Polls Show People Aren’t Buying Establishment B.S. – #PropagandaWatch

James Corbett – The Corbett Report Oct 2, 2019


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5 responses to “Polls Show People Aren’t Buying Establishment B.S. – #PropagandaWatch”

  1. You don’t need a cure for obesity. It isn’t a disease. It’s a choice of the individual. Cut down on calorie intake and make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in through exercise. Voila – no obesity.

  2. A classic case of survey lies, was Winston Churchill voted in a Murdoch newspaper as the Greatest Englishman.
    First he was not an Englishman but a jew, second he was hated just more that Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, Cambridge mag polled 1000 people, proving the Murdoch press liars.
    Second a petition to prosecure Nutenyahu for war crimes reached almost 1 milion
    but the UK government said there was no public interest in this.Third the press keep saying the public wanted Homosexuality legalised, wrong, New Labour had a remit from israel to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year, anything that endangers kids
    is heavily frowned on by the public.

  3. The more successful the alt media is to rewriting the narrative the more likely the powers that be are to launch an even bigger false flag giving themselves greater power to squash dissent.

    The owners are simply not going to allow the little people the right to think for themselves.

    The owners do not believe in your right to free speech or the right to defend yourself.

    The owners toy with the population like a cat does with a mouse.

    They do not care how many people they kill or injure, they are not human like the rest of us, they lack empathy for their fellow man. Look at what they have done thus far and do not fool yourself based on normalcy bias:

    wIKIPEDIA “The normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a belief people hold when the possibility of a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects, because people believe that things will always function the way things normally have functioned.”

    The potential for a 3 Nov 2019 Nuclear False Flag Seattle is great because the subconscious mind has been seeded with this information, and that the powers that be are desperate to reign in free thought on the internet. They want to shut us down.

    Caution Seattle! A False Flag Attack is planed on 3/11. To all people living in Seattle. Part 2

  4. Banking, politics, msm and academia. These are the four, main institutions, in all lands the Jew has invaded, that they take over and control. They do this first through infiltrating the aristocracy and imposing their control.
    The msm and academia become the vehicles through which they promote their deceit.
    Banking and politics are the vehicles they wage their wars and control public opinion.
    They are a truly vile, insidious organism, who care only for their tribe, playing father against son, mother against daughter, neighbour against neighbour through the lies they promote in their establishments they’ve took complete control of.

    Tonight I watched a movie on Jew Tube. I can’t recall the name. out of nowhere, from what was a semi enjoyable cop movie, the assassin, played by Peter Stormare begins to tell a story of his grandfather who was a German soldier. He stated that he wished he’d been sent to the front, but I could see where it was going. Instead we hear he was sent to a concentration camp and then I heard of separating mothers from children before executing them, blah, blah and I switched off. I had no interest after that. It had nothing to do with the movie or the character, but was thrown in to keep the public indoctrinated on WW2. A typical Jewish ploy of continued hate against the German peoples, that they continue to write the holocaust into almost every single film and documentary that’s released.

    And this is what they do. They have completely taken over the narrative of history. It is now theirs, like putty in their hands to mould into whatever form they so desire and the gullible goyim, will believe whatever they’re fed, no longer sceptical or even concerned that they’re being deceived every second of the day.
    As I have previously stated, the goys now worship the Jews. They have submitted, wholeheartedly to Talmudism. They worship Mammon. They eat lies and deceit and in turn speak it without care. Jewish history is now their history and they rally to the call of anti semite like rabid dogs, eager to be let loose on the culprits to rip into shreds.

    When football, the life of some dead-head celebrity and the ramblings of some MK Ultra, beta kitten singer is more important than the survival of their civilisation, you know the Jew has won.

  5. James, according to the latest poll, you are 100% right! The official story usually functions as your initial inoculation. From then on you will need the occasional “booster shot”. A poll gives the powers that be an opportunity to state the official narrative again and again ad nauseam. Sometimes they don’t even need a poll. They will just segue into the official narrative through other means.

    Take the assassination of Osama bin Ladin, by Seal Team 6, in 2011, for instance. Most of us know he actually died before the end of 2001. However, they keep reminding us of the official story by reporting on his wife or son or some other connection that seems innocuous, at first, until you realize you have just been “propagandized” again.

    As always, thanks for your insight. Your comments resonate with me because you speak the truth, my friend…