Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered

Peter Walker – The Guardian Sept 29, 2019

The government is “looking very seriously” at making vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils and has taken advice on how such a law could work, the health secretary has said.

Matt Hancock, a vehement critic of anti-vaccination campaigners, has previously suggested such a plan. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative party conference, he said he was “very worried” by falling vaccination rates, indicating the government could act soon.

“I’ve said before that we should be open minded, and frankly, what I’d say is that when the state provides services to people then it’s a two-way street – you’ve got to take your responsibilities too,” Hancock told the Q&A session hosted by the Huffington Post.

“So I think there’s a very strong argument for having compulsory vaccinations for children when they go to school, because otherwise they’re putting other children at risk.

“Then I’d want to make it very easy if the children do arrive at school not vaccinated, simply to get vaccinated, and make it the norm. But I think there’s a very strong argument for movement to compulsory vaccination, and I think the public would back us.”

Several US states, including California, have introduced such laws for state school pupils but also faced lengthy legal challenges.

Asked about such potential opposition in the UK, Hancock said: “Actually, I’ve received advice inside government this week on how we might go about it, and I’m looking very seriously at it.”

The UK has lost its official measles-free country status from the World Health Organization after a gradual fall in rates of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) immunisation.

Figures released earlier this week showed that for vaccinations administered at the ages of 12 months, 24 months and five years, there has been a marked decline for 13 different diseases, including whooping cough, diphtheria and meningitis.

Hancock said this was “a serious problem” and added: “It’s unbelievable, I think, that Britain has lost its measles-free status, and it should be a real wake-up call. I think that the social media companies have got a lot to answer for, because they allow the spread of anti-vaccine messages.

“I will do whatever I can – the science is absolutely clear and settled on the importance of vaccination. And the worst thing is that if you don’t vaccinate your child, and you can, then the person you’re putting at risk is not only your child but it’s also the child who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons.”

Hancock said that vaccination rates below 95% lost the so-called herd immunity effect, and thus put at risk children unable to be vaccinated, for example those undergoing treatment for cancer.

He added: “You’ve got to make sure the system would work, because some children can’t be vaccinated and some may hold very strong religious convictions that you’d want to take into account, but frankly, the proportion of people in either of these categories is tiny, compared to the 7% or 8% now who don’t get vaccinated.”

Hancock first raised the idea of compulsory vaccinations in May, saying he did not wish to do it but might be forced to act if no other solutions to improve take-up rates could be found.

He said: “Those who have promoted the anti-vaccination myth are morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible and have blood on their hands.”

Confidence in the MMR vaccination seems to have dropped at least partly in response to social media misinformation and scare stories. The discredited claims of Andrew Wakefield, who in 1998 theorised that the jab was linked to autism, are widely circulated.

Wakefield was struck off the medical register in 2010 after suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.


8 responses to “Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered”

  1. Hancock is a demented tyrant in search of some subjects.

    From the perspective of this professional researcher, the claims of Andrew Wakefield are far from discredited since they were verified by subsequent American research. Secondly, it is ridiculous to measure a country’s health status as “measles-free” by any other measure than the actual number of case of Measles. It has been shown in several studies that some children who have received MMR still get measles and, many children who have not received MMR do not develop the disease.

  2. The problem is not the individuals who contest the mandatory imposition of healthcare- it is that the very healthcare mandated is often fraudulent, corrupt and without any redeemable value- it simply doesn’t work or often actually exacerbates the problem. That is not to say that vaccines as a principal may be appropriate, it is that the current vaccine protocol and institutions which push these tortious products are simply a criminal construct. They should be shut down as Italy has recently done with its vaccine program.

    The MMR vaccine which was approved in 1978 is a case in point. That vaccine was tested on a mere 808 subjects and after only seven weeks some 64% of subjects contracted a respiratory infection and 43% contracted GI tract infections- the same GI tract infects that Andrew Wakefield researched, published a paper in 1988 in Lancet and for which he lost his license because he contradicted the vaccine religion. His inquisition was one for the history books. His inquisition pails in comparison to the ushering in of the autism epidemic caused by the vaccine protocol, the immune suppression and the MMR vaccine which causes the very GI tract infections which are associated with autism spectrum disorder.

