The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock

After Skool – July 10, 2019

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  1. Graham Hancock is incredible on ancient archeology: fearless in telling the truth.
    I wish He would just stick to that…

  2. A crazy wild idea I came up with as the purpose for the pyramids was a way for the stranded souls on earth to get home – back to their home planet. Imagine a spacefaring race crash lands on earth, or are cast to earth as prisoners. How can they get home without a space ship?

    The build a device to guide the soul home – a massive pyramid of dense material with a shaft aimed at their home star. The subject is trained by the priest on what to think and do (willful command to the soul by the mind) upon death. When the star Orion is visible the subject is administered poison by the priest and now the soul is freed from the body while the subject lies in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.

    The soul rises up from the body in the dense pyramid and sees the light coming down the shaft from the home star and then instantly goes to the star, say Orion. The soul is now home and can incarnate on the home planet.

    Could it be that our souls are not from earth and are trapped by a recycling technology ?

    The idea of reincarnation on earth took on a negative spin with the block busting book ‘Alien Interview’ by Lawrence Spencer. The book was immediately dismissed by the “experts” but became very popular and is now translated into dozens of languages as it resonates with so many people who don’t like living on earth.

    According to that book, the purported transcript from Roswell, the surviving Grey named Airl says earth is a prison planet and a soul dump from space empire in the heavens above. Airl says earth is the WORST planet they have discovered in the Milky Way. Upon death the soul’s memory is erased and tricked into reincarnating. That way the rejected souls never make it off of earth and back into space empire.

    Some rabbis believe Jewish souls are from “different spheres” not from earth and they were sent here to conquer the planet. His theory matches Spencer’s theory. I say earth is hell and proof is that you are on a planet with the worst souls of the Universe – Jews. In my opinion Jew have been empowered to rule earth and act as the jailers for space empire which exists in the heavens above.

  3. Graham Hancock lamenting the war on consciousness is exactly true. It should be said more correctly that the war is on enlightened consciousness. This topic was much discussed by the hippy movement out here in Oregon. I was privy to this exact conversation many times and it goes like this – the government is against psychotropic drugs because they awaken the mind from the slave mentality of work and pay taxes and going to war.

    Hippies don’t believe in the government authorities, rarely pay taxes and most assuredly will not kill with a gun. The hippie represents an existential crisis to the survival of the warmongering militant state.

    Those that take LSD have told me that their viewpoint of reality was forever changed. Since we know the CIA studied the effects of such drugs they may have discovered that the work ethic and propensity to believe in the system would be seriously damaged with widespread use of mind expanding drugs and thus outlawed them with severe penalties.

    What this proves is that a citizen is really a numbered tax slave of the state. The state manages their slaves on what they can consume, individual liberty and the choice of what you smoke is no excuse in the eyes of the Jewish controlled legal system.

    Also, all you folks out there probably don’t know that in Oregon marijuana is now being farmed outdoors on large acreages. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago an illegal substance is now being megafarmed yet in nearby states like Idaho, Utah, and Nevada the drug is still outlawed with severe jail penalties for possession of even minor amounts.

    When I take hikes I can smell the “crop” miles away, the air reeks of marijuana, riding a bike around town this time of year you hit wafts of dank skunky smell as every other house is in production. It is hippie bud paradise out here and because of the commercial production the price has collapsed from 2000 to 200 a pound.

  4. ‘ A journey that may go back to the very origins that made is human ‘

    Should read:
    A journey that may go back to the very origins that made is human robots.

    It is time to recognize the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness.
    Should read:
    1 It is time to recognize that ‘rights’ are privileges granted to human robots.
    2 That sovereignty belongs to the Great Spirit(Elohim), who rules over all.
    3 That unless a man is born again(converted), he will suffer the second death.

  5. @ Yukon Jack
    Thank you for seeing the truth and speaking it especially with regard to the satanic takeover of the world.

    The idea of being reincarnated untill we can escape the system by divine knowledge is the first thing the Gnosticism suggests to us..
    The second is that Jews worship satan and spend their lives trying to enslave or kill us.

    Help is here mate it just isn’t shown to us.

    Soon they will be treated the same as they are on the other side.

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