Swinson fails to declare family company was given 3.5m euro by the EU

Nye Bevan News – Oct 4, 2019

She voted for the LibCon Bedroom Tax that mired millions of the poorest in costs they could not afford. She voted for the LibCon Welfare reforms which attacked the finances of those least able to withstand the onslaught. She voted for the LibCon policy to treble the tuition fees of students least able to pay.

Could it get worse for Jo Swinson? In a word, yes.

“It looks like Jo Swinson’s passion to stop Brexit or a no-deal Brexit “at any cost” has terms and conditions applied.

Swinson’s point blank and quite illogical refusal to join the cross-party coalition to prevent a no-deal Brexit has a 3.5m euro explanation. And the irony of the whole context goes to show that the LibDems are as insincere and deceitful as they ever were.”

This is political dynamite. The European Union gave a 3.5m euro donation to Transparency International, which in peak irony is supposed to be an anti corruption watchdog with a mandate to foster, erm, transparency.

It is run by Jo Swinson’s husband. Has Jo Swinson declared this conflict of interest to the House of Commons? No.

Is that a breach of House of Commons protocol? Yes.

Is it a breach of the law? Yes.

So who is Jo Swinson’s husband? His name is Duncan Hames. He is the director of policy at Transparency International UK.

He also used to be the Liberal Democrat MP for the Chippenham constituency in Wiltshire, holding the seat during the disasterous Cameron/Clegg coalition government responsible for the deaths of 130,000 poor, sick and disabled people under their deadly “Welfare Reforms”.

The same Welfare Reforms Iain Duncan Smith justified with the phrase “Work Frees People” – a sentence last seen, in German, above the entrance gates to Auschwitz.

Unlike Lib Dems we aren’t prone to calling our opponents “Nazis” simply for disagreeing with our political opinions but in this instance, if the cap fits…

During this period Mr Hames was Parliamentary Private Secretary to none other than David Cameron’s number 2, Nick Clegg.

So as you can see, the Swinson family household has its fingerprints all over the social degradation our nation suffered during that horrendous 5 year period.

The idea that the Liberal Democrats under Jo Swinson are the answer to our nations’ current predicament does not stand up to a single moment of scrutiny. For those who doubt this point, here is her record in Government:

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7 responses to “Swinson fails to declare family company was given 3.5m euro by the EU”

  1. whole lot of them should be dragged out of their cushy Westminster hideout & hung from the nearest 5G lamppost or cctv camera mast.
    until we get rid of these scum nothing’s going to change.
    no wonder they all want to stay in the EU when it’s free money & a lifelong job with no scrutiny.
    how does an MP even leave the party they were elected to, join another party but still keep theirjob ?? they can molest & steal to their hearts content & there’s nothing we can do to get rid of them.

  2. The Bastard Churchill was never elected to push his 2 world wars
    the chice we have is thus ;-
    The Rothschild labour party
    The Rothschild tory party
    The Rothschild lib dem party hhhmmm big choice there then
    Its no surprise to anyone that the woman in the photo is a corrupt libdem
    very nice tits tho.

  3. Shame about the face,though…

  4. All the above comments on corrupt politicians of all colours are absolutely correct! Unfortunately the “elite” (scum of the lowest order) are now openly thwarting any attempt at reigning them in and are now continually treating us all as just a means of feeding them endless money. What happens when they have killed us all off, what good then the money. Nobody to pay a pittance to so they can acquire even more wealth. 5G, chemtrails, vaccines, accentuated ebola type viruses etc all being used as mass genocide! watch Ian R crane on youtube, bitchute etc. He is the go to truther!! Mark Steele for 5G!!

  5. UKIP is imploding and here’s the founder of the Brexit Party Catherine Blaiklock claiming it’s now been infiltrated by Trots and migration-luvvies (contains link to audio)


    Mind, Farage helped wreck the BNP.

  6. “Les peuples ont le gouvernement qu’ils méritent” !

  7. The VAT increase and Royal Mail issues are from the EU rule book. That never seems to get a mention, Corbyn must know but renationalising RM is one of his many promises.