Swedish Women Experience Mass Rape By Immigrant Invaders

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org Oct 1, 2017

The mass rape of German Women in the aftermath of WW II is now the plight of Swedish women

Remember: the same Swedish authorities who do not want to hear rape charges against immigrant invaders made by white Swedish women are the authorities who launched accusations of rape against Julian Assange for consensual relations with two eager groupies.

The Chairman of Sweden’s automobile production Company, Volvo, says that immigrant crime imported into Sweden by the Swedish government is so high that Volvo might have to move out of Sweden in order to conduct its business.

His factual acknowledgement of the crime that the treasonous Swedish government, a collection of some of the most evil and stupid people on earth, has committed against Sweden could lead to the indictment of the Swedish Chairman of Volvo as a “racist.”

This is not a far-fetched supposition. My column, which is read internationally, brings me emails from Swedish women who say that if they report their rape by dark-skinned “immigrants” unleashed on the Swedish population by a treasonous government, they risk being prosecuted, because a protest against an immigrant is regarded as a hate crime. Throughout the Western World, third world immigrants have power over the ethnic populations that “host” them. The entirety of the Western World is ceasing to exist as countries dissolve into preferential treatment for invaders.

Volvo Chairman says company might have to move out of Sweden as crime is so high.


Notice that political correctness has found its way into RT’s report, which does not mention that migrant invaders are the source of the exploding crime rate. RT has to comply with Washington’s orders or be banned from reporting in America.

Watch the 9 minute video here on the extreme lengths to which political correctness has been taken in Sweden: https://youtu.be/iERLyAxddVE

Information on the migrant invader crime wave: https://sputniknews.com/europe/201805081064240083-sweden-rape-migrants/


Swedes are so brainwashed by multiculturalism they are unable to come to grips with the problem: https://sputniknews.com/europe/20180206/1061402260.html

Swedish police officer speaks the truth about migrant invader crime and is—you guessed it—investigated by the police. https://sputniknews.com/europe/20180215/1061687084.html

Sweden Has Been Destroyed By Diversity and Political Correctness.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

13 responses to “Swedish Women Experience Mass Rape By Immigrant Invaders”

  1. These men pushed out of their homes in the Middle East by israeli wars
    have only ever seen women covered from head to toe, when they see how lovely our women are, they literally go mental.
    A petition in the UK to send back to country of origin all sex offenders, brought almost 2 million signatures, double that to get Churchills face from our banknotes, and double the amount to prosecute Nutenyahu for genocide war crimes and world terrorism.
    Petitions dont work in the UK, maybe they would in a democrasy ?

  2. While I’m NO national socialist, I thought it would be appropriate to state that this, THIS very situation that’s taken hold of Sweden (and the rest of the west, just not quite as bad, yet) was the VERY thing that Hitler fought to prevent from happening. And British, American and French people happily went off to war with Germany and prevented Hitler from stopping what we now live under today – COMMUNISM.

    Who cares that the Bolshevik Jews, murdered millions upon millions of Christian Russians and their royal family? They’re a persecuted people who can do no wrong. So let’s unite with them, to murder our own people and create a war that will murder over 100 million, allow the future hell of mass immigration into our lands to destroy it and the enforcement of political correctness upon us all, which inevitably is Jew doctrine and control over the non Jew. And regardless whatever people tell you of the Jew, it’s not them, not at all. They’re innocent. It’s just a tiny minority within the elites who are behind this. This mantra you parrot ignorantly.

    Sweden is lost.
    What people fail to see, is that Sweden’s NON Swedish population is growing at an exponential rate. “But they are Swedish” says the lefty, indigenous Swede. “They were born here so are rightfully Swedish” again, parrots the moron of Jewish political correctness indoctrination. “They behave as they do because of white oppression of them and exploitation of their lands” continues the loony left.
    Not only are people fighting against this insanity, but it’s only a matter of decades before the non Jewish population is in charge, through the use of democracy (they’d never allow in their lands) to destroy their democracy and enforce their way of life upon them, in this case a Muslim state under Sharia.
    And where will all the homosexual men be, if not swinging from trees? And the lesbians too, forced into marriage, to cook and clean for the immigrant Muslim, wear a burkha and pump out 4 or so Muhammadans?

    All of this is a convenient smokescreen to the real problem that Sweden and the rest of the west faces – procreation rates amongst the non indigenous.

    Sweden can rot for all I care. Once the lefty morons are being raped en mass, afterwards their throats cut and left in some ditch will the rest of the fools actually begin to wake up. Sure, they’re the products of Jew indoctrination, but not everyone submits to Marxism do they? Some are bright enough to see it for what it really is. No sympathy for the weak minded and the Swedes have lost theirs.

    It’s a dead land.
    They are the walking dead.
    It’s going to get much much worse. The mass rapes are only the beginning. Soon the mass murders will follow, which quite frankly is the result of people giving up on their culture, nation and people and submitting to the doctrine of Talmudism. When you worship the Jew, you die.

  3. Mass rape or theft of local women had happened in every colonized country, this is beginning of colonization. Every colonization was initiated by men, they needed (local) women for survival. Gangsters Columbus, Pizarro, Cortes faced this problem and they took Indian women (princesses). A century later English settlers invading North America also stole Indian women. This pattern was copied in other places: Africa, Austrialia, India, Pacific, etc.
    We don’t know how many children George Washington had. We may suspect that most of them were black. But Blacks are not human 🙂
    No worries. this is beginnign of colonization.

