Iran, Israel and Destiny

Gilad Atzmon – Oct 9, 2019

Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struggles to form a new government and tries valiantly to stay out of jail but he has managed to find the time to pledge to spend many more shekels. Finally, it dawned on Netanyahu that Israel lags Iran in an arms race. Yesterday, Netanyahu announced that Israel must increase its defense spending by “many billions immediately and then many billions every year” to counter the threat from Iran that  “has intensified in recent weeks.”
Israel has seriously mismanaged its conflict with Iran. For over a decade, Israel has relentlessly threatened and sought to intimidate Iran. Iran’s response has been effective: slowly but surely Iran encircled the Jewish state.  Israel doesn’t share a border with Iran but Iran is present on so many of Israel’s borders. Its Republican Guard forces are in Syria. The Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank are pro Iranian. A conflict with Iran could have lethal consequences for Israel. Israeli military experts expect that such a conflict would subject Israel’s cities to attack by thousands of well-aimed missiles and result in total devastation. The recent attack on Saudi oil facilities achieved an astonishing precision of less than one meter despite the fact that it was launched from 650 miles away and delivered with it a clear message to Israel. Iran can attack any target in Israel from Western Iraq with precision and without being detected. It proved that Iranian technology is decades ahead of anything offered by Israel, America or the west.
It now seems totally unrealistic to expect America to act militarily against Iran on behalf of Israel. Trump’s always unpredictable actions have convinced the Israeli defense establishment that the country has been left alone to deal with the Iranian threat. The American administration is only willing to act against Iran through sanctions and by now the  Israelis have grasped that sanctions can easily boomerang. They nourish technological and strategic independence. It was the sanctions that made Iran into a technological superpower, pushing Iran to develop its own military industry and tactics.
As things stand, Israel used the billions of dollars it squeezed from American  taxpayers to build an obsolete anti missile system that at best, might be effective against 1940 era German V2 missiles. Once again Israel prepared for the wrong war.  Israel is totally unprepared for the havoc it has brought on itself. A rational mind would expect Israel to rethink its tactics and seek peace with its neighbours and with Iran. But, it seems, Netanyahu intends to follow the same belligerent hawkish path that has made Jewish history into a tragic continuum.
If Zionism was a promise to introduce a new paradigm and emancipate Jews from their fate, the Jewish State is there to ensure that the Jewish destiny remains intact.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

6 responses to “Iran, Israel and Destiny”

  1. Iran is no threat to anyone and never has been , within its borders are a large Christian community and evebna jewish community who refuse to leave
    The muslims there are very tolerant as they are left alone.The whole of the UK is behind iran, as they are in the right, no one i spoke to in work in church or in the street supports the criminal state of israel

  2. “Israel has seriously mismanaged its conflict with Iran. For over a decade, Israel has relentlessly threatened and sought to intimidate Iran.”

    Gilad seriously understates Israel’s plan for Iran. Israel has not mismanaged anything, it is an aggressor state with only dream of world domination. Outside of that, Zionists have no purpose or destiny. All must bend a knee to them or die.

    Israel wants Iran completely destroyed and all Persians murdered. End of story, period.

    Gilad is shoveling a load of horseshit into your gullible goy minds, he’s whitewashing the demonic intentions the Torah following psychopaths have in store for their neighbor Iran. Israel can not live in peace, that is not the Torah code, they are programmed like robots to go over the hill and destroy everything in their path. The Bible COMMANDS them to do this:

    ‘Idolatrous Cities to Be Destroyed (Deuteronomy 13)

    12If, regarding one of the cities the LORD your God is giving you to inhabit, you hear it said 13that wicked men have arisen from among you and led the people of their city astray, saying, “Let us go and serve other gods” (which you have not known), 14then you must inquire, investigate, and interrogate thoroughly. And if it is established with certainty that this abomination has been committed among you, 15you must surely strike down the inhabitants of that city with the sword. Devote to destruction all its people and livestock.

    16And you are to gather all its plunder in the middle of the public square, and completely burn the city and all its plunder as a whole burnt offering to the LORD your God. The city must remain a mound of ruins forever, never to be rebuilt.

    17Nothing devoted to destruction shall cling to your hands, so that the LORD will turn from His fierce anger, grant you mercy, show you compassion, and multiply you as He swore to your fathers, 18because you obey the LORD your God, keeping all His commandments I am giving you today and doing what is right in the eyes of the LORD your God.’

    The Jews even have their most sacred holiday Purim killing Persians and eating their ears – so how are the Iranians to view that when these crazies eat the ears of their ancestors?

    These barbaric Jews are still obsessed with ritual blood lust want to restart their ancient animal sacrifice to the gods with the rebuilding of the temple. All mosques are to be razed to the ground. This is what they are doing now and what is the future plan. All mosques and churches and anything that ain’t a synagogue IS going to be turned into dust.

    Psychologists now know that it is only a small step to go from torturing animals to killing humans. With ritual sacrifice restored, these empowered Jew pig demons will only ramp up their insanity and wax hatred like the modern world has never seen.

