Bolshevik Britain

Mark Windows – Windows on the World Oct 7, 2019

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  1. ….There will always be….
    Our Souls…

  2. WW2 wasn’t just about the destruction of the German peoples and the creation of Israel. It was also about the creation of a communist west.
    The very ideology that British servicemen and women fought against are the very ideals they, unknowingly, helped to be instituted in their lands.
    They listened to the deceitful, honeyed words of the politicians of the time, all communists at heart and went off and murdered their own kith and kin, in order that Jewish communism take completely control of their society and in the future, turn it into a living hell. Orwell’s 1984 will seem like a picnic when communism takes full control as it almost has.

    Jews are taught from an early age they are better than everyone else. Supremacist beliefs are the heart and soul of Judaism and yet all we ever hear is white supremacism this and white supremacism that, when the real enemy is and always has been Jewish supremacism.
    Everything that the Jew accuses the non Jew of Jews are. They lie. They steal. They cheat. They enslave. They ruin and destroy, everything that is good and gracious in this world. And people still defend them this cult of pure evil.

    I suggest everyone reads Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ to get a glimpse into their future. I suggest they also read ‘200 Years Together’ to understand who’s behind it all.

  3. Right on the button!! Growing awareness is taking hold albeit a bit to slowly. We have to turn the sods over and expose new earth with genuine soul, difficult with all the distractions thrown at the vulnerable (thanks to mobile phones, i pads etc etc) People are starting to pick up what is happening but we lack numbers and organisation. Will not be long until marshall law is implemented to protect (for protect read control) the people from each other when the so called Brexit? scenario is over. Who is kidding who here?
    I could go on but who will listen. Strength in numbers is the only way, but of course any attempt to organise a stand against the machine will be quashed, either by monitoring and then arrest or other removal methods,or shutting down the internet. All Totalitarian regimes eventually implode, usually through greed for money or power, it is a historical fact!

  4. Harbinger is so right
    Back in the 30s Lord Rothschild. the man who betrayed Britain into 2 word wars for the jews gave several speeches to his apostles, first the christains in Russia had to go
    some reports say 110 millions starved to death or just killed
    Rothschild said when Russia had given up all it had Britain was next and his little homosexual army called the apostles, had to hand Britain over to the communist jews
    then the USA, all that helped them like Anthony Blunt Phiby Burgess Mc clean etc
    who helped them would be rewarded.
    Its time w eswept out the stables and put some REAL politicians in power
    Enoch owell come back we need you now

  5. for the uk we need ordinary people with common sense in power and not the bought ones. the number of mps to be culled to 200.
    to do this we the people need to abolish ALL parties and each mp stands as an independent chosen from and paid for by their own constituency. from the assembled mp’s one is chosen as the rime minister and others head of their respective departments. all lobbying to be abolished. civil servants need to be reminded that they are paid for by the people and must be neutral in the office. the issue of money is to be brought under the control of the treasury and fractional reserve lending abolished. usury to be abolished i.e. no interest on loans and every 7th year all debts are forgiven. for the corporates laws should be passed that all board members are on the same employment contract as employees. bonuses to be abolished and tax on direct earnings abolished. fully funded pension contributions by corporations should come first before any dividends are paid. just for starters.