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Visible Origami – Sept 29, 2019

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
I was away for a week and in the time I was gone, the force of the lies being fabricated by the US intelligence community and their official mass media news outlets, has noticeably ramped up in speed and virulence. It is astounding! It is astonishing!!! Here is President Trump talking about Biden and his escapade in the Ukraine where he insisted that the Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was looking into Hunter Biden’s shenanigans, OR the Ukraine would not get a billion dollars. NOW… the Democrats are accusing President Trump of collusion with the Ukraine leader and for coming after Biden who did on video what THEY are accusing The President of, with no evidence. President Trump released the entire phone call PROVING that he did not collude and now they are frothing at the mouth about Impeachment. Unreal! They are seeking to impeach the sitting president for THEIR OWN CRIMES!
Once again, because it is VERY IMPORTANT, let me say; the offspring of Materialism is Insanity. Atheism is the religion of Materialism and Satanism is the operating philosophy of Materialism. Let me expand on this a bit. As Materialism intensifies, tissue paper lies become the currency; the actual medium of exchange, sexual practices within the population becomes more and more unnatural and are more and more promoted as Natural. As Materialism intensifies, the family unit is assaulted, the traditional lines between right and wrong and… upon which our entire infrastructure is based, are blurred beyond recognition. Tradition at every level is presented as offensive and a confinement of the free expression of the individual, no matter how perverse that expression might be.
If you are awakened, even partially, you know the world is insane and as materialism increases, the degree of insanity does as well. You must (should) be careful as you move through this world as it presently misrepresents itself; “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” and also; “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves” I presume that most people are unaware of the fact that these are both parts of the same statement, which is; ““Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” How about that?
What you get is the forceful insistence that up is down, back is forth, bad is good and all the experts; the psychologists, the economists, the climatologists and many of the rest of them, who got a piece of paper, which authorizes them to be experts, because they studied theories based on presumptions, that were presented by former experts, on systems of thought that were designed to operate as a science in a culture that is insane. If you do not accommodate to the insane culture, then you are insane for not parroting the prevailing insanity so… therefore you are insane for not being insane.
All of these experts are paid by organizations, be they private industry or government institutions, which require these experts to represent the demands of the status quo; whatever the operating prevarications are, that benefits the system they operates in and ALL OF IT is dedicated to increasing the power and profit of the organizations that they work for. They are paid to say and do what their employers require of them, just as a prostitute serves the needs of the customers, who pay the pimp, for whatever specialized service they are after. They fake their enjoyment, lurching into emptiness, as the flags of deception wave in the poisonous wind, that ushers from the bowels of the Prince of Darkness. This toxic flatulence is the pheromone perfume, which intoxicates the lovers of Gehenna; death writhing in the wilderness of gnashing teeth and wailing supplicants, in search of release …but release will not come; only an ever greater and greater bondage.
Lies… lies everywhere. Climate Change lies, tidal wave their way across the planet. Agents of this illicit garbage are everywhere. They are using autistic children as human shields. Recently I see them sneaking in to Pocketnet, with convoluted and Byzantine commentaries that have all the lasting impact of the Flat Earthers. Pocketnet members, keep your eyes open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not let paid liars and disinfo agents seize your Carpe Diem.
You can’t get away from this Soros financed truth holocaust and meanwhile… whatever the case, THERE ISN’T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Regardless, China and Indonesia are pumping out many, many times the carbon Bigfoot Print of the United States and they aren’t going to stop outputting. They are going to increase to the extent that it is physically possible for them to do.
Links are no longer necessary concerning how toxic the vaccines are but this one may prove to be informative. Here is an article nearly as large as those dedicated to ordaining degenerate, sexual behavior and it’s all about hysteria surrounding children dying when- far and away- the biggest harm is to those who are left alive and condemned with autism and all manner of other debilitating states. As horrible as it may be, at least those who are dead do not have to go on living; in this terrifying go round.