    They want to behave like the old days, when they had it good, when they could slaughter everything in their path – men, women, children, dogs, livestock — all dead with their throats cut from ear to ear. And they will do it with guilt free consciousnesses in the name of their gods ISis, RA and Elohim.

    Judaism is a severe mental illness and anyone who is not Jewish living in proximity of the Jewish state is in severe danger. In just a mere 70 years, Israel has managed to smash Iraq, Libya, Afhganistan, Yemen, Syria into heaps of rubble causing the deaths of millions, wounding millions more, causing tens of millions of TOTALLY INNOCENT PEOPLES to flee in terror because of their wanton Talmudic bloodlust.

    All Jews are part of a tribe of murdering psychopaths who’s behavior is recorded as a “religion” and obedience to their desert demon gods. What is really unfortunate for the world their psychosis is viewed as a “spirituality” and evolved and morphed into newer more virulent strains of monotheism called Mohammedism and Christianity.

    Basically the formula works like this, you can be evil and corrupt and find forgiveness and redemption and still get with God in the afterlife. This is what celebrated American Sniper Chris Kyle believed, having been indoctrinated into the death cult called American Fundamentalist Christianity he went to Iraq and killed them all just like the Jew God commands. Do you see how it works? He can murder Iraqis who are defending themselves from and imperial power invading their lands, and he is still moral in his mind.

    You’d all be advised their is no such thing as an honest Jew or a good Jew. Anyone subscribing to anything Jewish is pure evil to their very core. Just saying the honest truth, don’t be fooled by Jewish propaganda whitewashing Israel’s intentions for Iran. Jews want all Persians dead and gone and they will drink their blood from their skulls while they sing their songs drunk on their power and blood lust.

  3. US allies include Wahhabi Muslims, Zionist Jews, Zionist Christians, Evil Atheists, etc…

    Iran allies include Different Sunni Muslims, Different Shiite variations, Different Christians, and Anti-Zionist Jews (Neturi Karta), Good Atheists, etc…

    So indeed the situation is black and white however on the surface it is far from it!

    There is only one Quran! But there are many different interpretations and Muslims, just to name the important ones:

    Different Islams:

    1- American Sunni Islam (No Jihad or resistance verses! for pacified Muslim slaves)

    2- Saudi and Da’esh Sunni Islam (Shallow literal interpretations! Zombie Hordes for US and Israeli allies)

    3- British Shia Islam (Hatred based Shia Muslims! Also known as Shirazi group, in cozy alliance with Queen of UK, they like doing bloodletting in their crazy ceremonies and curse Iran… They like to have a lot of friction with Sunni Islam!)

    4- Palestinian Fatah (Pro negotiations Sunni Islam! Zionists can deal with them)

    5- Palestinian Hamas (Pro resistance Sunni Islam! Only in Gaza! Zionists can’t deal with them.)

    6- Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt (Sunni Islam that miserably failed their Islamic Revolution, despite being one of the most influential Sunni groups they failed to distinguish friend from foe!)

    7- Hoothi Shiites (Shia Islam that only believes in the first 4 out 12 Shia imams, can intelligently differentiate between real friend and foe and are very zealous, creative, resilient and pro resistance)

    8- Turkish Ottoman Islam (Sunni Islam that is very liberal! Swinging between sides as they see fit! Mainly the appearance of Islam with the core being something else)

    9- Taliban Islam (Sunni Islam with narrow interpretations, however they are zealous and pro resistance, fighting US in Afghanistan… a westerner forced to choose would rather be their captive and not be in the hands of Da’esh instead!)

    10- Majority Sunni Islam (Most people of the region who really just want to live and have no leader! They have been abused for long.)

    11- Iranian Khomeini Islam (Main Shia Islam believing in twelve Imams. Multi-layered understanding of Quran. Creative, adaptable, zealous and resilient; nation and state builders, well-disciplined and organized. Mainly in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon practiced by Hezbollah and also many from other countries)

    Main Shia groups within Iran:
    1- Core Revolutionary Khomeini Shia Islam (Pro resistance).
    2- Pacifist Shias (only pray and don’t want to be involved in politics or anything for that matter)
    3- Liberal and Moderate Shias who favor negotiations!

    Please read the above comment with a grain of salt… obviously it is from my perspective though I believe I have tuned my perspective sufficiently!

  4. I wouldn’t consider Alawites in Syria to be Muslims, they have too many differences, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be categorized in the same group either!

  5. Fake opposition Christopher Jon Bjerknes (this time) tells the truth:

  6. 613 Mitzvot (

    199 To keep the Canaanite slave forever (Lev. 25:46) (affirmative).
    601 Not to keep alive any individual of the seven Canaanite nations (Deut. 20:16) (negative).
    602 To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations from the land of Israel (Deut. 20:17) (affirmative).
    607 Not to offer peace to the Ammonites and the Moabites before waging war on them, as should be done to other nations (Deut. 23:7) (negative).
    613 To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19) (CCA77).