The Full English – Warrant Officer Simon Bean MBE confirms Lord James

Daddy Dragon – Sept 29, 2019

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  1. This is frightening. Thank you for sharing, Have forwarded it to many.
    Bless you for what you are doing.

  2. …I said, unfortunately, for them, because they are going to be punished by God for breaking the Covenant/contract (Rev. 11 v 7) and choosing to live by and inflict their own selfish, greedy and evil political systems on the rest of the world, instead of converting the whole world to living by God’s Own PERFECT System. IF they had kept the terms of the Covenant/contract then the whole world would have, by now, become God’s Kingdom on Earth:- One King – God; One Law; One people; One Kingdom at peace – world without end. The “Unique Horn – Unicorn.”
    The gentiles rightly judged the “tree” by the fruit it bears and were revolted by the actions; greed and injustice of the political systems of the Two Witnesses and therefore these peoples; multitudes; nations and tongues/languages (waters – Rev. 17 v 15) were turned to blood (red – communism). Away from God to Satan. They were DRIVEN to communism by the actions of the Two Witnesses because the two witnesses have done to them whatever they liked, as often as they willed (wanted) – Rev. 11 v 6.
    Please continue to read this article to understand that Great Britain is one of the Two witnesses, and The United States is the other witness, (You have to turn back to Gods Royal Laws of Liberty) and help The Lord to do this…

  3. If the EU is against clandestine intelligence agencies committing acts of terrorism aka Gladio and looking at the timelines Britian got it’s referendum after the EU made a statement against these clandestine intelligence agencies then it looks to me the British military top brass are scraping the bottom of the barrel if they think The EDF league is gonna help them out by creating a bit more thuggery on our streets in the hope we’re gonna call for British Marshall law to come and save us. It’s time for the whole truth to come out not just the establishments attempt to manipulate racism and ignorance in the hope it helps them out of a hole. I come from military blood, there is nothing patriotic about letting sick old men using our kids as canon fodder so please do your homework Britain has never been a democracy and before you start with the insults it has always been our vulnerable uneducated young men that have been manipulated into going to war for these sick inbred degenerates. Do your homework and read General Smedly Butler, you are not a pawn in their game, if they ask you to be, please tell them to fuck off!
    With much love and hope for the future Annie x

  4. I’m really trying to understand how on earth people are concerned with this because if they are it shows their complete and utter ignorance to the state of affairs, such as who has been controlling our armed forces for the last 200+ years!

    The gasps of horror at the thought that the UK armed forces will come under the control of the EU makes me laugh quite frankly.
    Who do you think has been in charge of the UK forces?
    Who was it who sent the armed forces to Afghanistan, India, Africa and China in the past? You don’t think it had anything to do with the Rothschilds? Opium wars hello?
    9/11 was a repeat of the first Afghan wars, to control the poppy.
    WW1, WW2….the list goes on and on of wars, deliberately created by the Rothschilds.

    People truly do believe that the Queen is a sweet old lady who has the best interests of the British people at heart, when in reality she couldn’t give a shit if all were horrifically murdered tomorrow. Her whole family is BRITISH ISRAEL. She is all for the creation of Greater Israel and the survival of the Jew, as has been stated many times over, many believe the Royal Family to all be Jews, when at least we know that Kate Middleton is a Jew, thus their child Harry is a Jew. It was also speculated that Diana’s mother had an affair with a Jew and Diana is infact a Jew as well.

    Now look at the EU? The EU was created to bring about the creation of the one world government and banking system – Rothschild.
    Therefore, it means that the same people will be in charge of the UK armed forces, who always have been, just a change of name.

    There will be no Brexit.
    If there are riots in the UK, European troops and US armed forces will be drafted in to stop the uprising. All armed forces follow orders and obey. They are robots, programmed automatons.
    Did Warrant Officer Simon Bean question why he was in Afghanistan or Iraq? Did it ever dawn on him “have any of these people threatened the safety of the British people?” Of course he didn’t. Like all armed forces personnel they go off and kill at the orders of their government and then later on, they get on their high horse about what’s currently wrong with society and useless debates on the EU taking control of the UK armed forces when there’s a no deal Brexit.

    Had there been no armed forces in the first places, to implement the wishes of the Rothschilds, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re all in today. Every single one of your elites, your aristocracy, your politicians, your CEO’s, your MSM puppets and academia along with your top brass in the armed forces are ALL Zionists. You need to understand this. You have a fifth column within every major establishment and it has NOTHING, whatsoever to do with Islam, which is what tptb like to imply. You have a Jew problem. You’ve always had a Jew problem. If you don’t remove this Jew problem then you can kiss goodbye to not just your nation and civilisation, but your people as well for they WILL destroy you, as has been their plan for a very, very, very long time now.

  5. I usually like Harbinger and this last item from him was superb
    I live near Cambridge which was a dormitory town for London for the better paid jobs
    but as the government people trafficked in milions of foreigners for the jobs there have been changes.
    A huge rail station called Noth Cambridge was built in the middle of farmers fields
    jews and senior masons bought the land from the farmers to profiteer from the new plans.
    A large town will be built on the old farmland for 205,000 houses
    but my MP says its not for our people who have a declining birth rate, its for new foregn incomers as the government plays the race card once again