The Big Lie – Without Migrants, Who Will Do the Jobs ‘No One’ Wants?

Beirão – Russia Insider Sept 27, 2019

A lie repeated a thousand times: “we need [non-European] immigrants.”

We are told constantly by the mainstream media and academia that without these non-European immigrants many jobs would not be occupied, many vacancies would be left unfilled and this would be a detriment to our business fabric and the economy in general.

“Who will clean the bathrooms?” They tell us. Or, they ask “who would work in our shopping centres or public construction sites? Who would drive our buses or trains? This is an obvious fallacy that, however, has easy adhesion in the ears of the majority given what you see.

Those who understand economics know that often what you see is more important than what you don’t see. Now, if we walk around our shopping centres or near a public construction site, for example, we hardly see native Europeans working, so the most immediate thing is to think that “without these workers there would be a shortage of manpower. ” Nothing more wrong, though.

First, the market self-regulates: when there is a shortage of labour in a certain job, the employer realizes that he has to raise the salary for that said job. Second, non-European workers come to put downward pressure on salaries, lowering wages. Coming from poorer countries, it is clear that they easily accept our minimum wage, which will always be higher for them than what they previously earned. Third, and not least, it is important to note that several countries richer than most Western European countries, which for various reasons have virtually no immigrants (such as Japan or Iceland), have no vacancies in construction, services or public transport.

According to the fallacy of ‘the Europeans do not want to these jobs’, for the most part, the Japanese or Icelanders would not either. And yet they do, even though they are far more educated and in the Japanese case with the highest intelligence quotient (IQ) in the world. However, it is not reported that in Japan there is a lack of maids or bricklayers. Employers simply pay what the market requires to see their jobs filled.

It is urgent to dismantle this fallacious economistic and liberalist argument. Even if Europeans did not want to “clean bathrooms” this would not be a reason to import millions of non-Europeans to compete with them. But this is not even true, because, for decades, many Southern Europeans in North-Western European countries did this kind of work. Like the Icelanders and Japanese who simply continued to do so because they did not open their doors to massive immigration.

There is also another factor to ad up to this problem that goes beyond the law of supply and demand, which is the incoming 4th Industrial Revolution or the automation of most low skilled jobs/ repetitive labour. Automation is already threatening 25% of the jobs in the United States, 10% of the jobs in the United Kingdom and other similar rates in most European countries, leaving us an enormous mass of unskilled, immigrant labour now jobless and without much prospects of finding other means of employment, creating an even greater rift and animosity between them and their host societies.

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6 responses to “The Big Lie – Without Migrants, Who Will Do the Jobs ‘No One’ Wants?”

  1. At the end of W W 2 when milions of British men were being demobed from the army
    and desperate to find work, this very same British government who said ” dont let foreign feet walk on English soil” and Churchill who said ” come fight the HUN you will return to a land of milk and honey with jobs and homes for all”
    Advertised in the West indies from black men to bring their families and come do the jobs, ” That British men are too lazy to do ”
    This hatred was a slap in the face to the men who fought the governments racist war for it
    So a group of ex service men started the National Front, for wqulity and partity with these incomers, where i live people were queuing all day right round the block to sign up, but the racist government smeared them as racist, even though Sikhs some jamiacans poles and others supported its cause.
    The college where i lived used to close for the summer and all the students would join
    others such as mums whose children were in school, picking fruit and vegetables in the fields, this was taken over by senior rusian mafia figures allowed into the UK because they were jews, Rusian gangmasters will not employ Brits
    This bit about foreign workers working for less money is another lie a sthe first thing they do is join the union
    Last year alone £8 billion was sent home to Poland by poles working here
    if this money had been paid to British workers that money would still be circulating in our economy.
    So who are our government working for ? as its obviously not their own electorate
    The C BI ( Confederation of British Industry) were told by government employ foreign first, and this after the governments own elctorate fought 2 racist world wars for it

  2. The truth is that these unwanted and un-needed immigrants – especially the more violent ones – are deliberately brought here to commit the crimes we won’t because, in reality, we’re better than that. We have principles. We have empathy. We can’t enjoy the suffering of others, regardless of race or even of species.

