Word via New Dougherty Oct 3, 2019

End Times Daily — Oct 3, 2019

Church of Christ The King, Los Angeles, CA 

St Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold! Humanity has reached a pinnacle place in its history, and all of you the brothers and sisters of the Lord and Saviour, Your Redeemer, are being called at this time to listen to this very important message.
There has come a time now that the evil one and his minions have drawn a line in the sands of time, and the evil one has challenged the Father in Heaven and His Son, and all of the Angels and Saints in his final attempt to enslave all of humanity.
The evil one has projected his plans and his strategies of evil to culminate in the full and total enslavement of humanity by the Year 2030.
Mark this year clearly, for it is the year of years in the final battle and last stand of the demon and his followers. The demon himself has made his challenge to overcome all that is good and all that there is from God and to smash all of it into an eternity of damnation with the evil one himself and all of humanity consumed in the fires of Hell. Such are his plans and his timeline to achieve his demonic goals.
The Father in Heaven will allow the evil one to proceed no further from this date. Although the evil one is acting in ways to enslave all of you through his minions here on Earth, he shall not be successful, for the Father in Heaven shall not permit satan, lucifer, moloch, or any of the sum of snakeheads that the evil one represents to further interfere with God’s plan for mankind.
The chosen year of satan – 2030 – should not surprise any of you who have been aware of the work of satan’s minions here on Earth. They have clearly announced their year to conquer and enslave the world through their demonic plans for humanity. They have masked themselves in ways to deceive you through their new world order but they have been exposed now, and they will continue to be exposed as we approach satan’s chosen year to totally enslave humanity.
Now that you know that the plan of satan has been fully exposed, you must challenge the evil one and his minions now. Do not wait until tomorrow, for it is your work as Powerful Prayer Warriors and as followers of Christ that will influence the defeat and ruin of satan and his minions.
So you must begin today to plan your strategy and your families’ strategy to work to defeat all of the evil in the world as we approach the evil one’s year and agenda.
Thanks be to God… the victory shall be yours and the defeat shall be that of the evil one and his minions!
Do not shirk from the recognition of the events that are going on in your world that you can identify as the work of satan, his minions, and their new world order, for as you can discern already, their order is to foment confusion and chaos and to trick humanity into following their ways.
Many of you already have the gift of discernment to recognize the work of satan and his so-called new world order, so those of you who have this gift must exercise it by informing and instructing others who are being swayed by satan’s global plan which is only a guise to ensnare all of you by the date and year that Satan has chosen – 2030 – a year that will go down in infamy for the evil one and his minions.
It will also be a time of Great Transformation and a new beginning for mankind. But the journey will be dangerous and hazardous for the followers of Your Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
Your powerful prayers as well as your call to action will bring about the defeat of the evil one and his minions. That is the promise of the Father in Heaven for all of God’s children.
Thanks be to God!



7 responses to “Word via New Dougherty Oct 3, 2019”

  1. 2000, 2012, 2015,2017,2019 2020, and now another date in the future. Will we get another date after 2030 when nothing happens. 2030 struth most of us will be dead from old age by then. We the older generation are the only ones who ever prepared for anything. Now we are being told to wait another 11 years. I am sick to death of being led along with a carrot on a stick . (The carrot is removal of evil) This constant date in the future is simply pure torture. My message to Ned is “stop the torture and keep quiet, unless you enjoy seeing people suffer”

  2. This date of 2030 is the same date the jews say they will be ruling the world from Jerusalem, the world capital, and we, those of us who have been alowed to survive
    will be in slavery, i sometimes think we are now
    When the jews brought in the federal reserve in 1913
    it was after they sent tickets for a luxury cruise to all those who opposed the formation of the reserve, just to show their was no bad feelings
    and so it was in 1912 they got got tickets to sail on the Titanic.
    Coincidence ? i dont think so