How crazy has it gotten? They are now opening a Vagina Museum. There is Penis Museum in Iceland. There are now CBD infused tampons and if you can imagine ANYTHING, someone is planning on manufacturing it. If you can imagine any act, someone is performing it somewhere, right now; if not in fact, then in their minds. There is a reason for ALL OF THIS. This is a Grand Apocalypse. The entirety of existence is being uncovered, all that was formerly hidden is being revealed.. or about to be. There is a reason that 8 billion people are here now. They may not know what it is but they did prior to their arrival. If you are carnal, all that you could desire is available. If you are spiritual, your opportunity for advancement is greater than most of you have any idea of. Imagine a series of cloverleaf highways, greater and more complex than anything presently extant. Visualize a portion of them in spiral descent into nether regions beyond sight and with each highway being wider at that point of disappearance than at any point previous. Now visualize cloverleafs trending upward into the celestial and the highways being at their most narrow state when disappearing.
I have been told of something called The Kali Yuga Flash, which is supposed to happen this December 21st. The author is a scholar of The Mahabharata. Here is a link that goes into some detail. I do not know what is or is not so and the fact that David Wilcox is mentioned tends to cause me to wriggle my eyebrows. What will be will be and it is ALL IN GOD’S HANDS. IF your heart is centered on the conscious living light of the ineffable one, ALL WILL BE BETTER THAN WELL. If not… while there is life there is hope.
While I was gone, someone saying he has no name, because he is a child of God left a comment at one of the blogs. Apparently his/her name is “I AM”. He/she seems confused about my statement, “I don’t know” This is puzzling to me because I have, MANY TIMES, explained in GREAT DETAIL the meaning of this. Once more… though I have no doubt it will remain a mystery, here it is again; I met my spiritual master on a beach in Big Sur. Throughout the day, as we conversed, he kept saying, “I don’t know.” This was done to trigger a deep and visceral reaction in me. At one point, while we were walking, it did. I found myself saying, suddenly and apropos of nothing, “I don’t know” and I REALLY and FUNDAMENTALLY did not know. I could LITERALLY feel all that I thought I knew, leak away out of me. It is not possible to explain or detail the way this felt. NEVER before in my life had I felt anything like that.
Not only did I know, really know that I did not know but I also knew and still do that no one else does either. So whenever anyone is speaking to me, my perspective is that they are giving me their version of whatever it is. Sometimes that version rings authentic, by virtue of proximity to what I internally resonate with as true and more often, it does not. If you don’t get what is being described here by me about my not knowing, my immediate takeaway is that you are one of those people who have convinced yourself that you know and NOTHING anyone can do is going to change that. It is the job of life experience to do that AND IT WILL.
Here it is in a nutshell, why I say ‘I don’t know’ …is because it permits God to know and to inform me of what he does know, intuitively. If I think I do know …then I have canceled God out of the equation. If I know, God does not. If I don’t know, God does. So even though I do not know because I am limited by sensory reportage and no matter who you are, you are also limited in this fashion, for so long as we operate on this plane of exchange, I can know whatever God wants me to know WHEN he wants me to know it. That is how I AM. How you are is your affair. There is one feature FOR CERTAIN that will create distance between you and The Almighty and that is to be lacking in humility. Thinking you know confers that lack upon you. Realizing that you do not know, permits your resident humility to grow beyond your ability to resist it. Here is what the ineffable said to me not all that long ago-
“You no longer need concern yourself with past mistakes, with the construct of Good and Evil, or anything having to do with your former life(s), none of that means anything anymore and thinking about any of it, delays your spiritual evolution. DO NOT DWELL ON THE PAST. Try to keep, at the forefront of your mind that you fundamentally DO NOT KNOW anything but what I permit you to know. Everything you thought you knew was a fabrication of your mind, trying to make sense of sensory data. This varies like the singularity of a snowflake from person to person. Keep your mind empty, your heart open, and await me and what comes from me. Pay no mind to anything else. All appearances are a lie. Everything is deception, which overlays the eternal reality that it conceals, which is me.”
End Transmission…….
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