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Text messages show how 11 Israeli men planned a gang-rape orgy with a vulnerable British teenager. 

Paul Thompson in Cyprus — Mail Online Oct 2, 2019

LD:  11 Israeli tourists (the number has now grown to 12) have been accused of conducting a ‘ gang rape orgy’ in Cyprus, targeting a vulnerable British girl aged 19. They deny rape, though text messages and witness statements make their denials ring increasingly hollow. Here is a photo of some of the alleged rapists trying to hide their faces from the cameras.
The Cypriot authorities appear to have been intimidated by the state of Israel into taking sides with the alleged rapists. They have been bending over backwards to assume the alleged rapists’ innocence and exonerate them, reportedly for fear of damaging the lucrative tourist trade between Israel and Cyprus. The British girl has been shockingly bullied and badly treated, with the British government doing little to help the deeply traumatized victim. Seems they can’t afford to offend the state of Israel. After all, even America dare not do so. [LD]   
Text messages showing how a group of Israeli men planned an ‘orgy’ with a British teenager were shown to a Cyprus court today. In messages sent between the 11 men in the lead up to having sex in a Cyprus hotel room with the 19-year-old woman, one said:
‘She’s going to get f***ed tonight’.
One of the men told police that they had spoken about having sex with the woman in a ‘bad and aggressive’ manner in the lead up to the encounter.
Details of statements made by the men were revealed on the opening day of the trial of the woman charged with making up a gang rape allegation.
She said she agreed to have sex with one of the men after a pool party in the party resort of Ayia Napa on July 17 – but then his friends burst into the room and gang raped her. The 11 Israeli men were arrested on suspicion of rape.
But later the woman said during police interviews that she hadn’t been raped. Now she is on trial accused of making the attack up and is charged with public mischief.
Her lawyers say her rape claim retraction was coerced.
The two-hour hearing was abruptly adjourned to October 15, and the woman appeared to have a panic attack and struggled to breathe as she began to weep.
One of the men made a statement to police where he described in graphic detail what was going to happen to the woman when she visited a hotel room of his friend who she had been having a holiday fling with.
In the statement he said that the men had discussed how when the woman went back to his friend’s hotel room SHE WOULD BE ‘F***ED BY ALL OF THEM’. 
(Emphasis added)

“She’s going to get f***ed tonight!”
— Text message sent by Israeli tourist
to other Israelis involved in this sordid episode.  

LD: Three of the Israelis implicated have since admitted having intercourse with the girl, presumably in rapid succession as if in a sex queue, yet  they implausibly claim that the act was “consensual”. The other nine deny being present at the orgy. (See The Jerusalem Post)
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Asked if the statement showed that the rape was planned, police officer Andreas Nicolettis nodded his head in agreement.
Prosecutor Adamos Demosthenous objected and said the officer could not interpret what another person had said.
During the court hearing the British woman stood listening to the proceedings.
Her mother and two family friends sat at the back of the packed courtroom in the town of Paralimni.
The trial was abruptly adjourned after the defence team said they needed time to examine a 34-page report carried out into data and text messages retrieved from the suspects’ mobile phones.
As the lawyers discussed an adjournment the woman appeared visibly upset and looked like she was having a panic attack, as she struggled to breathe and began to weep.
The judge Michalis Papathansidu told her to sit down as she dissolved into tears and was comforted by her translator.
The adjournment was caused after a scientific officer revealed he had presented his final report into his examination of the mobile phones this week to prosecutors.
Defence lawyer Ritsa Pekri said her team needed time to study the report before undertaking cross examination and asked for an adjournment of the case.
She also requested that the woman be allowed to alter her bail conditions and return to the UK before the next hearing on October 15th.
She told the court the woman had psychological problems having been diagnosed over Skype by a psychologist.
Despite arguing that the woman would honour the previous bail conditions, Pekri’s request was turned down by the judge.
He said the defence’s argument was ‘too vague’ and ruled that the woman must remain in Cyprus.
He did allow her to report to a police station once a week instead of three.
Outside court barrister Michael Polak said the British woman was pleased with the way the trial had gone.
He added she wanted matters to be completed as soon as possible.
‘This has been traumatic for her, the incident was traumatic and now to face trial, I cannot imagine what it is like for her.’
‘Of course, she wants justice to be done. She is not guilty,’ he told journalists.
Polak said that of 11 phones seized by police only five had been examined for photos and messages.
‘A rape took place and it was not properly investigated,’ he said.
Her lawyer said that she is vulnerable and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from the ordeal. He said that she changed her story after being pressurised by police during questioning while she was in a fragile state.
The 19-year-old arrived at Famagusta District Court earlier today for the start of her trial accompanied by her mother and her legal team, Lewis Power QC and barrister Michael Polak.
Polak said that the woman, who MailOnline is choosing not to identify, is in a fragile state and has been diagnosed with PTSD by a UK specialist.
Polak said: ‘She just wants to go home.’
He added that she is coping well with being separated from her family and that she wants to return to the UK.
He said she has also lost her place at university while being forced to stay in Cyprus ahead of her trial.
While on bail and banned from leaving the island the woman has been assigned a psychologist to help her cope.
Lawyers plan to tell the court that police in Cyprus carried out a flawed investigation into the alleged rape and were under pressure to wrap up the investigation amid fears it would damage the tourist industry.
They also say there was an abuse of process as the woman was effectively forced to sign a statement dictated by police withdrawing the allegation.
Cops quizzed the woman for eight hours without any legal representation and she signed a statement withdrawing the allegation at 2am having been in a police station since 8pm.
Polak said:’ There was a lot of pressure on the police over the rape allegation. Ayia Napa is a place where many young boys and girls come in their thousands and without tourism this place would be affected.
‘That was why the Mayor of Ayia Napa was very quick to comment on what had taken place.’
Polak said the court would hear that police failed to carry out a proper rape investigation and he said effectively stopped the inquiry once the allegation had been dropped.
He said they had failed to download all the messages sent between the Israeli men that he said would show a degree of planning in the alleged gang rape.
The parents of the teen accused of making up a gang rape allegation have hit out at the delay in her trial. They said an adjournment in the proceedings due to prosecutors failing to hand over evidence to defence lawyers meant she had been denied ‘psychological and emotional support’.
Writing on a fund raising page, the parents said: ‘our daughter’s life is effectively on hold, unable to get closure on the traumatic events, to begin to resume her life and education, or to gain access to the psychological and emotional support required to help her begin the recovery process from the trauma that she has faced’.
A go fund me page set up by the 19 year old’s family to pay legal fees has raised almost £30,000. Donations of £500 were made following her appearance in court. The trial was abruptly adjourned as defence lawyers wanted time to study a 34 page report into text messages and photos sent by the Israeli suspects.
The Israelis have denied any allegation of assault and have since returned home.


Israeli suspect in Cyprus rape case—
back in Israel now, safe and well.