Feminism Has Ruined Women and Damaged Men

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org Sept 30, 2019

My recent article, “No Motherhood, No People”  (https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/09/28/no-motherhood-no-people/ ) resulted in some perceptive comments.  Here is one slightly edited comment:

“It’s sadly ironic that “feminism” has such disdain for femininity.  Our society now heaps the most praise on women when they exhibit traditionally male traits such as strength, independence and excellence in STEM occupations.  The woman who wants to marry and devote herself to being a good wife and mother, making home a safe and happy place to be, is ignored or disdained by the media.   

“It’s okay for a woman to be gorgeous and have lots of sex appeal as it’s another form of power, but to devote herself to her family and sacrifice for her children, is now considered embarrassingly old-fashioned.  It is universally understood that a happy childhood is the main key to creating happy, productive adults, but motherhood is being delegitimised.

“Could this be because our overlords want to create a loveless society where every man and woman are looking out only for #1?  

“Mothers most of all LOVE, and good mothers (and fathers) raise children who are also capable of forming strong, lasting bonds with other people, and creating their own happy families some day.  Love strengthens us, and the bigger our network of loved ones, the safer we are.  We thrive when our lives are filled with laughter, intimacy, companionship, knowing that we matter, and that we will always matter, even when we can no longer care for ourselves.  

“On a material level, when one falls, the others can raise him up, so no crisis need ever be permanent.  For a person on their own, the loss of a job or a serious illness can drag them down so low that they may never recover.  This is, of course, what our satanic rulers want: for us to be isolated, scared and vulnerable.  

“Another disturbing trend is the state intervening between parents and child and superseding the parents in determining what is right for the child. For example, a woman who had just given birth refused the Vitamin K shot for her baby, and the nurse then left the room with the just-born infant, rather than letting the parents immediately hold her.  It was 12 awful hours before they got their newborn back.  It’s part of a trend. Parental rights are being trampled.  The state, we are told, knows better than parents what is best for their child. 

“I believe the ultimate goal of driving women towards careers and unattached sex is to destroy the family and eventually have children being born (possibly from test tubes) who have no parents and belong only to the state.  Children  outsourced to preschool, nannies and daycare, are not encultrated into family life.”

The family is under attack from more sources than feminism. Economic pressures have forced wives and mothers into the work force.  Formerly the rule was that corporations had equal responsibilities to the workforce, customers, communities and shareholders. This rule gave way to the argument that corporations only have responsibility to shareholders.  This new rule was enforced by Wall Street’s threat to finance takeovers of any company that did not do everything to maximize profits.  Consequenty, today the only beneficiaries of corporations are shareholders.  Wages are suppressed by jobs offshoring and work visas, benefits are cut, and a person’s job can disappear without a moment’s notice. Economic insecurity forces wives and mothers out of their role of providing household services into the male role of providing money.

Child Protective Services, a gestapo state organization created by wicked “child advocates,” has undermined parental authority over children. So many things now qualify as “child abuse” that children can retaliate against parental authority by calling CPS.  The consequence for the child and the parents can be draconian, and this realization by parents shifts power to the child.

Recently I linked to a Russian’s view of why the modern family breaks up. He said that feminism has turned marriage into a power struggle.  The woman seizes power by making the child an idol and herself his priestess, leaving the man as an economic appendage.  “As a result, the entire family structure is destroyed, and the man leaves the family to find a place where he feels more comfortable. Thus the family falls apart.” https://russia-insider.com/en/culture/patriarchy-preserves-families-feminism-destroys-them/ri27459  I have seen many cases of this.  It is probably the main reason that middle class wives are becoming single mothers.

Stefan Molyneux on What Feminism Has Done to Women


Molyneux makes some good points about the damage feminism has done to women.  Unfortunately, to illustrate the damage he uses the feminist propagandistic portrayal of men whose interest in women is alleged to be limited to their vagina.  Perhaps this is the case with promiscuous men, known in my day as “womanizers” and to the English as “rakes,” but most men want a loving, mutually supportive relationship.  Men are really happy if their woman occasionally takes the sexual initiative so that they don’t always feel like supplicants and if she is passionate in their love-making.

Feminism has made such a relationship harder and harder for men to find.  Indoctrinated by feminism, a woman regards her vagina as the source of her power, and expects to be paid for access whether she is a wife or one of the millions of young college girls serving as concubines to financially successful men in exchange for educational and living expenses. The college girls are selling sexual services, but the wife is also being paid. For example, her pay is her husband’s acquiescence to her having the family decision making authority.  She decides where they go on vacation. What house they live in, the schools the children go to, when the kitchen and bathrooms are renovated, who their friends are.  The price of resistance is a cold wife.

I don’t know how marriage is understood today.  Once it was understood as a sexual contract for life that fostered faithfulness and legitimate children. Today it is no longer a sexual contract. The wife can refuse sexual access, and if the husband proceeds in the act, he can be sentenced to prison for “wife rape.”  In former times, wife rape would have been an unimaginable crime.  It is a new crime invented by feminism.  All it takes for an angry woman to turn consensual sex into rape is an accusation. In these socially destructive ways, feminism empowers women.