    In addition to the fraudulent/criminal MMR approval cited above, Dr. Stephen Thompson of the CDC became a whistleblower in the fraudulent epidemiological study contucted by the CDC to clear the MMR as the culprit in the high rates of autism in young black males in the United States. Thompson’s whistleblowing gave rise to the documentary VAXXED, which has received universal acclaim from all parties not beholden to the vaccine religionists. Robert DeNiro was to show VAXXED at the Tribecca Film Festival, but he was apparently shut down by Board Members who also had relationships with a New York University medical system. Dr. Thompson’s whistleblowing activities should not be confused with the earlier criminal conduct of Dr. Paul Thorsen, who cleared the vaccines from autism in studies never conducted, but paid for (Thorsen spiritied away the funds and unsurprisingly provided the favorable report which was paid for).

    All of these facts and activities provided parents with enough reason to delay or even avoid MMR vaccination. In response, the essentially worthless MSM, proceeded to conduct a psyop hysterically indicating a measles epidemic when several hundred cumulative cases surfaced in Anaheim California (at Disney World) and in Rockland County and Brooklyn New York in the hasidic Satmar community. Note that the MSM continued to parrot its criminal narrative that the MMR and vaccines do not cause autism and failed to inform the public that upregulated vitamin A (cod liver oil) concentrations represent a particularly effective therapy for measles.

    There are many more examples of fraud,criminality and selective/disingenuous reporting to provide any number of intelligent observers to question the outcomes and motivations of these programs.

    Of course, this can all be fixed. But you first have to start by firing most/all of the usual suspects.

  3. Thank you for posting this article. I am totally opposed to vaccinations since my children were vaccine damaged. Fortunately, they survived. We have so many people running around the world today calling for “choice, choice” but when it comes to vaccinations, they want to make it compulsory.

    They need to be told to take their needles and shove them. On line book for you to read or copy is: The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean.

    We need to teach “health.” We need to teach people how to cleanse the body and how to stay healthy. This is never talked about. All we ever hear is to take a shot for this and a pill for that. Let’s start talking about our health, not their wealth.

  4. It is affront to human rights that a politician like Hancock believes that he can dictate to parents what is in the best interests of their children. He does not have the foggiest idea of the science behind vaccines. He does not know what is in them. He relies totally on advice from Public Health England, an institution heavily lobbied by Big Pharma. In the USA, children must have 49 vaccinations covering 14 different diseases by age 6. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a total of 69 by age 18. This is what the Tory Government plans for the UK. They will try to introduce the US model of healthcare across the board after BREXIT unless we stop them..

  5. Just a thought, I wonder whether the Royal family have their children vaccinated? How about Matt Hancock? Would he have compulsory vaccinations for himself or his family?

  6. Today I had a routine medical appointment.

    The notice boards, the walls and every surface, horizontal and vertical, was taken up with “advertising” for cancer, measles, cancer, MMR vaccine, cancer, Gardasil vaccine, cancer, cancer and still more cancer.

    I can’t believe medically-trained people are unaware of the TRUTH about these poisons they’re pushing, but it’s all about the money. They MUST know the 1939 cancer act effectively makes it ILLEGAL to cure cancer (except in individual cases of course), but their livelihood depends on them “not knowing”.

    They MUST know the MMR vaccine causes autism.

    They MUST know of children (admittedly only a few) literally dropping dead immediately on receiving a Gardasil injection, and that the vaccine can cause infertility, which is why they target the young.

    A relative of mine had his life destroyed by the Hepatitis-B vaccine, given as a condition of employment, when he would never have been at risk of contracting the disease anyway.

    I’ve NEVER had a “flu jab” and haven’t had influenza or anything like it since the mid 1970s, but I’ve personally never known of anyone NOT developing “flu-like” symptoms after getting this vaccine. Point this out to them though, and the brainwashing kicks in, with them saying “Yes, but it would have been a whole lot worse if I HADN’T had the vaccine”. You just can’t fix stupid!

    Influenza is NOT a killer disease except in those few cases where the patient is already seriously weakened, and NOBODY would expect to catch the disease EVERY YEAR.

    David Noakes is currently being persecuted through the legal system for having CURED cancer patients the medical profession had given up on, because he dared to use a non-drug treatment found naturally in the Human body (predictably demonised at this link).


    It’s all about the money, and I suspect that most medical practitioners are fully aware that to tell the truth is to jeopardise the job they trained for so long to get.

    Quack “doctors” (meaning all of them) ARE “the plague”. Avoid them if at all possible.

  7. There are some excellent comments posted above on this piece. The dangerous barrage of toxic injections is a serious threat to children, so responsible parents should consider it very carefully.

    Bloviating jackal Matt Hancock needs to be horse-whipped, rolled in pig shit, and thrown from a cliff.

  8. In 2000, the doctors in Israel went on strike and the death decreased!