The Fundie Flu and the Chosen People Too

Reflections in a Petri Dish – February 8, 2011 (direct link to Visible’s great new web page)

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There’s been a certain amount of hubbub about that blank, black rectangle in Google Sky. It turns out that it was caused by a processing error in the image stitching program, used to display the Sloan survey images and that its now been fixed. Over the last several years, I’ve heard dozens of tales about anomalies in areas all over the map of human interest and concern. There’s the shifting of the magnetic poles. Various theories are coming out of this which also explains other phenomena.

I’m picking up a wide net of depression and incipient despair that has its roots in too much information, juxtaposed with too much change. People handle change differently. The smallest group embraces it for whatever their reasons may be. The larger group exercises some degree of denial concerning the meaning of change and whether it is even happening. They intensify their focus on the material end of things. They think as long as they can see familiar things that these will protect them from all the unfamiliar things that have started popping up.

This is one of the reasons that Fundie religion has become so widespread in recent times. It used to be that people were a little more easy going about the religious section of their lives; take the family to church and then it’s either football games or the golf course, where those favored by God, go to commune with what Nature is supposed to look like, once she understands the duties of a submissive bottom. Golf courses and cemeteries have a lot in common and I’ve long believed they should be combined in symbiotic interplay for the best of both worlds.

Fundie Flu is a direct result of God not behaving according to plan. When our version of the big guy in the sky stops favoring every excess we are engaged in, you have to put your attention on literal translations. You have to put your nose right up against the print in the book in order to dispel those disquieting peripheral intrusions, as well as all the bad behavior by those who explain the meaning of everything literal, to those who didn’t know what anything meant, until they were told by the people using it to control them.

The idea that religion is used to control the masses is not a new one. Before The Bible became the record of a people, who hijacked the histories of an earlier people, in order to set the stage for control of history, they knew all about this sort of thing. That is the reason they employed it. The currency value of the meaning of a ‘chosen people’ was understood. Once again, that is the reason they employed it.

Some guy named Jesus Christ is supposed to have shown up and then accused these ‘chosen people’ of being usurers and six kinds of attendant scoundrels to the disadvantage of everyone else in the neighborhood. The history manipulators noted the trend of this new religion and promptly rendered the main character into one of their own; despite mounting evidence that he was not one of their own.. You can read about this for days, if you want to. This allowed them to piggy back their chosen people scam into the following centuries, where they continued to behave as they always did.

Due to the force of The Apocalypse, uncovering so much of what has been hidden, altered and suppressed over the last age, those profiting from the herd factor of the opiate of the masses syndrome, have found it necessary to use a red highlighter to showcase all mention of Israel, as one of the cornerstones of manipulated prophecy, and to substitute the criminal banking syndicate, operating under that name, for the spiritual Israel mentioned in the much redacted, hammered, spindled folded and mutilated King Jimmy edition of The Official Manual for Crowd Control.

The chosen children of the horned adversary of the salt of the Earth, invaded this land and drove the actual people from the Bible into death, dismemberment and refugee status and have since been eliminating all record of their enduring presence, because it is their intention to supplant these people, as if they had always been these people and these people were never really even here or anywhere at any time ever and ‘we don’t need no stinking DNA’.

These people, if people they be, have been at this venture of historical revision and the suppression of damning evidence for a long, long time; despite being thrown out of every country in the world at least once for the same general reasons. This chronic repetition of bad behavior is now chalked up to an enduring victimization of the chosen issue of God by a series of unwelcoming and intolerant hosts. Despite commanding and owning a large portion of the slaving ships, they are painted as the courageous and tireless workers for civil rights in all the countries, where they caused the disparities in treatment in the first place. This is the reason for co-opting all of the civil rights organizations and every organization that deals with every new sexual predilection that comes along. This is also why they are in charge of defining art and controlling who succeeds in that area of endeavor. This, naturally, has led to controlling the majority of the media, entertainment and publishing empires of the world. All of this is proof positive that the truth is anti-Semitic, although they are not Semitic, in the main, but simply engaged in genociding and replacing the people who are. All of this was accomplished by controlling the flow of currency and charging interest for its use.

These facts are indisputable but have been hidden from the mind of the general population. Unfortunately, The Apocalypse is not permitting that to endure any longer and there is a mad scramble to contain a force of revelation that cannot be contained. These are the circumstances in which we find ourselves today. The spontaneous revolutions that are manifesting like an outbreak of acne in all the parts of the world, where they have previously ruled, from behind the scenes with an iron hand, are all evidence of the force of The Apocalypse and it will not be denied.

All of this makes for dicey possibilities in the near future, as the turning of the cosmic wheels gets ever more deeply engaged in the sorting out that is necessary for the entrance of a new age. Given the predispositions of these people, if people they be, and the bread and butter mindset of those serving them, we’re looking at all sorts of potential for mayhem and madness. Jesus’ own Michelin Tire Man, the redoubtable John Hagee, is only one of the corollary priests of disinformation who are busier than African killer bees at the moment.

If it were up to us to solve and settle the hash of this planets enduring criminal class, presently being headed up by The Rothschild banking empire, we might have cause for despair. Unlike ourselves, they possess no restraints of conscience and are deeply imbedded in the woodwork of all of the institutions of the old world. They are the driving force behind all of the Draconian laws, gratuitous wars, phony terror concerns, economic failures and just about everything that makes living here, in this moment, such an unpleasant prospect. However, it is not up to us. The cosmic wheels have got the matter in hand and will prove inexorable in respect of the needs of the time. No pun intended but, ‘you can take that to the bank’.

The personal requirements of this period are to concern ourselves only with interior efforts to reach a higher understanding and leave the external details to the forces who know what needs to be done according to that higher math and ‘mysterious workings’ of which we know very little. It’s all happening right in front of your eyes and it’s all very much about redressing ancient wrongs that have been secured against this moment from the moment they first began to happen. Alpha and Omega are about to do the tango. It may take two but there is only one.

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