  3. Ask yourself who did it before they came ?
    My grandad said when his orchard needed the apples picked and strawberries collected
    and also the hops picked for beer production
    the gypsies would come, bus loads of londoners would come, kids on holiday from school would come, in other words it was all done by ” our people “

  4. Aye, berry picking in the summer holidays got the kids outside, active and earning some pocket money. Then the eastern europeans came, one lost the plot about 1997 I remember, because a neighbouring farm was paying 5 pence a punnet more and decided to take a histage at knife point demanding recompense.
    Now the kids do heehaw on their holidays.

  5. The truth will do. I consider myself quite conservative compared to most people even in the independent media. Unfortunately, this article by Beirao makes little sense. There are jobs all over North America which the younger generation as well as the older ones simply will not do. For instance, for the last 60 years it was necessary for the farm owners to import farm workers into California in order for their businesses to be competitive. Low cost labor appears to be necessary for profits and profits are necessary for incentive for people to invest and take risks in starting business, in order to create jobs.

    It is the same not only for parking-lot jobs and the like, where you have a hard time getting any adult born here to work for $8.00 an hour. In my province it is difficult to get the younger generation into the forests or onto tug boats even for very good money. It is as if they cannot be separated from their cellphones or from the cafes and clubs of the city. Then there is the entitlement problem, like they are right out of the old Soviet Union and they think they are all entitled to a job. Then when they get one it is harder and harder to get an honest day’s work from them.

    It is the conservative business class which wants and needs low cost labor, and why they maintain a flood of immigrants coming into our nations in order to have lower labor costs and to increase their productivity and competitiveness. They have to do this also because of the birth dearth in the West, where the overwhelming majority of all of the people who were born here have been sucked into all of the state/establishment-sponsored, anti-family and population-reduction social engineering and brainwashing imposed through the corporate media, the entertainment industry, our legislatures, our courts, and our schools. There is no isolated dots with all of these issues. They are all connected.

    Labor, exploitation vrs. prosperity problems have been mouthed long before the imbalanced mind of Karl Marx came along. Yes, it is terrible when there is no job security due to the lack of a union contract and scab workers, or due to technological change. However, when you do what the Soviet’s did to ensure everyone had work and were guaranteed their weekly screw no matter how well they worked, that kind of entitlement destroyed the work ethic and their economy for generations to come, despite Russia having reintroduced the idea of individual incentive since 1992.

    In most Western nations, in order to enable incentive for investors and business people willing to take risks, the compromise (as inadequate as it is) has been the social-security safety net such that when the jobs disappear because of foreign labor or other manufacturing competition, then at least workers and their families do not starve. The socialist, however, seem to think that those who do not want to work can simply live off of those that do, and that by distributing the wealth of others no matter how honestly they may have made it, everyone will be happy and prosperous.

    The momentum now is to get the industries we have offshored back to our nations mainly because we have been going bankrupt as nations with free trade and the huge trade imbalances. We are unable to compete with Chinese labor and that of other third-world nations, and we are quickly losing our industrial foundations and any ability with respect to self-determination. As the manufacturing work has shifted with outsourcing, so have the jobs, and as the cruder industries have shifted so have the high-tech ones, like, for instance, the computer and cell phone manufacturing industries.

    There is always going to be tension between labor and management and there will always have to be checks and balances to allow for a fair degree of stability and yet allow for competition and change. But here is your choice for the future. Either open your borders and be replaced in the process, or slow down immigration and get rid of everything destroying the stability of the family system so that women will want to have more children and be mothers, and instead of strange parental partners and the state, more children will be better adjusted, and happier with both of their natural parents raising them, .

  6. The answer is NATIONAL SOCIALISM

    This system was introduced in the 3Reich. Social classes did not exploit each other but cooperated for common good. The same system was developed in the Soviet Union. You need real money – go to work in the North in oil or metals extraction in Siberia.

    National Socialism is the answer. Every job should be respected and remunerated properly. “Market” (Jewish money power) should be liquidated.