  4. As usual PC Roberts doesn’t say a word about the Jews behind these evils.

    It’s bankster Jews who instigate and finance the immigrant invasions along with the wars, mass shootings, terror, and madness.

    The plans documented in the Protocols of Zion over 100 years ago have been proven to be real again and again as plan after plan became reality after reality –

  5. In the old day each and one of the psycho-tards, masquerading as “government officials” would have been arrested by the people and hung on site, no trail needed.

  6. Time isn’t that far, Swedish women will ask for a refugee status in Southern Europe. Sweden is a Soros and Co. pray. The press there is owned to 95% by the tribe. Southern Europe is unfortunately for them not ready to receive such women why most of them are communist lefties hidden und the name of progressif socialism. By Sweden, by.

  7. “It’s a dead land.
    They are the walking dead.
    It’s going to get much much worse.
    The mass rapes are only the beginning.
    Soon the mass murders will follow,
    When you worship the Jew, you die.”

    100% true statement. Why are the Sweded the walking dead? Because they worship the Jew. Why would people way up in the northlands of Europe even care about Jews or even know where Israel is located?

    The answer is the Holy Bible, Swedes are Christians. Until recently 100% of Sweden was Christian. (BTW – Many of them migrated to Minnesota)

    Wiki “Religion in Sweden is diversified. Christianity was the religion of virtually all of the Swedish population from the 12th to the early 20th century, but it has rapidly declined throughout the late 20th and early 21st century. In 2015, legally registered Christians comprised 69.9% of the total population.[1][2]

    Religions in Sweden (2015)[1][2]
    Church of Sweden (63.2%)
    Other Protestants (3.8%)
    Eastern Orthodox Churches (1.3%)
    Catholic Church (1.2%)
    Other Christian denominations (0.3%)
    Islam (1.4%)
    Other religions (0.3%)
    Unaffiliated (28.4%)

    The Lutheran Church of Sweden — which was the state religion until 2000 — has a registered membership of 5.9 million Swedish citizens as of 2018, equal to 57.7% of the total population.”

    So in Sweden located way the hell away from the Middle East these people are all in love with the Holy Bible and Israel. That, in my opinion, is why the Swedes are dead.

    Jesus didn’t save them. Belief in Jesus fooled them. I say those are true words, what do you say?

    Salvation will be through a right wing militant party that overcomes the spells of the Jew Bible. The Swedes will suffer until they wake up, then they will have to fight for their lives, which is why Sweden is being flooded with non-Swedes so they can’t fight back. The Jews know exactly what they are doing while the dumbed down Swedes are without a clue and no plan (just like everyone else).

    Here is the bottom line with your DNA survival, if your country gets a chance to fight back you must not be sympathetic to these stupid Christians cucked to the Jews, you MUST drive all the invaders out and put all the Jews to death. If you show any mercy whatsoever then you don’t deserve to live – because you are keeping the cancer alive and passing it on to the next generation.

    This is one of the big reasons the fake Holocaust is pushed – so you never realize that in fact you must do the Holocaust (for real) in order to survive.

  8. Let us hope, that only those carrying placard, “Refugees Welcome” got pack raped !

  9. When will the owner of this website whinge about the rape statistics of his home country, South Africa…. or maybe that’s what he’s ashamed of and trying to hide.

  10. Because South Africa is not, and never was, the “home country” for the owner of this website. More to the point, this website hasn’t ignored the rampant crime and social disintegration now unfolding in South Africa.

  11. Bloody insanity. A country full of weak, brain-washed, duped morons who went for the idiocy of “multi-culturalism”. The Swedes SHOULD be executing the politicians and media talking heads who helped sell the demise and destruction of the country and they should be kicking the ever living shit out of every criminal nigger in sight, but instead they bend over, grab their ankles, and have “Welcome Refugees” scrawled on their asses. Hopeless idiots.

    @Patrick “Colonization”?? Not quite, dipshit. See, colonizers in the past were led by men with ambition, brains, and balls. I’m not saying their subjugation of the native populations nor liberties with the native women were necessarily moral, but there’s a HUGE difference between colonization in history versus the forced migration of today. Columbus, Cortes, Pizarro, they were leaders with brains and ambition. The niggers and dune coons being shit out all over Europe, Scandinavia, and North America are wretched savages, most of them literally retarded, with NOTHING to offer except violence, crime, disease, misery, and destruction of cultures far more advanced than the shit-holes they came from. It is, in fact, the opposite of colonization.

    @Danny Wall I have been a reader of this site for years and can attest that Mr. Stewart has frequently posted pieces that pointed out the degradation of, and situation in, South Africa. I fail to see that Rixon has tried to hide anything of the sort, but rather has, in fact, done the opposite.

  12. Are you from South Africa or not? Or are you just ashamed to admit it now? Mind you, if I was a male from a country whose rape statistics make Sweden’s look like a weekend at a yoga retreat, I too would keep it quiet.

  13. So what if I was from South Africa? I’m not but so what if I was? In fact I was born and grew up in Britain and left in my teens to travel around Southern Africa. So I lived in South Africa, during apartheid and under Mandela, as well as Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Swaziland.

    More to the point: what are you? Are you an Israeli government Internet troll? Are you trying to discredit any site that criticises Israel by acting as an agent provocateur? If you are trying to discrediet me by linking me with South Africa’s horrific rape rate you are going to have to try harder. From here on I shall ignore ridiculous postings.