Feminists have so damaged the relationship between men and women that the institution of marriage seems to be faltering. Marriage is one of the essential glues of social cohesion. There is no gain to either gender from a breakdown in social cohesion.

Feminism, large scale third world immigration, and identity politics are destroying social cohesion throughout the Western world.  The civilization is really falling apart at the seams. People have some awareness of this.  They have the numbers but are without leaders to organize the numbers into a mass resistance to feminists and identity politics, which have taken over the educational system and are enculturating the young with socially destructive attitudes

For the entirely of the Western world, the end seems near in many respects.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

4 responses to “Feminism Has Ruined Women and Damaged Men”

  1. These problems were apparent to many back with women’s liberation in the 1960’s. With the orchestrated changes from the secular elites, through their corporate media, their highly-controlled entertainment industry, and through government and educational institutions, it was not just gratuitous sex which was promoted. The entire push was to deliberately disrupt the family system. The ZPG hype which motivated a lot of the thinking with all of these official organs of our short-sighted and shallow-minded establishment was no different than all the crap we have heard from them for the last 10 years about man-made global warming. The anti-family, anti-child people running things everywhere are in my view totally unconvertable, and are the greatest enemies to the entire human race, and themselves far more deadly than any plague or toxin they are planning to use to reduce world population . If a revolution should come, for all the suffering and harm they have done, they should be at the top of the list for replacement.

  2. Just when you think PCR is waking up:

    “Feminism, large scale third world immigration, and identity politics are destroying social cohesion throughout the Western world.”

    And who’s behind all of this Paul? Any ideas? Nope? I think you do but I suppose you’d better not mention the word ‘Jew’, after all you really don’t want to be called an anti Semite do you? I mean, how are you going to make your $ if you’re not holding the Jews in high esteem? Your civilisation is going to hell in a hand cart, but you mustn’t offend the Jews, eh Paul?

    “Child Protective Services, a gestapo state organization……”
    Why mention of this Paul? Can you tell me if the German gestapo actually went around removing children from German families? The Jews aren’t included as they’ve never been Germans. Tell me, did the RUSSIANS do this? Did the communist Stasi in Germany do this?
    Again, article that completely ignores communism but has a dig at national socialism. It’s all getting rather tiresome. I’m not even a national socialist but it always amazes me, when people write as they do, attacking Hitler, national socialism and the German people, when, had we NOT gone to war with Hitler and Germany, united to destroy Russia and the Jewish control of everything, WE WOULDN’T BE IN THE MESS WE’RE IN TODAY!!!!!

    The enemy is, always has been and always will be the Jews. There are no other enemies. Even the dead head, suicidal lefty indigenous are what they are because of Jew indoctrination and brainwashing.
    Remove the Jew and you have your society back.
    Don’t remove the Jew and you lose it.
    Bit of a no brainer decision isn’t it?

  3. How much more lunacy can the world take from women who no longer want to be femine? Hens have not given their consent to roosters – is now rape, lol.

    ‘Trans-Feminist’ Vegan Group Releases Pro-Chicken Video Where Hens Are Separated by Roosters Who Rape Them Without Consent

    “Almas Veganas, a vegan group from Girona, Spain, are an anti-speciesist and transfeminist group who were recently seen in a viral video separating hens from cockerels and smashing eggs because they didn’t ‘want the hens to be raped.’ The group from the north-east of Spain, in Catalonia, surprised social media users with their actions but expressed a desire to prevent the hens from being subjected to rape from the cockerels. They also pointed to issues concerning the hens’ abilities to consent.”

    What we are witnessing is the collapse of civilization in real time. The rise of civilization starts from hard work ethnic with males and females being the norm. As society prospers and wealth accumulates people don’t have to extremely hard just to eat, then slovenly behavior starts to creep in. Males and females start to lose their identity.

    When monetary debasement and inflation kicks in, people don’t have to work at all because they can borrow from the future value of their home, and gays start to dominate because men have low testosterone levels and start tolerating alternative sexual identities. Men become effeminate and women become feminists and hate real men.

    As civilization crests and rolls over, everything is cheapened and every value is overturned. Quality products become cheap plastic junk, every product is engineered under the planed obsolescence consumeristic society keeping the GDP at the biggest number – a charade of prosperity. The work ethic gone, the illegals pile in to get the free welfare and everything goes to hell. Chicks now look like boys and protest rooster rape.

    Where we are is in the slide over the cliff – the necessary reset of civilization – but we have yet to have the big crash like 1929. Increasing homelessness and cities turning into slums is a leading sign of the crash to come. The whole system is on the edge of implosion.

  4. Men are physically uncontrollable. It is the basic nature of man to sometimes act physically inappropriate. Instead of using words, men can really resort to violence.

    Women are emotionally uncontrollable. It is the basic nature of a woman to sometimes base their decisions on emotion rather than logic. Instead of using their brains, they use their heart.

    This is why men and women, although equal in status, have different roles in Abrahamic society. That’s not to say that women cannot preform the duties of a man and vice-versa. There is always room for compromise when it is the only option or best option for survival. But compromise should not become the norm.

    We have made compromise the norm. The media pushes compromise as empowerment. And the media tells you it’s normal.