  3. Cain was exiled to the land of Nod after Eden.From there over centuries the Cainites have slowly taken over the world.The nod has been given 1776 a year the Caininite NWO took control of Ametica and from there the world mainly through their banking system.The capstone of the pyramid on the dollar bill represents sodomy.Both the eye and pointed shape of the capstone represents two parts of the male anatomy.Through this act a doorway is opened through which unclean spirits enter our world in the form of round orbs.These orbs are evil spirits and are able to see and influence those around them.The more sodomy is performed the more evil enters our world able to have greater influence over mankind.God destroyed Sodom as He did not want this evil power unleashed on the world.Today we welcome it and its considered normal.The spiritual force involved here is destructive beyond our ability to comprehend.The reason its represented albeit a hidden meaning of the Illuminati capstone and eye is the power it gives them that knows how to control these spirits for their own benefit.This act also creates altars or split personas that can be controlled in very young victims and triggered when older when placed in certain positions of power..The act is referred to as releasing the light of lucifer or becoming enlightened..for the victim that is.The Illuminati NWO is a sodomite world empire in the making.Nothing but utter destruction will follow as the final outcome of it is guaranteed destruction.This might be a bit out of place to post here but understanding the enemy is winning half the battle and Im sure Ned wants us to win this one with the help of our Lord.

  4. Humm…Dougherty I remember one important quote?
    as well the second one ?

  5. “The Father in Heaven will allow the evil one to proceed no further from this date.”

    I will make an educated guess that evil will reign freely just as it always has. No God is going to lift a finger and stop evil on this planet.

    “The evil one has projected his plans and his strategies of evil to culminate in the full and total enslavement of humanity by the Year 2030.”

    We are enslaved right now under the “rule of law”, all of us in the west are already numbered slaves. Our enslavement will only worsen with all this new technology in the hands of the Jews. 2030 will come and go and our freedoms will be steadily diminished all the while UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING.

    I certainly share the sentiments of the author, I am totally for freedom and against slavery, but there is no evidence of external higher authority stopping evil on this planet.

    Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but there are some logical flaws with this logic. There is no evidence of Satan, there is no evidence that some God is in charge of earth. This nearly universal belief of god the higher power with humans is one of our problems because so long as we believe in an external agency we will stand down and let evil reign.

  6. There is no evidece of satan nor the caininites the latter survived 3 genocides the flood ,the destruction of Sodom and the invasion of Canaan by Israel.Both parties are more effective lying low and pulling strings beyond the veil.When you see blatant Satanism being promoted through the media and you see politicians getting away with mass murder ie 911 then yes no satan and no satanic elite doing his bidding makes no sense if that was true.Just pure coincidenc then.I guess Darwins theory of evolution factors these thing in without any need for a force behind it.That makes less sense if you disregard the obvious.Physical matter our meterial world needs a huge force constantly to keep things together,where is this coming from.Matter dissolves into ether without being constantly bombarded with huge ammounts of electromagnetic impulse each impulse we perceive as time flowing.Our bodies vibrate at the same frequency so we dont feel it.We dissolve into ether and reappear as solid matter every nano second of day and night what force keeps this going.No God that is a joke you dont have any idea of the reality you living in.

  7. “No God that is a joke you dont have any idea of the reality you living in.”

    Here is my reality, there are many bad or misled people who do bad things, like at Google and Facebook or in the Congress. There are all kinds of bad Zionists doing evil things. I do not deny the evil – I am saying there is no master called Satan like the article claims.

    According to the article: “Mark this year clearly, for it is the year of years in the final battle and last stand of the demon and his followers”

    I say this is utter nonsense, and I say evil will continue unabated because there is no Devil orchestrating it. There are most certainly secret organizations and Jews who love to wax evil on their world for whatever reasons they have, but no Satan like the article claims. No “god” is going to stop some equally invisible “antigod”.

    I am saying that evil will thrive like it always has, right up to and through 2030. I say waiting for God to do something is a big waste of time – a delusion of the believer. I say the claim that this is the year of years that the Devil is stopped is a ridiculous prediction and by next year things will be just the same – only getting worse.

    I am just like you, I hope things could get better, but they won’t because I am a realist about this hell planet. This is hell, it is never going to get better, and I think along with so many others things are going to get mightily worse especially if the system crashes or they do a nuclear false flag and up the drive for one world government.

    I say most of the evil on the planet has roots in Jewish religious literature, that the Holy Bible is not holy and is the CAUSE of our demise because people who believe it align with evil Israel and let Jewish evil reign freely and I say that belief in the higher power only gets good people to stand down, like this article is doing by claiming God is putting his foot down and stopping the devil in this year. Great! Let’s wait and see if evil stops, I am all for evil stopping just like you!