarianism.

“In the case of the key and very beneficial nuclear science…  when it was paired with a thirst for more power, it resulted in the creation of the nuclear weapon and turned into a major threat to the world and humanity,” he said.

“Although we have always had the ability to tread this path, we declared it haram (forbidden by religion) according to the verdict of the beloved Islam and therefore there is no reason for us to expend our resources on developing and stockpiling a weapon that is absolutely prohibited (by Islam) to use,” the Leader asserted.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that while Iran sees no shame in learning new sciences from others, it does not want its universities to replicate the American education system and copy the “wrong Western culture.”

“Imitating others will kill innovation and the real vigor that comes with science,” he said.

The Leader advised the Iranian officials to protect the young elite generation from becoming subjected to the phenomenon of brain drain that is being encouraged by certain groups.

He said the Iranian prodigies are the valuable assets of their own country and must be protected against attempts to lure them out of the country using financial incentives and other false promises.

The Leader hailed the Iranian scientists’ achievements in defense, medical sciences, engineering, nanotechnology and peaceful nuclear energy despite the increasing foreign pressure.

“We live in a different situation than others,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. “We need to think Iranian, act Iranian and live Iranian and this trend can be accelerated by adopting the Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress.”

He said Iranians need to attain such high scientific standards that “in 50 years’ time, all elites wishing to acquire the latest scientific findings should learn the language of Farsi. This is something that can be achieved through reliance on Iranian genius, intellect and persistence.”



2 responses to “Leader: Iran won’t build, store, use nukes forbidden by Islam”

  1. For israel to use its vast store of 400 nuclear weapons on Iran woud be futile
    Some of these nukes have germ warfare cannisters, others have dense microbial activators
    DMAs these no matter how much you drink, you die of thirst.
    The point is any mushroom cloud of radiation is self destructive, the world is spinning and every country in the wolrd will get a share including the perpetrator.
    The Chernobyl distaer meant sheep on the welsh hill had to be killed a sthey were full of radiation
    it is known that Israel has had several nuclear accidents like chernobyl but kept it out of the news
    The learned sheik Imran Hussein has several very good youtube vids, he explains the prophecies that quote ” The christian will alie with his brother Muslim to defeat the evil of the jew”
    Lets hope that day comes quickly.

  2. Iran has beyond-horizon radars capable of seeing almost anything even a small drone in the sky and on the ground. In particular Sepehr Radar covers up to 3000 KM and it was created 7 years ago. Supreme Leader wanted highly accurate missiles with less than 10 meters error. Right now many of various Iranian missiles have solid-fuel which helps with many aspects of a missile including speed and maneuverability maintenance and launch preparation speed, and can hit a target within 5 meters! These are sure-strikes with great accuracy and precision! Dimona nuclear facility can be easily destroyed from Iranian land or by Hezbollah up close. Israel is very small it won’t be needed.

    As I said once before take Pakistan as an example, it has nuclear weapons but what is the benefit? There are more than ~340 cases of US drone attacks, with high collateral damage in Pakistan, often hitting Wedding parties, compare this to Iran, has no nuclear weapons but captures RQ-170 and has the biggest collection of destroyed or captured US and Israel drones in the world! UK decommissioned Scan-Eagle because Iran can hack them in batches! Iran recently downed a Global Hawk for the first time in a very high altitude using its older generation air-defense, after having tracked it from UAE airport; it led India to cancel a deal to buy Global Hawks from US. So one can ask what is the point of actually maintaining an arsenal of nuclear weapons? Specially considering that if Iran really wanted it could make them relatively quickly (If Iran couldn’t make nukes, its scientists wouldn’t have been targets of successful and failed assassinations) and besides Iran already has conventional deterrence for enemy nuclear weapons!

    Khamenai wanted sure-strikes not massive explosions with huge collateral damage and now he has it!