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RT – Sept 30, 2019

Houthis and captured Saudi armoured vehicle. Click to enlarge

Yemeni Houthi rebels have released footage of what they say was a victorious offensive on the border with Saudi Najran province. It shows scores of captured military troops, including what seem to be Saudi officers, and hardware.

The footage was broadcast on the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV channel on Sunday. The video features a Houthi spokesman explaining the details of the military operation, which they’d dubbed ‘Victory from God,’ as well as live action footage from the ground.

The offensive began a couple of days ago but is said to have been planned over several months. Three Saudi-led brigades were ultimately led into a major ambush, the spokesman claimed. The battle against the brigades – said to be some 7,000-strong in total – took place on Yemeni soil close to the border with the Saudi Arabian province of Najran.

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Commentary – Sept 30, 2019

As more reports come in it begins to look as if the Houthi rebels have indeed scored some battlefield success against the Saudi-led forces. The above RT report only adds to this. However, that’s not what the BBC would have you believe.
Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the BBC suggests otherwise. Without offering any evidence, the BBC insinuates that the videos and footage fail to conclusively show a Houthi rebel victory.
According to a BBC in a report entitled “Houthi rebels video fails to prove Saudi troop capture claim”:
“… the video broadcast on Sunday instead shows what appear to be rebels firing at vehicles on a road.
“This is followed by footage of several burnt-out vehicles, as well as assorted light weaponry laid out on the ground and a group of men not in military uniforms marching down a dirt road.”
What the BBC fails to say is that the Saudis have recruited and paid some local tribesmen to do the fighting; directed by Saudi commanders — who are in turn assisted by UK/US “military advisors and contractors” — in far away command centres.
That’s why the footage shows “a group of men not in military uniforms marching down a dirt road”. They are not professional soldiers but locally recruited mercenaries.
The BBC fails to point this out because in this instance it is promoting disinformation on behalf of the Saudis.
This is what BBC viewers pay for when they pay their compulsory annual TV licence fee, they are helping subsidise propaganda broadcast for the ruling Saudi regime.