Meet The Ex Cop Who Fled To Russia: John Mark Dougan Interview

Shaun Attwood – Sept 30, 2019

4 responses to “Meet The Ex Cop Who Fled To Russia: John Mark Dougan Interview”

  1. If its true that Ghislane Maxwell was the cutout between Rothschild/Mossad and Epstein
    then why is she not in prison ?
    The ex army communications expert Chris Cooper tapped the phones of Robert Maxwell
    and whistleblew about his criminal activities, Maxwell would like to walk on the roof of the Daily Mirror building and piss through the rail down on passers by, he thought so little of
    non jews, he was even reported when drunk to throw excreta down on them.
    We need to have a big clear out of jews in prominent positions , working against our country is a major crime

  2. To refuge in Russia with love. This posting is just one more reason why the entire Western establishment has to be flushed.

  3. FYI: There is no such thing as an honorably discharged ‘Ex Marine.”


  4. What, that jarhead couldn’t find someplace to sit down for this interview? His video is so shaky it looks like he’s having a seizure.