BullShit US “Travel Advisory” Punishes Nicaragua

henrymakow.com – Jan 13, 2020

US Travel Advisory —  Reconsider travel to Nicaragua due to civil unrest, crime, limited healthcare availability, and arbitrary enforcement of laws. Throughout Nicaragua, armed and violent uniformed police or civilians in plain clothes acting as police (“para-police”) continue to target anyone considered to be in opposition to the rule of President Ortega. 
The Zionist right-wing of the Illuminati want to remove Daniel Ortega much like Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela. They are behind the attempted color revolution in April 2018. I am visiting Nicaragua and can vouch that the country is peaceful and charming. The disturbances ended 18 months ago. As Stephen Coleman comments, its murder rate is half that of Costa Rica. The people are friendly and law-abiding. Healthcare is free or subsidized. But they are suffering because of the Travel Advisory’s effect on tourism. Many US ex-pats like author Gabriel, below, who have small tourist-related businesses also suffer.
Gabriel says Ortega has been good for Nicaragua and Zionist occupied US is out-of-line as usual. 
See Marcos’ Rebuttal Below

The Destabilization of Nicaragua

by Gabriel — (henrymakow.com) 

Last year there was a revolution that very few people heard about. The powers that be came down hard on Nicaragua, and its President Daniel Ortega.
This story needs sharing. It is a very different story than the propaganda about Nicaragua that’s been on display in the mainstream media going on two years.
220px-Daniel_Ortega_(cropped).jpg Daniel Ortega is the former commander of the Nicaraguan Guerrilla Army. His army fought off the Contras and the Somoza dictatorships during the 1980s. Ortega became the President of Nicaragua for the first time in 1985 until 1990. In 2007, he became the president again. Then in 2011, Ortega was again elected, receiving 62% of the votes.
During the time after Ortega took office, the county improved in many areas. Under President Ortega, Nicaragua’s infrastructure improved; the poor were better off; Ortega got extra tough on narco-trafficking, and his administration encouraged and attracted tourism. Nicaragua is still one of the top three safest countries in Central America. In Nicaragua, there is considerably less violence than in its neighboring countries.



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2 responses to “BullShit US “Travel Advisory” Punishes Nicaragua”

  1. Socialism/Communism has destroyed Venezuela and practically ever other country in the world. Venezuela is destroyed. Maduro has done for his country.

  2. nr, bullshit, neoliberalism is the reason those countries don’t get ahead and socialism taught millions of Venezuelans to read which is aiding sovereignty and the right to self determination.
    What happened in Bolivia is a prime example of how neoliberalism works. You do know neoliberalism stems from communist roots, throw in a bit of fascism and what have you got? USA USA USA.
    When the Romans used it look what happened to them so don’t be so smug ol chap watching the downfall of uncle scam is a sight to behold while little Venezuela will grow from strength to strength.